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We Print all Custom Banners using the Best Equipment in the Industry

The Right Equipment Can Make or Break the Success of Your Full Color Banner

There are very few large format print shops that can compete with us in terms of equipment and print quality. We have the best banner printing machines and equipment money can buy and print on only the best banner material. Why are we bragging you ask? Well, it's simple… we want you to know that your company logos and graphics will look 100 times better than the competition when we print your banners and signs. And better yet, our printers are the most eco-friendly in the industry so you can rest easy and have a clear conscience knowing that we minimize the footprint on the environment through our green printing standards. That's right, no solvents here.

All our printers use latex inks which are water-based making our printers and printed banners safer for our employees to be around, safer for the environment, and not to mention safer for you. Do a quick Google search about solvent printing waste and toxins to understand why we don't use them, you will quickly see all the negatives and why we choose to use only latex inks. Awesome!?

What We Use

In total, we have six (awesome) large-format printers and two Miller Weldmaster seam machines. Four of our printers are roll-to-roll printers and the other two are flat-bed printers. Check out our brag list below.

  • HP Scitex LX850
  • HP Designjet L65500
  • HP Designjet Z6100
  • HP Scitex FB700
  • Gandi Digital Pred8tor

Learn more about each printer below.

HP Scitex LX850

high quality banner printing equipment

This is our ten foot (10 ft) banner printer. We call it the King. It can print roll-to-roll or roll-to-floor making it ideal for super quick banner printing projects. For the lack of better words, this machine is really amazing. Printing at 1200dpi and on 10ft wide rolls, this machine opens up the door of possibility.
The quality of graphics when printed on this is unbeatable. Since we use latex inks, the color depth is awesome with super rich blacks, improved gloss and water resistance. Again, with the ability to print on 10ft wide banner material rolls, there's no custom banner job that's too big for us.

The primary advantage to this 10ft King is that we can print really big banners with less seamed connections. What does that mean you ask? Here's an example: With a 10ft wide printer we can print a 20 ft x 40 ft banner in two passes, meaning we can print two 40 ft x 10 ft pieces and then weld them together using one of our Weldmaster seamers. If we were to print the same banner on one of our 8 ft printers, we would have to print it in three passes, two 40 ft x 8 ft banner panels and one 40 ft x 4ft banner (or any combination in between to hit the 20 ft height). So, as you can see, having a 10ft printer comes in handy and printing large format banners.

HP Designjet L65500

large format banner printer - hp hp-deisgnjet-l65500

Our HP Designjet L65500 printers are by far some of the most versatile printers on the market, that's why we have two of them. No really, they are awesome. Like the LX850 these two printers also print at 1200dpi making our printed vinyl banners the clearest and most vivid in the entire country. In the image above you can see one of our L65500 printers on the right. Having two of these printers along with the LX850 makes it easy to keep up with the most demanding banner print jobs as we have huge throughput in terms of what we can deliver when all of these printers are working together.

HP Designjet Z6100

large poster printer - hp z6100

This is our smaller but still impressive HP Scitex FB700 printer. We use it to print photo quality posters and other random size smaller collateral. This machine comes in handy when customers want to order multiple prints along with banners to complement their latest branding strategy.

HP Scitex FB700

flat bed sign and wood printer

This is our HP flatbed printer. Not trying to sound like a broken record here, but it is really amazing. It can print on any flat substrate - plastic, vinyl, wood, glass, metal, etc. Better yet, it can print on multiple flat pieces at the same time making it easy to print multiple copies of pre-cut materials all at once. We use this machine to print on coroplast and other corrugated plastics and expanded PVC, even Gator Board. This machine makes printing yard signs easy for us and the quality is amazing. Rad!

Gandy Digital Pred8tor (Amazing!)

fast flatbed printing

Our new Gandy Digital Pred8tor is a game changer. No really… a game changer. This printer can print full 4ft x 8ft sheets in a little over a minute. This means we can keep up with the most demanding schedules. When we print for large events like Coachella Arts and Music Festival and Bonaroo, it is important for us to be able to turn-around large print requests fast because things are always changing last minute. Not only is this machine the fastest in the market, it also has the highest quality for any flatbed printer. It has a six picoliter dot which means we can print 4pt text/font clear on all substrates. Yes, you read it correctly… 4pt text… we can print everything from hotel room key cards to full sheet PVC advertising panels. That's right, we can print entire sheets of hotel room key-cards and then CNC cut them out to finish.

Banner Finishing Equipment and Techniques

We craft with our hands and use great technique

Finishing printed banners and signs takes just as much finesse and technique as printing them does. We use a variety of techniques to offer the best finished product for our customers. We have recently acquired some new Miller Weldmaster seamers so 90% of all banners that leave our shop are finished with a perfect, welded seam, however this does not mean we do not provide other finishing methods as well. Read on to learn more about each finishing technique in more detail.

Miller Weldmaster Seamers - The Perfect Seamed Banner Edge

Perfect Banner Seams with Miller Weldmaster

The above image shows one of our Miller Weldmaster seamers in progress of seaming an edge of a large banner. As you can see this machine creates the perfect seamed edge as it takes a fold and welds it together with heat and pressure. This is the strongest way to finish the edge of a banner because it literally fuses the edge together and when grommets are added there is no need to worry about tear out.

Banner Sewing Machines

Hemmed Banner edge sewing machines

Some customers actually prefer a stitched/hemmed edge for their banner. We offer this finishing method upon special request but for the most part we use our Miller seamers on all banners that are not double-sided. That being said, we do however use our banner sewing machines to provide a sewn edge for all double sided banners we print because we actually sew two single-sided banners together. This creates an ultra-durable finish for a double-sided banner to ensure a long lasting product.

Raw Cut and Trimmed Edge Finishing

Hand cut banner finishing

Many customers also ask for a raw cut or trimmed edge look for their banners. It really just depends on the application. As you can see from the image above, we take our time and use tools to ensure accuracy and quality.

Banner Grommet Machines

Banner Grommet Punch Machine

We use a variety of grommet machines and hand tools to apply grommets to our banners based on customer specifications. The image above shows how grommets are applied using one of our grommet punch machines. This method of application is extra strong and reliable because the machine punches the grommets together with immense pressure, much stronger than any hand punch can provide.

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