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Vinyl Banners and Coroplast Signs That Work

The whole purpose of any type of sign is to draw attention. It's a big "look at me!" Our vinyl banners and coroplast signs are high-quality products that are great at getting you the attention you desire. But you also need a catchy design to draw attention. In this blog, we'll go over some quick design tips to help draw eyes to your sign.

Vinyl Banner or Coroplast?

First of all, you need to pick the material you would like to print on. This decision is usually based on the intended application. If you need a great big sign that's going to be hung outdoors for extended periods of time, a vinyl banner is probably your best bet. If you're looking for something with a more temporary application, a coroplast sign might be better suited for your needs.

Quick Design Tips

Once you've picked the application, now we can get into some design tips.

1. Limit the number of fonts you use in a single design. Trust me, I get it. There are so many fonts out there and they're all free. It's easy to get carried away with font selections. But mixing up too many fonts makes your design hard to read. Also, matching two fonts so that they flow is an art form. So, try and stick to two fonts per design. Check out this great guide going over fonts that pair well together.

2. Choose fonts that match your content. Pick the appropriate font for what you're trying to convey. Typefaces with rounded edges have a friendly feel. Hard-edged and straight fonts tell the reader that this is something strong and sturdy. Serif fonts have a sophisticated look to them.

3. Choose colors that work well together. When you're staring at a color pallet it can be easy to go a bit crazy with your colors. But design is all about drawing people's attention and keeping it with something that is aesthetically pleasing. It can be tough finding two colors that compliment each other. Luckily, the internet is here to help. These fantastic humans have created these amazing cheat sheets.

4. Keep it simple. Ensure that every element in your sign has a purpose. Make sure there isn't anything unnecessary in your design. Everything in your design should clearly get a point across. Eliminate elements that don't give the viewer any information.

5. Be original. It's your design, make it your own. There are tons of great designs out there. And it's absolutely acceptable to use them as inspiration. But take that design and make it your own. Don't ever look at a design and think that you could never do that. You can, in fact, make it better because you can make it your own. And if it's a bit much for you or you're not as technologically savy then our design professionals would be happy to assist you. All you need to do is ask.

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