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    Plastic pumpkins and orange leaves are always a good indication that the Fall season is right at our doorstep, and not a moment too soon. The following couple of weeks will segue from a lovely blend of colors and weather into the majority of us shivering in bed at night thinking "Holy crap it's cold!". Despite the unwarranted rise in the "Alpha" brand of lifestyle (I'm looking at you Jersey Shore), Man is very a delicate creature.

    Sure, you can put on 2 polo shirts at the same time, doubling your collar popping abilities, but it's almost winter dude, and man in all his glory can't survive out in the harsh wilderness all alone. (That is unless you're Richard Dean Anderson armed with a stick of gum and paperclip). Those dandy, sign twirling gentlemen standing on street corners will have to pack it up for the next couple of months because lets face it, no one wants to work outdoors in the cold. Unfortunately this leaves several small businesses with limited options looking for new, cost effective way of promoting their goods and services.

    If you fall into this category, then look no further. Your friends here at BANNER4SALE are here to help you come in from the winter cold, or at the very least, your sign twirler. Our banners are tailor made to fit any and all of your needs. Sure, we got all kinds of material to make fancy indoor/summer banners, but it's freaking cold outside! That's why we have our top of the line 13 oz matte vinyl for occasions such as these. Banner's made from this material are so tough that if they were a man, they would grow a thick mustache, wear flannel, and eat red meat.

    Our 13 oz banner material can withstand the vicious rigors that only Winter can provide. We're also well aware that the severity of weather fluctuates on location, that's why we offer a wide array of finishing options to combat any harsh weather conditions it may face. We can fasten grommets to your banner so you can nail it to a wall, hems and rope so you can tie it to a tree, or cut wind slits into it in case Mother Nature tries to steal it. Whatever punishment crosses it's path, our 13 oz Matte Vinyl banners can take it.

    And look on the bright side, although Winter is rapidly approaching, with all the windy weather we're going to get, your banner will twirl almost as good as your loyal hard-working sign twirler.... almost.

  • The Conventions Cometh - Trade Show Banners

    The time has arrived: drum roll please...

    It’s Convention Season!

    E3, Comic-Con International, Anime Expo, and those are just the ones in Southern California. Whatever may be near your neighborhood, be it trade show, fan convention, or up-coming extravaganza, there’s never been a better time to pack up your booths and high tail it to the expo center!

    Here at Banner4Sale, we’ve got all you need to set you up with a great presence for your show. First step: aerial views. You want to make sure that people can see you as they wander down the aisles. Capture their attention with a beautiful color banner!

    Our specialty trade show banners can be made custom to your needs. Do you want it to hang? No problem, we can add pole pockets or ring grommets for free. How about a stand-alone floor banner? We’ve got those too! Additionally, we have stands and a carrying case that can accompany each purchase of a trade show banner. What if you want to wrap it all around your booth? Well, that’s a different offer.

    Provide us with the frame, and we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive and creative wrap that will blow you away. Our Vinyl Wall Graphics have been used by many of our pleased customers, including Oakley and Famous Stars and Straps. Check out our Vinyl Wall Graphics page for more pictures!

    So, what are you waiting for? It’s a great opportunity to meet new customers, make some business connections, or just plain have fun.

  • Summer Time Banners - With Free Features!

    Oh my goodness. Graduations are over, the sun is shining, and I just bought a new bottle of sunscreen. You know what that means? Yup, it’s gonna be sun-shiney summertime after all.

    We’ve got the beach, the trails, the fair, the backyard BBQ, and some outdoor concerts on my to-do list this summer. With all this wind and sun picking up, there’s still plenty of opportunities to advertise. But you better put down that poster and puffy paint, mister, ‘cause that ain’t gonna fly in this weather!

    I know we’ve rattled on about outdoor banners before, but today I wanted to highlight a little tidbit that you may not have known about: FREE FEATURES.

    That’s stuff. Such as grommets, wind slits, and pole pockets.

    And what are these magical features? Well, let me give you the lowdown.


