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  • Spring National Bridal Show

    We talk a lot about trade shows and banners, and all manner of advertising, but here’s something that we don’t usually come across: the National Bridal Show! Over yonder in the land of Canada, this “spring” show (funny how it’s in winter...), takes place from January 25th-27th in Toronto.

    It’s a smorgasbord of exhibitors that have services for everything a bride could need, from cakes to dresses to food to banners and other decorations. They’ve got DJ’s, venues, photographers, honeymoon spots, and makeup studios. They even have an insurance group, for when something goes truly wrong before your special day and you need coverage.

    Like I said, a smorgasbord. Enough to make any bride-to-be swoon at the possibilities.

    Let’s take a step back and take a look at a few of the fun things that are going to be at this year’s show. For today, I’ve perused the list of Exhibitors to bring you some of the wedding decorators heading to the show this year. Maybe you’ll find something you haven’t thought of before:


    1) Infinity PhotoBooth

    I personally just found out about these things recently at a company party. I knew they existed in arcades, but I didn’t know you could actually snag one for an event like a wedding! Let your guests entertain themselves with silly photos and other hijinks.


    2) Paper Impressions

    These guys specialize in invitations. No more generic brands for you! Check ‘em out and look through their gallery of custom designs. They have two collections to choose from: Modern and Luxe.

    3) Unique Invasion Entertainment

    Not only can they provide you with a DJ and some live entertainment, they also offer a staffer who can help you plan out the entire night, without having to wrestle with the DJ on the day of the wedding.

    4) Wedding Walls - a.k.a Step & Repeat

    Now, here’s something I know a little but about! Alright, these are what’s called Step & Repeat Banners. They can be created as long as you like, and with any repeat patterns you want. What’s nifty about these things is that they resemble those red carpet premieres that Hollywood loves, so it’s a perfect photo op for your party, or in this case, wedding!

    5) Chair Covers Plus

    These guys do everything for your reception tables: chair covers, table linens, napkins, drapes, capes, and more.  Customizable and a wide selection of bows and bands for your chairs.


    Well, that’s it for now folks! As the National Bridal Show draws closer, I’ll be updating you on the nifty things on display and more.

  • Decorating Ideas for Winter Weddings

    Winter Wedding Decorations

    Nuptials are beautiful, whenever you have them. But not all weddings are June occasions. There’s a special place in my heart for winter weddings: something about the snow and sparkles, scarves and mufflers...I’m getting ahead of myself.

    Well, I’ve researched some clever Winter Wedding Decorations that caught my eye, and I present them to you!

    Color Options

    Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean everything has to be white and plain. To keep that winter feel, incorporate shades of blues and teals, maybe some purples.

    If you’ve got a wedding closer to Christmas or Valentine’s Day, don’t feel afraid to splash it with red. Red is regal and pops really well with the white.

    The Entrance

    We all love a grand entrance, and the best entrances are the most thoughtful. If you’d like, you can have a custom banner with the happy couple, welcoming guests to the wedding.  Utilize props that the couple share: a pair of crossed oars for boat-lover’s, or a wall of hung photographs of evolution of their romance.

    If you really want to WOW your guests, line the aisles with plants or trees for that ultimate winter or nature feel.

    Winter Table Decorations

    Put aside the cliched snowflakes and santa hats. For a truly out-of-the-box centerpiece, look to the forest! Use petrified wood or budding tree branches in a vase instead of flowers.

    Still want your beloved blossoms, with that forest look? Check out the rustic styled vase below:

  • Wedding Bells are Ringing: Banners & Signs for the Nuptials

    The day is coming! The dress is picked out, the venue is cleaned, and the guests are starting to arrive from abroad.

    Wedding Banners (or signs) are just one of many decorations that will make your day special. Design the banner with the faces of the couple, the combined family names, or something symbolic that they both share. You can hang it at the ceremony, the reception, or somewhere along the way for your guests to find their way.

    And you don't have to just use a banner for your location or the reception. Remember that "Just Married" car you've got stashed out back? Instead of spraying the windows with short-lived paint, create a "Just Married" banner or sign that the couple can keep for years to come.

    Wedding Banner Ideas

    Here's a couple of classic symbols for weddings to get you started:

    Doves - These aren't the most friendliest of birds, but they are one of the most beautiful. Symbolizing peace and new beginnings, these birds would make an excellent decoration for your banner.

    Bells - jingling crowd pleasers can do you no wrong. Wedding bells are popular, especially with weddings in churches where said bells are wrung once a ceremony is complete. A nice touch with a hint of vintage.

    The Rings - "The one ring to rule them all--!" Okay, wrong movie...BUT here's another obvious symbol of a wedding day to come. Don't be afraid to stick with the classics.

    As always, your next banner is YOUR design, so you can create it however you like. Go funky, tropical, or even punk-rock. However you like it, the day is yours and so should your banner! Carpe diem!

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