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  • CBU Daytime MBA and Safety Services Wrap

    In the age of the start-up, business acumen is more important than ever. With IPOs and venture capital investment rapidly increasing year by year, the opportunity for getting into business has only gotten brighter. Given the proper training, succeeding in the business world is very feasible. Luckily for us, we have one of the premier business schools right in our backyard in Southern California.

    California baptist university

    Ranked as a U.S. News & World Report Best College for more than a decade, California Baptist University has designed an educational experience that equips the mind while energizing the heart. More than 7,000 students from across the nation and world travel here to discover and live their purpose from among more than 150 majors and concentrations including accounting, engineering, marketing, music, nursing and theology.

    The Jabs School of Business at California Baptist University has excelled at providing students with the skills needed to engage, analyze, and improve business operations. On top of the bachelors’ available in accounting, administration, and marketing, there are some new options in the MBA program. The Daytime MBA is a new, accelerated one year program that is designed to be flexible for the young professional. The program has class once a week, and places you in a paid internship allowing students to directly apply the knowledge they receive. Students also receive mentorship throughout the process to ensure that they have the assistance they need.


    In order to promote their new Daytime MBA program, the Jabs School of Business contacted us and we knew just the solution that would work. Targeting a high traffic area, we created a huge vinyl banner which was placed on the Wallace Theatre wall, making it noticeably visible when walking between the business school and the dining hall. Highlighting the focal points of the program, the banner is attention-grabbing and concise.


    The new Daytime MBA program should be a huge success, allowing students to get valuable experience while getting their degree simultaneously to prepare them for the new age of business.

    We didn’t stop at just making banners for CBU, we even took care of their vehicle wrap needs. The CBU safety services wanted to distinguish their vehicle from the average SUV for identification purposes and we definitely separated them from the crowd.

    CBU safety services car wrap

    The design begins with a matte navy blue wrap around the whole car which includes the back two windows and the back windshield. CBU safety services is big in white across the doors on each side, with the school’s alternate logo besides it in gold. Next to the logo towards the back of the car is the slogan “service, safety, security” as another way to distinguish their role on campus. The hood of the car also has their name and on the trunk door is their phone number.

    This wrap does a great job of adding a modern touch to the traditional, blue law enforcement look. CBU safety services will be clearly distinguishable on campus to those they are trying to provide security to as well as those they are trying to prevent.


  • Baker's Drive Thru

    How often do you go to a restaurant or store and see them advertising their product with colorful signs or displays? Sometimes, I find these can be repetitive as you are already in their store so you can generally look around and see what products they have to offer, but they do a lot more to the consumer than we realize. Now before you say “I’m not the regular naive shopper! Those silly ads don’t affect any of my purchasing decisions!” think again….because whether you like it or not, they do. You may not realize that the display is there, but it puts the thought of the specific product they are advertising in your mind, leaving you to do the rest. Point of purchase displays will directly channel your consumers’ attention toward a designated product, potentially making them a new customer, while increasing brand awareness to those who choose to not consume.

    Baker's Burgers Drive Thru Specials signage

    The concept of point of purchase displays is simple, strategically set up an eye-catching display where your customer is about to make a purchase so they can be influenced to buy whatever item is being advertised. This strategy increases sales and generates additional revenue, so its important to understand its magnitude to better implement it.

    Baker's burgers new menu signs

    According to, in a study of 80,000 point of purchase displays in 32 different consumer markets covering 45 different chains and 250 stores, the Advertising Research Foundation has found that point of purchase displays significantly increase sales revenue. This study has also given us data on which displays are the most effective. When using a case wrap to store displays, retailers had a sales increase of 12% for their product. Cardboard cutouts increased sales by 27%, inflatable or mobile displays increased sales of specific product by 40% on average, and displays that were associated with a sport, charity, or movie had a sales increase of 65% of their products.Baker's Burger Driver Thru Signs

    Point of purchase displays are an extremely effective way to influence the purchasing decision and raise sales revenue. Baker’s Drive Thru understands the importance of point of purchase displays, and asked us to create window wall and coroplast signs for all their locations to promote some of their new offers. By advertising some of their new beverage and meal promotions through the window, they will catch the attention of people going through the drive thru and ultimately get some of them to purchase the product being advertised.

    Baker's Burgers Drive Thru new drink banners

    Monster Media is proud to announce that we will be attending Southern California's biggest and bestest Surf/Skate/Snow trade show this year. That's right, we're going to be at the Agenda Trade Show, taking place over two days (January 7th & 8th) at the Long Beach Convention Center.

