Affordable, Eco-friendly Banners and Yard Signs


UCR TAPS is known for managing all things regarding transportation at the University of California, Riverside. TAPS stands for Transportation and Parking Services. They are located on 683 Linden Street, Riverside, CA 92507 and are open Mondays-Fridays from 8am - 4pm. This service provides students with information regarding transportation systems, provides parking permits, and works to enforce all parking rules and regulations. At the TAPS office, students can purchase parking permits, pay for parking citations, and get more information regarding shuttles and various policies. TAPS also offers a point-to-point shuttle service and bike registration programs for students who do not have other means of transportation.


TAPS works to provide students with the best and safest way to get around campus. They have worked to install emergency call boxes in parking lots and pathways on campus. To promote safety, TAPS gotten our help to create custom pole banners with special messages and reminders. 


TAPS has included some tips on how to protect yourself when walking to and from your vehicle.

  1. Take your keys with you and have them ready when necessary.
  2. Lock all of your doors and roll up your windows before leaving your vehicle.
  3. Report any suspicious activity to the UC Police Department.
  4. Hide your belongings. Don't flash your cell phone or laptop around while you're walking.

If you forget any of these tips, have no fear! Our large banners will be around to remind you to stay safe.

For more information about TAPS, check out their site here.

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