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  • Understanding How Banner Proportions Work

    Banner Printing Proportions

    Lets say that I have this really cool design for my moms birthday. It is currently 36 x 12. Now lets say that I wanted to make a 60 x 48 banner. Unfortunately my art will not scale proportionately to that size. If I was to make it 60 inches wide, it would only be 20 inches high, that would leave 20 inches of white space on top and bottom of my artwork. If I was to make it 48 in high, it would then be 144 inches wide and I would lose most of my artwork. If you want to avoid this sort of issue here is a tip: Multiply the current height and width of your banner by the same number that way you know how big it can scale proportionately. In my case I have a original size of 36 x 12, So if I multiply both the height and width by 3 I know that I can get a 96 x 36 banner, that will not have any white space or cut off any of my design. So the next time you are trying to figure out what size banner to order, or starting to design a new banner, make sure you keep the proportions of the artwork and the design in mind.

  • Go Bears

    Recently we received an order from a faculty member of Menlo-Antherton High School. Their school's Robotics Team, The Bears, just won Regionals and were headed on their way to State Championships. They wanted a big 10' x 4' banner printed but there was one problem, this was their art file... Given the time sensitivity of our client's needs and the simplicity of their design, the sophisticated group of handsome gentlemen that toil endlessly in the Design Department here at Banner4sale (O.K., my opinion might be a LITTLE biased :P), decided to step up to the plate and recreate Menlo-Antherton's robotics banner so they could get it just in time for their big event! We spent countless hours pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into fabricating the perfect recreation of our Client's art so that it's mother would mistake it for her own offspring if she saw it.... just kidding. It actually took us a couple of minutes in illustrator and BOOM, Da Bears had Da Banner! Get a look at these intelligent fresh faced youngsters!!! I sure wish I knew how to program the VCR at their age, let alone build a robot. It's for the best I guess, if I was smart enough to build my own robot, I'd probably use it to play dirty tricks on all my friends who borrowed my CD's and never gave them back. >:)

  • Smart Pot Vinyl Banners

    We have some really cool clients at banner4sale we are always getting to see the next greatest idea. So the next time you need to plant a few flowers around the house make sure to check out the Smart Pot, the Smart Pot is a soft sided fabric container that holds its shape and your plants will just thrive in. Check out these photos of the vinyl banners we just printed for Smart Pot these banners are really colorful and super bright, you will be able to see these hanging from a mile away.

  • Boost Mobile vinyl banners

    Vinyl banners are a great way to get your products noticed in retail stores, Boost Mobil uses banner4sale to out fit all there retail locations with vinyl banners, these banners are really visible from a long ways away. So next time you see a Boost Mobile banner remember banner4sale printed them.

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