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  • Tarfest

    tarfest_bannersBecause art has no boundaries, it gives people the freedom to express themselves however they want. Whether it is through music, drawing or performing, Tarfest is an event that allows people to share their culture and who they are through their form of art. Tarfest 2015 is an arts and culture event that was held in Los Angeles and The Miracle Mile District, on September 26. It was an all day event that was filled with music, performers, artists, and much more. People had come together to share their diverse cultures and performances. The La Brea Tar Pits was imbued with music played by artists like Gavin Turek, The Shelters, Babes and Salt Petal.


    We had the awesome opportunity to help prepare Tarfest come together. We created the music performance stage banner, booth banners and a couple retractable banners for the beer garden and live art areas. Especially for events, banners are a great way to keep people from getting lost, or helping them figure out which station is which. We not only made banners, but  Prints on Wood also got to help out with a few of the artists. Prints on Wood printed Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez's art pieces and they provided the wood panels for the live paintings. We got to watch  Greg "Craola" Simkins putting in work his  live paintings. Overall, we had a blast at Tarfest. It was awesome to see some of the artists we work with in their zone. tarfest_banner tarfest_banners1

  • Banner Inspiration! The Architectural Works of Carlo Cane

    A building is a work of art itself, no matter how boxy or boring it may seem to you. Carlo Cane has taken those buildings and done something wonderful with them in watercolor. Take a look at some of the examples below:

    So, why mention him here? Well, I was personally impressed by the detail, and the fact that he could take something ordinary, like a building, and turn it into a surreal piece of art. He's even got a new collection, where his buildings are now accompanied by animals. It's a testament to our co-existence with nature and how our man-made structures may do more harm than good.

    In the search for your next banner design, an approach such as this may be more beneficial to you. Combining the unexpected creates a curiosity in the viewer, and a hankering to search for the meaning behind your image.

    As I've posted about before, one technique is to create a solitary but curious image and leave either a QR code or a link to a website for more information. Many businesses, especially in the entertainment industry, use this technique to tease their fans about upcoming films, products, etc.

  • Splatter Power! Cool Patterns for Custom Banners

    We touched on using water-color effects for banners before, but let's go back to the land of the liquids with SPLATTER! And I don't mean in connection with that cool show on Showtime...

    Image By TimeShifterX

    Splatter Banners

    Now, none of us are the next Jackson Pollock, but let's think about why his paintings are now setting a trend.

    Water is an incredibly versatile element, which goes without saying. And sometimes, that unexpected element can create the most abstract but thought-provoking designs. So, if you're considering a new banner design that will emphasize a fun, creative atmosphere, then try a hand at some splatter designs.

    Here's a couple of examples.

    This one uses vibrant neon colors. Such colors could be used to advertise for something exciting like a club opening, summer seasonal stock, or a concert.

    These splatters are smaller and circular as well as being more diverse in color, which gives it a playful feel. This could be geared more towards children audiences, fairs & festivals, or other family-friendly events.

    Due to the dark background, you can feel a sort of forbidden noir about this piece, mostly from the use of contrasting colors and scales of vibrancy. The different levels of splatter, from sprays to glops, also convey certain emotions.

    Want to see some more awesome splatter examples? Swing by SpeckyBoy and read their compilation article here!

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