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  • "Is it Fire-Proof?" A History Lesson in Vinyl

    Just like any other business, we sometimes get strange questions from customers and friends. And just like Andy said in our last post, not a lot of people are aware of how our printing works. A friend of mine jokingly asked if our banners were fire-proof: I laughed at first, but now I'm thinking, huh, that's a good question. All of our banners are printed on white vinyl and for good reason. Join me friends! Let’s explore the Great Mysteries of Vinyl!!

    WITH INDIANA JONES!!!!!.....Not really

    What is vinyl?

    Vinyl is a malleable plastic resin that was invented in the 1920’s, when scientists were experimenting to create something that was simple, durable, but still cheap to manufacture. Thus, Polyvinyl Chloride was born. it fire-proof?

    Yes. Generally. I mean, unless you purposely throw into a beach bonfire, or burn it in some sort of effigy, your banner will be fine. You can accidentally drop it by an open flame, and the relative toughness of vinyl prevents long term fire damage. If anything, it’ll smell burnt and might look a little singed on the edges.

    Vinyl is chemically resistant to moisture and humidity. This means they were designed to withstand most weather conditions, besides a blizzard or a hurricane. Direct sunlight for long periods at a time is the top reason most banners fade out within months. This plastic resin can easily retain a long life, granted you don’t take a hacksaw to it accidentally. (Construction accidents happen!)

    AND did you know that vinyl is also recyclable?

    Just like other plastics, vinyl can be recycled! Any unused vinyl banners can easily be transformed into tomorrow’s traffic cones, hoses, PVC pipes, flooring, roofing, boots, binders...the list goes on. Not only does it require less natural resource to make, but also leaves less of a carbon footprint.

    The surprising factor is not everybody is recycling their used vinyl material. So, if you find yourself no longer needing that banner we made you, do your part for a greener America and recycle it! Check out your local recycling centers to see if they have deposits specifically for vinyl material.

    No Indy, vinyl goes to the recycling bin
  • Giant Pink Floyd Banners

    These large Pink Floyd banners were printed on our "Super Smooth" vinyl. These two banners (54' x 9' & 44' x 9') are going to be hung building side in Hollywood as part of a promo campaign for the upcoming re-release of the Pink Floyd catalog. Call Jared for a free quote - 951 684 3111

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