    Where will our booth be located? *Cue nervous laughter* Ha ha... er... um, funny story about that. We don't actually HAVE a booth per say, we're going in punk rock! "Punk Rock" as in we're heading to the trade show with a bag full of mini desktop wood prints so we can hand them out to anyone who comes up to us and says "Hi." (Not "punk rock" as in panhandling for money outside of Taco Bell to buy a $150 dollar leather jacket)

    The elusive (and incredibly handsome) Derric from Monster Media will have his boots on the ground for the two day event, so if you see someone looking like the image provided below, come up to him and introduce yourself.

  • FALLFEST 2013!!!

    As we've waxed poetically in the past... Banner4sale is a family company. Although our capabilities as a business are large in scale, we're a small tight knit group of people. We know each others names, families, and some of us even live in the same neighborhoods. Our day to day lives are so deeply intwined with the local community, we're always eager and jump at the chance to give back.

    Recently we were able to get involved with a great community/environmental initiative known as the Inland Empire Waterkeeper. Their mission is to protect and enhance the water quality of the Upper Santa Ana River Watershed through programs of advocacy, education, research, restoration, and enforcement. This fall, the Inland Empire Waterkeeper put on their FallFest event.

    FallFest is a free family friendly event where those in attendance are able to enjoy live music, food, arts & crafts, and facepainting. Also, the event itself helps raise awareness in the community about the preservation and restoration of the Santa Ana river. to help promote this event, we jumped at the chance to donate several banners to the Inland Empire Waterkeeper for FallFest this year.

    Below are some of the banners we donated as well as some photos from the actual event itself. And if you didn't get the chance to check out FallFest2013 yesterday, then you can still swing by to learn more about this wonderful group of people.

  • Falling Into Fall

    A common misconception in the banner business when it comes to the Summer season is that it's the busiest time of the year, given all the numerous possibilities for outdoor events and activities to take place. No school, agreeable temperatures, longer days, and pretentiously over-hyped music festivals. If those aren't the best examples for standing outside in the desert during 100 degree weather, directly under the sun, in a crowd full of shirtless-sweaty-hipsters who haven't bathed in three days, I don't know what is.

    Seriously, I don't. If you do, could you let me know? That's if you're one of those "weird" people who actually enjoys the Summer. When most of these "weird" people are outdoors trying to participate in some sort of fanatical activity during this time of year, I myself can usually be found trying to hide inside the darkest corner of my house. Wearing nothing but a pair underwear while carefully trying to position three industrial-sized fans on full-blast to point in my general direction, and I still somehow manage break a sweat! It would be an understatement to say that I have a strong aversion towards the sun and the summer, this is due in large part to the fact that I immediately burst into flames when I step out into the sunlight, like some sort of red-headed vampire.

    But when this side of planet starts to cool, and all the weirdoes start to pack up their speedos, that's when the real fun truly begins. I'm sure my fellow introverts can empathize, but I absolutely adore cold weather, and not just because of my impressive jacket collection or the fact that I look great in layers. So much beauty can be discovered in nature during the transition of seasons. In the leaves, in the weather, and in the steady decline of shapeless people inappropriately combining half-shirts with Dolfin shorts. Don't even get me started on the people who wear sandals everyday... seriously, do you think they ever look at their feet? (Ew.)

    Fall is just around the corner, and this year it brings us one more gift in addition to the beautiful colors and charming weather it normally ministers. This year Fall will provide the complete and total destruction of any and all Seasonal misconceptions being perpetuated by low-information banner enthusiasts. Aside from the naked trees and the Southward Equinox, Autumn is generaly associated with being the primary Harvest season of the year, inspiring many communities to put on outdoor events such as Farmer's Markets, Country Fairs, Pumpkin Patches, and Hayrides. If you're reading this blog post, then there's a good chance that you might be associated with one of these upcoming events. Perhaps you're a vendor or city council representative, looking for a cost-effective and creative way to promote your event. (If not, I can only assume you arrived at this destination through an incredibly convoluted wikipedia-binge)

    In either case, there's no need to look further. Banner4Sale has everything you'd ever need to promote your fall event with our custom outdoor banners. With different materials and finishing options, we can fabricate your banner to withstand the vicious rigors of the unforgiving autumn climate, regardless of location. Be it high winds, torrential downpour, snow storms, meteor showers, acid rain, a swarm of locusts, or a 30% chance of precipitation... we here at BANNER4SALE have a cornucopia of options that allows you to create your own banner to be constructed with the sole intention of facing whatever punishment mother nature can dish out head on.

