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Valentine's Day

  • Valentine's Day - Lovely Fonts for Free

    So, Valentine's Day is tomorrow.


    And if you are like some of my're going to wait until the last minute to get a gift for that special someone.

    But fear not! Flowers and candy make everything nice, but nothing says 'I love you, baby' like a heartfelt message in a card.

    Today, I've compiled for you a list of lovely, romantic, and cute fonts that you can easily download and use to create that special message. And best of all, they're all free!

    So, take it away you last-minute miracle-makers and make like Gandalf in "The Return of the King":


    Check out these amazing fonts below:

    1) Heart Attack by Phantomhive Company

    2) Clipper Script by Mans Greback

    3) Jellyka Delicious Cake by Jellyka Nerevan

    4) St. Andrew's Queen by Jellyka Nerevan

    5) Frykas Light by Baobaby Studio

    6) Blessed Day by Billy Argel

    7) Take Me Out by Maria Elisa Pardi Designs

    8) Bedtime Stories by Lars Manenschijn

    9) Janda Romantic by Kimberly Geswein

    10) New Garden Light by Billy Argel

  • Valentine's Day Part 3: Party Planning

    They're heeeeere....

    Valentine's Day-obsessed fangirls! And all the Facebook posts that come with it. *sigh*

    Just kidding, but this is the week: this Thursday is Valentine's Day! Woohoo!

    Today, I've got some fun tidbits to help you make that Valentine's Day party even better. Whether it's for your child's classroom, or a for your friends and family, there's a load of cute Do-It-Yourself ideas out there to spruce up the fun.

    1) Rose Cupcakes

    I'm a simple gal: give me roses, give me love letters, and I'm a happy camper. But if you really want to go outside the box for your special someones, then bake them Rose Cupcakes. How is it done?

    It's actually NOT frosting you see in that picture, but fruit leather! And it's surprisingly easy to make. To learn how to make them, follow the instructions from Spoonful, HERE.

    2) Edible Arrows

    Cupid never takes a day off, that's for sure. Over at the Coterie blog, they've created Edible Arrows! It's made from strawberry Airheads, pretzel sticks, and heart-shaped cookies. Making me hungry, right now...

    3) Heart Doilies

    Remember those paper snowflakes we used to make in elementary school. Well, with hearts it's the same thing!

    Take some different shades of red and pink, and fold them up. Cut the full fold into a half-heart, and unravel. Bam: cute as a button table decorations.

    4) Valentine Shoe Boxes

    Again, let's harken back to the good old days of elementary school, when everyone got a Valentine. It's a tradition that still stands today, so why not have it for you party.

    Step 1: Have a corner of the room where people can decorate shoe boxes just for them.

    Step 2: Have various candy stations or decoration stations so that your guests can make and create things to put in their shoebox or other shoe boxes.

    Step 3: Enjoy the fun and the chaos!

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