Step and Repeat Banner

Strike a Pose in Style with a Step and Repeat Hanging Banner

Spotlights, red carpets, and glamour: remind you of Hollywood? Well, you can re-create the same feeling at your upcoming party or business event with a Step and Repeat Banner! These easy assembly banners are perfect for photo-ops for your next business event, charity, or even a family party!

Step and Repeat Banners Like Celebrity Red Carpet Photo

What is a Step and Repeat Banner?

These banners consist of a backdrop with one to two logos or slogans that are repeated on the background. The “repeats” vary depending on the size of the squares on your background. These banners are typically mounted on a wall, or set with a retractable banner. The retractable banners are portable and easy to assemble.

The Allure of Step and Repeats

Step and repeat banners are primarily used for red carpet events, such as the ones in Hollywood or for well-known charity events. Most events use these as photo-op spaces, with the event in the background, as a sort of free advertising.

Photo-Booth Party

If you’re having a party for friends and family, a Step and Repeat Banner will definitely raise the fun and excitement! Create one for your loved one’s graduation, promotion, or who just had a baby. Hey, high schools: got a Prom coming up? Homecoming? Club Day? These banners are perfect as a fun photo-booth experience for school dances and fundraisers.

Weddings are a great time for family photos and catching up, so create a lovely backdrop celebrating the newlyweds as a photo-op space. With various sizes of banners, and no restrictions and what to include in your images, your step and repeat wedding banner can be as classy or crazy as your wedding theme.

Hanging Step and Repeat Banners for Events

Team-Building Fun

Nothing makes a team-building day more exciting than a step and repeat banner! Having an uplifting morale as a group has been known to increase productivity and brainstorming sessions. With a step and repeat banner at your next get-together, or just as a fun activity in the office, you can help yourself and your employees bond together and create a productive atmosphere at your workplace.

Step and Repeat Banners: Worth the Work

We won’t sugar-coat it: step and repeat banners can be expensive. However, consider when you would use it: do you frequently have gatherings at work, or outdoor events? Are you a family that frequently has birthdays, anniversaries, etc? Our step and repeat banners are guaranteed to last for years to come, and can be designed to be reusable for any event you desire. If you’re having trouble formulating a design, our creative team is on standby and happy to help.

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