  • Quality You Can See

    As we discussed in my last post, we discovered why people experience a great deal of indecision when attempting to select an ideal vendor for banner printing, and that the root cause of this uncertainty amongst consumers is that they are unfamiliar with that actual process itself. In this series of blogposts, I will attempt to relate crucial details as to why you should consider patronizing our business, so that you can gain a better insight as to why and how we have set the definitive standard for online banner printing by reviewing our "TOP SIX REASONS". This reveals why Banner4sale is an excellent choice for all your printing needs. Last week I went into great detail describing the intimate process (Reason #1) that we have streamlined over the years, going over the birth of a banner from the initial concept stage to the finished product, and how various members of staff oversee every aspect carefully during the entire process. Now that everyone is caught up to speed. we can move forward (and I can finally stop talking like a James Bond villain).

    REAONS #2: AMAZING QUALITY YOU CAN SEE A common misconception amongst the exciting and fascinating world of banner printing is that Banner's will only be seen from a great distance. While this may be true for larger format banners utilized for outdoor events, concerts, billboards, etc, it's very common to see smaller banners up close or at eye level, which can be used for a greater advertising advantage. If you're displaying a banner in a high traffic area where people don't have to squint to look at it, then there's a greater chance that they'll become more susceptible to suggestion. That means if they're hungry and you own a pizza shop, walking past a giant picture of an awesome mouth-watering slice of slice of pepperoni pizza is going to make their tummy-rumble. (Hell, I'm starting to salivate myself after reading that last sentence.) :O

    An important contributing factor that will further enhance interest in your services is crisp and vibrant images to help convey your message. Continuing with our pizza example (gimme a break, it's almost lunch time), if someone walked past your banner, and the image displayed was a cruddy pixelated/jagged photo of a slice of pizza that looks like someone cut out using the lasso tool in Photoshop, than most people will assume that your pizza is just as crappy as it looks in that picture and probably decide to eat elsewhere. So now that we know we should be using only the highest quality images for our banner, we can just pick any ol' random Printing business to make our banner, right? Wrong. Hi-Res artwork is only half of it, the second half is finding a business that can print at a high DPI.

    What is DPI you ask? Well, every single photo you see in printed publications or on the web are bitmap images. Bitmap images are created by thousands of tiny colored pixels. When viewed at 100%, it looks like a normal photograph. That's why when you blow up an smaller picture, it tends to look jagged and blocky. This is where DPI comes into play, its an acronym that stands for "DOTS PER INCH", which is used to measure the resolution of a digital image. The higher the DPI of an image, the bigger/better quality it is. DPI is a huge factor that comes into play regarding the quality of a banner when designing the artwork, but it's also kind of a big deal in terms of printing the banner. High quality images go a long way in making for a beautiful finished product, but if it comes off a printer that prints at a low DPI, then it can result in a wash. Fortunately, our large format printers here at Banner4sale can not only print on a wide selection of materials to suit your needs, it can also print images at a1200 DPI quality, making the image just as crisp as it appears on your computer monitor. (Unless it's covered in cheeto-dust smudges)

    Not only can our printers output images at an incredibly high DPI, but we're so confident that you'll be impressed with your banner when you get it that all of our products are backed with a Quality Guarantee to make sure all of our customers go home happy.

  • Real Human Beings

    Banners, banners, banners.

    That's the only reason you're here right? Given the name of our site, it totally makes sense. If you've managed to find your way to this post that means your hunger for knowledge is still growling in the belly of your brain. Sure you've noticed all the fancy words and flattering pictures cataloging all of our impressive feats in the world of banner printing, but so what? To the average person, it just sounds like something they should perceive as impressive even though they don't have a full understanding what any of your typical printing/design mumbo jumbo actually means. Having quite the history of working long stints for huge corporate entities that have a stake in the printing biz, I can assure you these long-winded descriptions are primarily used to dazzle unsuspecting customers with shiny buzzwords. Other times it can be used to discourage a customers absurd request, my most favorite being: "Can you guys scan in this picture of me and my Ex and cover up his face with a palm tree or something?"

