Vinyl Wall Graphics and Adhesive Wall Printing

Vinyl Wall Graphics

Printed Vinyl Wall Graphics
Printed Vinyl Wall Graphics
Printed Vinyl Wall Graphics

Large Wall Vinyl Graphics and Large Mural Printing

Vinyl Wall Graphics are stick on decals that can be applied to any flat surface in your home or business! Whether rough or smooth surface, vinyl wall graphics are removable and sometimes reusable, so you can feel free to put up and take down any graphic you feel like. The vinyl comes with a smooth finish, so when it's applied to a wall it looks painted on! No extensive tools or preparation needed: just stick on and admire your handiwork. In our opinion, smooth wall surfaces look better when covered with printed vinyl material.

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Vinyl Wall Graphics: An Alternative for Your Walls

So, here you are, thinking of doing some remodeling: maybe knock down a few walls, install, new wallpaper, splash up some paint----wait! Wait, you don’t want to go through all that, do you? Put away that jackhammer for a second...

No Mess, No Harm: Easy Application versus Remodeling

With Vinyl Wall Graphics, you can easily transform any room in your home, business, or storefront without the hassle of remodeling, and all the mess that usually comes with it. Not to mention the added advantage of adhesive back vinyl is that these graphics can be applied and removed with little to no damage to your walls.

No Size is Too Big

If you shop at retail stores, you’ve probably seen a vinyl wall graphic before, even if you didn’t know it. Many businesses and stores use these to change entire walls with the seasons, or with their next big promotion. At conventions and trade shows, these types of graphics cover the booths to make it more exciting and appealing to passing customers.

They are called vinyl wall graphics, and we are no stranger to making gargantuan graphics for shows and businesses. Even if it’s something as small as a window-size graphic or a simple ornamental piece, we guarantee the same artful attention that we would give any of our products.

Examples of extra large vinyl wall graphics

Custom Vinyl Trade Show Displays and Wall Graphics

vinyl wall trade show graphics

trade show large vinyl

trade show displays and wall graphics
The three images above shows and example of a large format vinyl wall graphics we printed for a trade show display. The graphics looked awesome and were super clear and crisp even when viewed close up. The graphics were printed on 3M ControlTac and since it is adhesive back vinyl we literally installed the graphics directly to the trade show wall.

point of purchase wall graphics and vinyl wall murals
The above image was a huge vinyl wall graphic we printed for a skate shop. As you can see it looks amazing above their lightbox display.

step and repeat vinyl wall decals

trade show display and step and repeat pattern prints
We do a lot of printing for Famous Stars and Straps and every trade show they go to, we print the wall graphics for them. In the above two images you can see the huge step and repeat wall graphics we printed for them.

Change with the Times with Vinyl Mural Wall Graphics

Whether you’re a store owner or a homeowner, a vinyl wall graphic could be the perfect substitute for a remodel, especially if you are a business that changes its stock seasonally. In a home, a living space can be improved exponentially, simply by applying a wall graphic. Only need it for one occasion? No problem! If it’s an annual family reunion, or a birthday, you can put and take down these graphics as you see fit.

Vinyl Wall Graphics: The Possibilities

Now, we’re not going to sugar-coat it: the size of the graphic you desire will influence the price, and will go up as the size increases. However, consider the investment: a wall graphic is a much cleaner and easily applicable ornament, when compared to an entire remodel of a room or building. Sometimes, all it takes is one simple change to a room that can make all the difference, without the hassle of hardhats and construction.

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