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  • The Stork Has Arrived: Baby Shower Yard Signs

    You can hear the flapping on the wind...and it's dropped a little bundle at your house!

    The Stork is here, and you've just brought home a precious new baby. First of all, congratulations! Second of all, how do you plan to tell the world? It's a new personality in the world! A genuine new person that is unlike any other on the face of the planet.  He or She deserves to be celebrated.

    We offer all kinds of yard signs, and customize them to any occasion. And unlike some other printing companies that have a single template, we can collaborate you personally on the perfect, adorable design for your announcement. Don't be boring with "fill in the blank" information. Going for a skull and crossbones instead? We've got no problem working with what you want.

    Need some ideas? Here's  a couple that might tickle your fancy:

    The "Build-Up": Create a series of small yard signs that can be seen in sequence as you drive up the street. You can make them silly, creative, or directional. You could have them say: "Guess what?", "We Just Got a Present", "And She's 5 lbs 8oz.", "And She Can't Wait to Meet You!", "(We Promise She Won't Poop On You)".

    The "Standard Stork": It's always easy to fall back on the familiar. So why not switch up the traditional stork? I don't mean get rid of it, but try to remix the stork: maybe have it look like a famous celebrity, a cartoon character, or someone in your family. Add a dash of humor to your special news!

    The "Multiple Babies Approach": Making room for multiples? I don't think the stork can handle that much! Instead, try to embrace another animal to take over the "duties" of delivering the news about your new babes. How about a cute octopus? Or a litter of puppies?

  • Running for Office: Campaign Yard Sign Ideas

    It's getting awfully close to campaign time. November. Just. Around. The. Corner. Are you panicking yet? You should be, because you know what that means? The campaign signs are coming!

    However, if you're running for a position yourself this fall, whether it's your college senate or your city council, it's time for some pretty nifty campaign signs that will get you noticed.

    We offer many kinds of banners for your traveling campaign needs, but you'll also want something small and versatile, that can be "planted" anywhere.

    See what I did there? ;)

    I'm talking about yard signs.

    Rockin' the Red, White, and Blue Yard Signs

    There's an obvious trend in signs, where the higher the position you're running for, the more patriotic you're advertising will be. Nary has there been a senator or city council sign without an homage to the stars and stripes. Some other symbols are the Constitution, the Statue of Liberty and the flag itself.

    There' no official reason why this, but it goes to show how politics and patriotism go hand in hand. Let's look at some other ideas, for those who might need a break from the proud colors for a while.

    This takes the "vote" and turns into a clever image, making the "v" into a check mark, like on a voting ballot.

    It's always a good idea to include your face on your sign. Voters want to see what you look like; not some drone that they've never heard of or seen.  In addition to that, your personality will shine a lot better through your facial expression, so be yourself.

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