    This blog post (with hopefully more to follow) is intended to help the average person better understand Banners and the printing process in general, so that even if you choose to go with another vendor for your printing needs, you'll still know what assets and materials are needed for your printing projects. This means for once in your life, you'll finally know what to say when the dirty hipster behind the counter at the local Repro shop tells you some half-baked lie on why he can't print your presentation because he'd much rather impress his co-workers with his Game of Thrones conspiracy theories instead of helping you.

    If you've poked around our site (which one again, if you're here I'm assuming you already have), you've noticed the "TOP SIX REASONS" why customers should patronize our business. Some people might gloss over it, others might skim, both thinking this information to be some sort of homogenization of key words that will show up on a random google search in the hopes of directing traffic to this site. Maybe they think we came up with six reasons at random by throwing darts at a wall littered in post-it notes with suggestions scribbled on them. (Which is coincidentally the same method the writers of "Family Guy" implement to write a new show each week.) The truth of the matter is that over years of refining our process and methods, we realized these six attributes allowed us to stand out from the competition, making our company unique in terms of banner printing.

    So what are these 6 reasons, how did they come to be, and what do they all mean? Let's go over each one individually to gain a better understanding by deconstructing each claim starting with the first...

    1. WE PRINT YOUR VINYL BANNERS Pretty self explanatory right? You'd think so, but what you don't realize is how much of banner work is actually outsourced. In some instances a banner site can be facade for a broker. A Broker is someone who organizes transactions between a buyer and a seller. In most cases customers are unaware that their job is being passed off to an entirely different business altogether. Brokered jobs are have a considerably higher cost since there's a 3rd party involved. This means the job costs more since the broker has to turn a profit from his arranged transaction. In other cases, some business are based outside of the US, in countries such as India or China, with a home office/website in the US acting as a gateway for business. These companies discreetly ship the artwork and files overseas where they are crammed through their huge printing facility with not so much as a single person inspecting the image provided. This means that if there's any issues with your artwork, ranging from low resolution to being formatted incorrectly, it will go unnoticed with the end result being a poorly printed banner. Once printed, the banner's are shipped directly to the customer from the international factory with the address on the package reflecting their US office giving the appearance that your order was personally handled by one of the warm smiling faces found on their website. (SPOILER ALERT: That's just a stock photo)

    Banner4Sale's printing process operates in a more personal manner. Once an order is placed, our Design Department is notified of your order and its specifications. Your order is carefully reviewed by one of our Graphic Artists making sure that every aspect of the artwork is correct before even being considered for printing. This means we make sure the image used for your banner will be nice and crisp once printed, we also double check the text in your artwork making sure everything is spelled correctly, and finally we make sure that any finishing options requested by the customer does not interfere with the actual design itself (i.e. hem/grommet going through a body of text). If there are any issues with the artwork provided, Banner4sale will work closely with the client by walking them through the necessary corrections needed for a perfect banner. Once optimized for digital printing, your file and job order is passed over to our talented production team who double checks the entire order itself before printing making sure any wrinkles in the design step of the process have been smoothed out. Once the printing process begins, a production assistant will monitor the job and frequently inspect the finished product being printed to ensure the quality of your banner. After your banner is printed, an additional production assistant reviews the order (as well as any finishing requests) making sure the desires made by the customer match the completed banner before finishing (if any) is applied to the banner itself. Now that the banner has been printed and completed ready to ship, it goes through one final inspection to make sure everything is correct before we neatly roll it up into a tube and ship it to your address.

    Throughout the entire process someone is constantly checking the quality of your product regardless of what stage your order is in. No recordings, no automated responses, just real human beings. So what we really mean is "WE TAKE YOUR ORDER. CHECK YOUR ARTWORK. PREPARE IT FOR PRINTING. CHECK IT AGAIN. MAKE SURE IT'S PRINTED/FINISHED CORRECTLY. THEN WE CHECK IT ONE LAST TIME BEFORE WE SHIP IT TO YOU.".

    "WE PRINT YOUR VINYL BANNERS" is just less verbose. ;)

  • Posters: From the Classroom to the Convention Hall

    It’s one of the more memorable moments from your childhood: having to stand in front of the classroom and present a poster project, all nervous knees and sweaty palms. That may not be you now, but posters are still prevalent today more than ever.

    Picking a Poster for Your Event

    Not all events need outlandish designs that takes up such large spaces. Downsize and economize with a poster instead! Whether it’s a small conference, a training session, or sale for your storefront, say it all with a poster.