    At each corner of the banner (or throughout, depending on the size...), a hole is punched through and reinforced with a metal ring. With these, you can thread string, rope, etc. through the holes in order to hang the banner. It’s pretty easy of an applicator, and if you’re thinking of hanging something from a wall or outside your window, grommets would be the way to go.

    Wind Slits

    For high-flying banners, another thing that’s a helpful feature, besides the grommets, are wind slits! These are exactly what they sound like: light slits carved into the banner, but don’t interrupt the design or make the art look all slashed. These slits around for better air flow, so your banner doesn’t get too pocketed with air and blows right off it’s supports!

    Where I live, we get quite a few gusty days, so unless you want your banner to fly off like Winnie the Pooh on his balloon, strap it down with some grommets and wind slits.

    Pole Pockets

    Exactly what it sounds like. These pockets are made for using PVC, or other kind of piping, to display your banner rather than hanging it. These are good for outdoor affairs, such as weddings, family reunions, summer fairs, or soccer games.

    So there you have it! These are three FREE features that we can add to any Outdoor Vinyl Banner that you order. Just make sure to add them during the checkout process, and you’re good. Now, go out and enjoy the summer!

  • The June Tune - Banners for Summer Celebrations

    Alright, so there’s some major celebrations coming down the pipe this summer, and they all start in June. Here at Banner4Sale, we’ve got all kinds of banner material to adjust to your needs, be it outdoors, inside, against a wall, whatever!

    Father’s Day

    “The Day of the Dads” is Sunday, June 16th, and that’s the one day of the year that a dad can sit back, relax, and enjoy his plethora or cheesy ties and weird runny eggs that his child cooked. Awww.

    But not all fathers are going to be home for Father’s Day. There’s a lot of them overseas as well, and it doesn’t have Father’s Day to make them a banner. Create a custom banner that’ll welcome him home with open arms, something that you can keep to remember the moment by as well.

    If Father’s Day is a huge family affair for your kin, then make a big party banner to celebrate dads in your family. I have an uncle whose birthday happens to fall on Father’s Day this year, so we’re doing a big two-in-one party for him and my dad.


    The next big June celebration are the countless graduations going on. Holy crap.

    As I said in the previous post on Grad Banners, there are some schools that don’t like the constant noise-makers during the name-reading and walking, so creating a custom banner or poster is actually preferred! Have your child feel special on their milestone day by creating a great banner that the whole graduating class can see. And maybe embarrass them. Just a little.

    Fourth of July

    Alright, so this isn’t in the month of June, but May and June is when you start planning, of course.

    Fourth of July. Big deal. There’s fireworks, barbecues, beach parties...the whole nation stops for a night to celebrate our awesomeness.

    There will be parades. There will be parties. And the number one tool for each of these events is advertisements. Is you club in the neighborhood parade? Create a custom banner for parade goers to know who you are.

    What I love to go to are movies in the park. Giant projector screens, usually hosted by Time Warner Cable and other providers. Plan a movie viewing in a park or in your backyard and invite the neighborhood. We have a plethora of outdoor banners for your event, guaranteed to last above and beyond.

  • Have You Considered Large Format Banners?

    For those big occasions that need larger-than-life advertising, look no further than a Large Format Banner. These banners can be fitted to any dimensions, from overhangs to walls!

    You can use them at conventions, your storefront, or even your next business gathering. There are various kinds of Large Format Banners that we offer:

    Outdoor Vinyl Banners

    Got an outdoor event coming? We recommend using Outdoor Vinyl Banners, which are specifically tailored to last against wind, rain, and heat. We can construct your banner with various materials that we offer, such as wind slits and pole pockets for outdoor standing.

    Trade Show Banners

    Trade Shows: land of the countless booths and banners and hundreds upon hundreds of get it. But your business can stand out from among the rest with a custom-made Trade Show Banner.

    Vinyl Wall Graphics

    Alright, now granted these aren’t necessarily banners, but they’re cut from the same metaphorical tree. A vinyl wall graphic will stick to any surface and can be readily removed and reapplied as you see fit. It’s pretty handy when it comes to changing your decor with the seasons and holiday.

