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Printing for trade shows and conventions is something we do best. We have over a decade of experience in working with trade show vendors to create awesome, one-of-a-kind trade show displays. One thing we take pride in is the quality of printing we can provide and the level of expertise our printing staff has. We have perfected the art of printing high quality graphics to be used both indoors and outdoors. Our work speaks for itself, take a look below.

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What is a Trade Show Banner?

At Banner4Sale, we refer to a trade show banner as one that is printed on 15 oz. Super Smooth or 20 oz. Block-out material to be used indoors at a convention center or arena location. This particular material is better-suited for indoor use simply because of the quality and clarity of the printed graphics, images and text.

Unlike outdoor banners that are hung-up high on the side of a building and/or seen from a distance, tradeshow banners are usually located where people can walk up close to them, in a booth or on a wall at a convention so they need to be crisp and clear. The smoothness of the material affects the clarity of the graphics. 13 oz. matte vinyl material, although it is the most cost-effective material, has more indentations or ridges in it. When compared side-by-side with Super Smooth vinyl, you can easily see the difference in overall image quality at close range. See our banner material page for more information.

Examples of Banner Displays We Have Printed

Custom Banners Printed for Trade Shows

Large Trade Show Banners
The image above and below show some large banners printed on 13 oz. Matte Vinyl. As you can see, 13 oz. vinyl works fine for these banners because they are hanging high above in the air. We normally recommend 15 oz. Super Smooth vinyl for trade show graphics but only if the banners are going to be presented down low in foot-traffic area.

Trade Show Banner Displays
The next 3 images below show Super Smooth banners framed on trade show display walls. The advantage to using banner material here is that you can get larger prints without any seams. As you can see, the images on the wall are seamless and the banner frames make for a nice finishing touch.

Trade Show Banners

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Wall Displays
The above images are showing banners that we printed on 15 oz. Super Smooth vinyl which we then framed to make look super cool AND seamless at the show.

Custom Trade Show Display Banner Stands

Trade Show Banner Display Stand
The image above is a huge trade show display for K & N Air Filters to show at a car show convention. This banner we printed was huge, it was 10ft high x 30ft wide and printed on 15 oz. Super Smooth Block-out Vinyl.

Hanging Banners and Trade Show Displays

Hanging Trade Show Displays

Hanging Banner Displays
The images above are from a trade show display we worked on for TAG Metals that was used at a dirt bike tradeshow in Indianapolis. The banners you see hanging around the perimeter of the display are 13 oz. Matte Vinyl banners with grommets every 6 inches.

Trade Show Display Wall Graphics Using Framed Super Smooth Banners

High Quality Trade Show Display Prints

Photo Quality Trade Show Printing
The images above are from an OBEY exhibit we worked on. Notice the image on the wall. It is really a banner in a frame. We printed this for OBEY on 15 oz. Super Smooth Vinyl which they mounted in a frame. If you look closely you will see the frame itself is powder coated black and looks amazing.

Unique Trade Show Canvas Displays

Trade Show Canvas Display Prints

Canvas Stretched Banner Displays
The images above are from a Famous Stars and Straps display we worked on. The prints you see look like canvas prints but in actuality they are Super Smooth Vinyl banner prints stretched on canvas style frames. The advantages of using banner material over canvas material is that it lasts longer and looks 10x sharper.

Self-Promotion and Marketing with Trade Show Quality Banners

Whether you're an independent free-lance artist or a big time business owner, trade shows in your field are one of the best places to advertise yourself and your work. If you want to stick out from those crowded convention floors and endless booths, invest in Banner4Sale's custom banners. We have a large variety of banner types to choose from, and what's more, they're portable! No matter where your business ventures take you, whether you're touring on the road or staying local, you can take your vinyl banner with minimal fuss and hassle.

Easy to Stow, Easy to Show

All of our banners are made with vinyl material for durability to last over time and weather. No matter if you trade show or convention is inside or outside, if cared for correctly your banner will withstand the elements for years to come.

Free Finishing Options

Not only are our banners built to last, but they come with the best accessories possible. For our hanging banners, each finished product comes with free optional wind slits for outdoor weather, grommet rings for hanging, and optional pole pockets (pole not included).

FREE Banner Grommets and Seamed Edges


FREE Pole Pockets and Wind Slits


Retractable Banner Stands

We also offer retractable banners, which are banners that can be easily disassembled for transportation.  These include a retractable banner stand base (available in two colors), a zip-up carrying case, support pole and end clamps to keep your banner steady on the frame. The banner is attached via a Velcro-bar for easy assembly. No pain, your gain.

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of material and size of banner that you desire. 13 oz. matte vinyl banners are the cheapest, but not necessarily the best for a tradeshow environment. 15 oz. Super Smooth and 20 oz. Block-out are little more expensive but totally worth it because the quality of the material Regardless of the material you choose, we back all of our products with a satisfaction guarantee.

The table below to shows the cost for some individual banners at some standard sizes and illustrates how it differs based on material types. Again, 15 oz. and 20 oz. are what we suggest for Trade Show Banner Printing.


13 oz. matte

15 oz. Super Smooth

20 oz. Block-out

3ft x 5ft




4ft x 8ft




5ft x 10ft




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