    However, posters can be used for short-term outdoor use, they may not be substantial for extreme weather conditions. For more banners tailored for outdoor use, check out

    Big Events, Small Packages

    Some posters are meant to be on the sidelines of your projects. Even for large events like conventions, trade shows, and fairs, a poster is not only a clever option for advertising, but can also free up space for your booth. With posters, more information on your differing products can be included, rather than one large space occupied by one subject.

    Let’s say you’re an artist planning on selling some art at a convention. Create a poster advertising yourself, or as a price list for your wares. Got a game going on at your booth? Use posters to make a scavenger hunt around the convention to engage with attendees.

    Minding the Material

    Our posters are not made from your standard printer paper, but is our own special brand of cardstock-like paper that is guaranteed to give you a crispness to your images. Sizes range from 11” x 17” to 24” x 36”, or as large as 4 ft wide.

    With odds like these, you’re only limited by your imagination.

    Create a giant poster for a science fair project heading to bigger things. Design a poster for your favorite sports team as you cheer them on in the season.

    Whatever the case may be, check out our posters available. Need a creativity boost or some Photoshop savvy? Give our design team a call and they’ll work with you to get a perfect print.

  • Get Lucky! St. Patrick's Day Party Plans

    Well, this is it: we've reached our last week of February, and I hope you all had fantastic Valentine's Days. But for those who didn't...

    Fear not, sad lady! It's time to start looking towards March. TIme sure does fly by, doesn't it? But it's not too late to start thinking about that next holiday. Everyone loves a party!

    The big 'green' holiday in March is St. Patrick's Day. (Easter is also in March this year, but we'll get to that on a later day...)

    So, it's time to get your Irish on! If you're stumped on what to do for a St. Patrick's Day party, then check out the list below for some great ideas!

    1) Potato Party

    There are fewer things more associated with Ireland than potatoes. But here's something fun you can do with the whole family or a classroom of kids - a baked potato party!

    Simply swipe up a sack of potatoes and make a buffet table with all the trimmings. Use sour cream, chives, cheese, bacon bits, or whatever else makes your stomach grumble for a good baked potato. It's food and it's fun, the best combination in the world.

    2) Attack of the Leprechauns!

    Since Leprechauns are also associated with St. Patrick's Day, it might be fun to play one for a day. Hide a bag of goodies somewhere (like and Easter Egg Hunt), and leave 'rainbow' clues as to where it's hidden.

    Another thing you can do is Leprechaun S'Mores! How are these made?

    Get some marshmallows, skewers, chocolate dip, and round cookies (with holes in the middle, like Keebler cookies). Dip the cookie in chocolate, then skewer the marshmallow and dip it in chocolate. Place the chocolate-covered marshmallow square in the middle on the cookie and you have a top hat! Decorate as you like :)

    For more step-by-step instructions, check out the post on Half-Baked.

    3) Sham-ROCK!

    Alright, here's a kicker: instead of a boring old decorated party with paper hats, go full throttles with a Sham-Rock Concert!

    Make it into a charity event, or just a plug for your favorite local band, but whatever the case, it's loud and crazy fun with a dash of luck.

    All you have to do is make it green and make it great. Have green-themed drinks or frothy mint concoctions, or try the above potato party idea instead of food trucks.

    Invite local bands to play, or go for the traditional Irish dancing. It's a great way to spread merry cheer, and keep things hopping for St. Patrick's Day.

    So that's all I got for you today! Tune in next time, when I'll deliver some background on St. Patrick's Day and where all those shamrock and pot 'o gold myths came from.

  • Valentine's Day - Lovely Fonts for Free

    So, Valentine's Day is tomorrow.


    And if you are like some of my're going to wait until the last minute to get a gift for that special someone.

    But fear not! Flowers and candy make everything nice, but nothing says 'I love you, baby' like a heartfelt message in a card.

    Today, I've compiled for you a list of lovely, romantic, and cute fonts that you can easily download and use to create that special message. And best of all, they're all free!

    So, take it away you last-minute miracle-makers and make like Gandalf in "The Return of the King":


    Check out these amazing fonts below:

    1) Heart Attack by Phantomhive Company

    2) Clipper Script by Mans Greback

    3) Jellyka Delicious Cake by Jellyka Nerevan

    4) St. Andrew's Queen by Jellyka Nerevan

    5) Frykas Light by Baobaby Studio

    6) Blessed Day by Billy Argel

    7) Take Me Out by Maria Elisa Pardi Designs

    8) Bedtime Stories by Lars Manenschijn

    9) Janda Romantic by Kimberly Geswein

    10) New Garden Light by Billy Argel

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