    What to Do With Your Large Format Banner

    As you’ve seen, a large format banner pretty much includes anything that needs to be seen from high or far away. Many businesses use these banners to grace their lobbies with the latest promotion or a special announcement. You’ll see these banners at concerts and conventions, perhaps with sponsorship logos, maps, or designated areas.

    Others have used large banners for more intimate affairs, such as family reunions, graduation parties, or weddings. There is no limit to what we can print or what a large format banner can be used for, so the only limit is your imagination.

    Material Matters

    We have a plethora of different materials for banners at your disposal. The type of material determines the price and how your large format banner should be used. Mesh vinyls are more suited for outdoors, where banners are threatened by wind and rain, etc.  Matte Vinyl leaves a smoother finish and is designated for more indoor use. We have various additions as well, depending on whether you prefer your banner to hang or stand on its own.

  • "Is it Fire-Proof?" A History Lesson in Vinyl

    Just like any other business, we sometimes get strange questions from customers and friends. And just like Andy said in our last post, not a lot of people are aware of how our printing works. A friend of mine jokingly asked if our banners were fire-proof: I laughed at first, but now I'm thinking, huh, that's a good question. All of our banners are printed on white vinyl and for good reason. Join me friends! Let’s explore the Great Mysteries of Vinyl!!

    WITH INDIANA JONES!!!!!.....Not really

    What is vinyl?

    Vinyl is a malleable plastic resin that was invented in the 1920’s, when scientists were experimenting to create something that was simple, durable, but still cheap to manufacture. Thus, Polyvinyl Chloride was born. it fire-proof?

    Yes. Generally. I mean, unless you purposely throw into a beach bonfire, or burn it in some sort of effigy, your banner will be fine. You can accidentally drop it by an open flame, and the relative toughness of vinyl prevents long term fire damage. If anything, it’ll smell burnt and might look a little singed on the edges.

    Vinyl is chemically resistant to moisture and humidity. This means they were designed to withstand most weather conditions, besides a blizzard or a hurricane. Direct sunlight for long periods at a time is the top reason most banners fade out within months. This plastic resin can easily retain a long life, granted you don’t take a hacksaw to it accidentally. (Construction accidents happen!)

    AND did you know that vinyl is also recyclable?

    Just like other plastics, vinyl can be recycled! Any unused vinyl banners can easily be transformed into tomorrow’s traffic cones, hoses, PVC pipes, flooring, roofing, boots, binders...the list goes on. Not only does it require less natural resource to make, but also leaves less of a carbon footprint.

    The surprising factor is not everybody is recycling their used vinyl material. So, if you find yourself no longer needing that banner we made you, do your part for a greener America and recycle it! Check out your local recycling centers to see if they have deposits specifically for vinyl material.

    No Indy, vinyl goes to the recycling bin
  • Advent & Christmas Banners

    As Thanksgiving drew to a close, churches were already re-decorating for the next season on the Liturgical calendar: Advent.

    In Christianity, Advent represents a celebration for the coming Nativity, the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time when churches around the world truly jump into the holiday spirit and celebration.

    One of the symbols for Advent is the wreath and the four candles. One candle is lit every Sunday leading up to Christmas, until all four are lit for the very day.

    For your church congregation, teach your younger members about Advent by creating games with these traditions! You can design a poster or banner with the wreath, and create sticker flames that you can stick on each candle for the upcoming Sunday. Have each child say a prayer or write what they’re thankful for on each paper flame. It’s interactive and can be hung for all the congregation to see.

    Christmas and Advent is also the time for fundraising and charities. Create some outdoor banners for your church or other place of worship, to inspire your friends and family into giving for the holiday season.  Whether it’s a simple canned food drive, or a trip to Mexico to build homes for the poor, let your church know the news with handy banners for the holidays.

  • Decorating Ideas for Winter Weddings

    Winter Wedding Decorations

    Nuptials are beautiful, whenever you have them. But not all weddings are June occasions. There’s a special place in my heart for winter weddings: something about the snow and sparkles, scarves and mufflers...I’m getting ahead of myself.

    Well, I’ve researched some clever Winter Wedding Decorations that caught my eye, and I present them to you!

    Color Options

    Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean everything has to be white and plain. To keep that winter feel, incorporate shades of blues and teals, maybe some purples.

    If you’ve got a wedding closer to Christmas or Valentine’s Day, don’t feel afraid to splash it with red. Red is regal and pops really well with the white.

    The Entrance

    We all love a grand entrance, and the best entrances are the most thoughtful. If you’d like, you can have a custom banner with the happy couple, welcoming guests to the wedding.  Utilize props that the couple share: a pair of crossed oars for boat-lover’s, or a wall of hung photographs of evolution of their romance.

    If you really want to WOW your guests, line the aisles with plants or trees for that ultimate winter or nature feel.

    Winter Table Decorations

    Put aside the cliched snowflakes and santa hats. For a truly out-of-the-box centerpiece, look to the forest! Use petrified wood or budding tree branches in a vase instead of flowers.

    Still want your beloved blossoms, with that forest look? Check out the rustic styled vase below:

  • Outdoor Banners for the Seasons

    Halloween has passed, so take a deep breath, but don't sit down just yet! Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, so it's time to start thinking of what you can do for your business or event this holiday season.

    What are Outdoor Banners?

    Got a sale coming up? An outdoor event? My family loves to have Thanksgiving outdoors, on those classic picnic benches, but sometimes it's hilariously difficult to find each other. Our family gatherings are similar to amassing an army to feed.

    Outdoor banners are designed to withstand the elements, so hanging a banner to help your customers, family, or commuters find you would be a big help this holiday season.

    If your event is annual, simply roll it out for the next year as well. They're sturdy, and can be customized for the expected weather conditions.

    Outdoor Banners for Farms and Festivals

    Christmas Tree Farms/Lots, pumpkin patches, and turkey sales are on the rise this fall and winter! Create an eye-catching banner or sign that will grab the people's attention as they search for those necessary holiday needs!

    For Christmas Tree Lots around your neighborhood, get festive with your design. Using a white or light blue background with red or forest green type is noticeable on the road, completely opposite of the colors of road signs and freeway signs.


    As for the festival side, there's lots to do this holiday season! Thanksgiving prep-time is probably the most stressful time of the holiday, so ease your customers by using banners to point them to the nearest place to buy good food, such as a Farmer's Market.

  • Location, Location, Location

    It's that phrase you chant when you're looking to buy a home, pick a school, or even go grocery shopping! Location, location, location...

    And it's the same for Banner ad placement. So, you've printed your banners, your sale or event is ready to go, but you've got a problem: where can I put my banner where it will get the most visibility?

    Here are a few ideas for some fantastic areas for exposure:

    Freeway Overpasses

    You mostly see a lot of political or protest signs on freeway overpasses, or holiday banners during the winter season.

    Here's the deal: NOT all freeway overpasses are available for hanging signs. For big metro areas, or even towns, it's advised that you check out the city website, or ask for the department of transportation for hanging sign permits. This is to avoid having your banner torn down or harassed by police.

    Should you get a permit to hang your banner on a freeway over pass, here's why it's amazing:

    • Freeways are filled with drivers almost 24/7.
    • That's thousands of eyes seeing your sign every hour!
    • If your sign/message is short and sweet, you will get a response
    Just don't forget about that permit!

    Building Walls

    There's a variety of wall banners we can print for you:

    Side Wall Signs, OR......

    Flat Hanging banners. Either one can get your business noticed. Creating a wall-size banner, especially on your storefront and/or event location, will not only let your potential customers know what's coming up, but also where it is! Simple.

    Indoor Banners

    For indoor events, such as conventions and trade shows, we can create travel banners that you can roll up and take anywhere. It comes with a retractable stand and a bag.

    However, these portable banners are not just for conventions and trade shows. They actually make pretty amazing lobby ads as well. Take a look:

    Hanging banners can also be hung from the rafters of your location: they can be used as directions, aisle instructions, or just plain ads for things coming up in your event.


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