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  • Upgrade Your Industry with Trade Show Banners!

    Expos, trade shows, conventions, and conferences....what do they have in common? Businesses and trading ventures! These gatherings are the hub for the up-and-coming and everything new, so spruce up your appearance and connect with the conventioneers with a trade show banner.

    Portability is Key

    Trade show banners can vary between your standard hanging banner, such that can be seen on our Custom Banner page, or a specialized type of banner known as a retractable banner

    Retractable Trade Show Banners

    Retractables are exactly as that sound: easy to assemble, quick to dismantle, and trouble-less travel. Each retractable banner is created with the same attention and design as any normal hanging banner would have, so there’s no need to change a ready design.

    These handy go-to banners comes with a carrying case, a stand and support clamps to keep your banner steady and professional wherever you go. With retractable banners you are guaranteed an easy and portable self-advertisement, the same investment that you can gain with a regular banner without all the hassle of assembly.

    Other Trade Show Banner Accessories

    If a retractable banner doesn't fit your bill, then take a peek at our standard banners. No matter where your conference or trade show is located, your banner will be guaranteed to last outdoors and in. Each banner comes with grommets for hanging or pole pockets for standing up.  If your event is outdoors, we recommend wind slits to endure those breezy days.

    Creativity Slumps

    Can't Photoshop if your life depended on it? Call us up, and we’ll help you out!  Let our creative team take a look at your design and help you determine what size would best fit your design. Trade Show Banners are a fantastic investment for your business, especially when you’re frequently on the road convention-hopping.

  • Five Tips for Trade Show Events

    Trade shows, conventions, expos....they’re the meat of every industry. It’s a place for like-minded businesses and people to gather and peek at each other’s projects, upcoming products, etc.

    But the trick is how to get yourself there.

    I’ve gathered some pointers here about some things you should take care of before you go jetting off to the nearest convention. A checklist, if you will.

    1. Booth Design

    First thing’s first: you need a home-base for said convention or trade show. If you’re planning on being an exhibitioner, rather than a visitor, it’s time to start thinking about how you want others to see you.

    Consider what you deem most important about your business: is it your products? Your people? Your brand name? Whichever one it is, put that up front and center in your design. Use clever displays, such as custom trade show banners, to hang and draw more customers from across the halls.

    If you’re putting up displays or a mini store, make sure to leave lots of room for people to roam and browse. Most importantly though, is to stay in your space! Adhere to the space measurements that the convention has given you, and don’t encroach on your neighbor. For more detailed info, read about it in our post for trade booth design.

    1. Freebies & Giveaways

    Want a surefire way to gain more customers? Give ‘em a gift. Conventioneers love free things, no matter how small or mundane: from frisbees to promo coupons, we keep them all. Diversify your giveaways by setting times during the day that these giveaways will occur. Not only will you attract customers that want it, you’ll gain new customers who stick around to see what’s new.

    1. Transportation

    This is the tricky part: getting your booth to the show. For smaller shows, they may provide you with a table or chairs, although most larger shows won’t. In the case of smaller shows, a simple van or your own car can be enough to transport your things. For larger events, with massive booths and walking’s going to be a little trickier. There are many companies out there that specialize in shipping for events. Search for the nearest shipping company to you, and get going!

    1. “Clothes Make the Man”

    Your body language and appearance are the first impression. People tell you this advice all the time in interviews and such, but it still rings true for trade shows. If you’re attending as a professional, stick to the shirt and tie for men, a nice blouse and skirt/dress pants for women.

    If your target demographic is little younger, then  you can get away with some t-shirts, collared shirts, etc. but try to have a “team shirt” with your logo or slogan printed somewhere visible.

    1. Gathering New Customers

    Trade shows and conventions aren’t just for showing off your shiny new toys and products, but it’s also a place to gain new customers. Have a sign-up sheet somewhere (which is old school) where customers can leave their email for future events. If you really want to wow them, gather their contact information with some cool tech: tablets, computers around your booth, or give them a card that they can use to sign-up for newsletters at home. The more interactive the better, and don’t just stick to the social media: branch out a little!

  • Minimalist Product Shots for Banners

    Businesses are always looking for new ways to market their select products, of course. But throwing out complicated terms and over-designed ads isn't going to make it any easier. Sometimes, just like with the minimalist movie posters, the thing that you need to do is crop out more than you add in. Funny enough, we already have several examples out there in the market for you to draw from!

    Showcasing a Product on a Banner

    Take a look at ads from Apple or Amazon: when they're showcasing that trendy new tablet, e-reader, or iPhone, what do you see? Most of the time, it's just someone using the product in a single action: lying on a beach, a hammock, at work, or on the go. Very simple. It shows your product alive and well, and most of all functional, in the wild!

    Another technique you can use is absolutely nothing. I mean it: nothing. Have nothing else in the ad except for your product, the name of it, a slogan, and maybe your company logo. Apple and Amazon have utilized this for the iPhone and the Kindle e-readers, and it's quite effective.

    The "nothingness" in the background of the ad draws more attention to the product. it gives an aura of subtle power and confidence, and let's the customer observe the finer details without being overloaded with background clutter. Take a look at the following examples and get started on some great banner designs of your own!

    "The Wi-Fry" from McDonald's

    from Sensodyne

    "Tongue" from Pringles

    "Find More Easily" from Google
  • A Guide to Using Banners and Other Advertising at Conventions: PART 2

    Seize Your Space!

    Take advantage of your space! Every artist is allotted the confines of a certain size booth. You get all the table space as well as above (although that may differ depending on the convention). Don’t be a jerk and try to spill over onto your neighbor’s table: keep it classy and stay in your cube. Many artists implement different techniques with what they have.

    The following pictures are pulled from Google, and come from different conventions. Let’s take a look at some booths and examine how they make it work in their own right.

    These lovely ladies have definitely utilized the space that they have!

    • Take a look at their table: every inch is covered with their merchandise, from cards to prints to postcards.
    • Observe the edges of the table: there’s a fold out screen where they hung buttons and keychains for sale, propped up some books and displayed prices. There’s also signs about who they are.
    • Above them is a PVC pipe arrangement where various prints and art examples are hung.

    Now, it’s understandable how some people could be “turned off” by how this looks. BUT let’s consider the advantages of such a loud display:

    • their art style is very clear, from the sheer amount of art on display. If someone happened to be passing through the aisle and something caught their eye on the PVC pipe hangings, boom! New customer.
    • Nothing is hidden: honest display
    • The more that’s on the table, the longer that someone interested will linger and possibly buy something

    Here is the lovely Mike Gray: I don’t know who he is, but I like how his booth is arranged. He has taken a more simplistic approach.

    • Background: He chose to show a simple banner with a cartoon figure of himself and his website.
    • Table: Signs (i.e. “Free Sketch!” etc), free candy??, a contact sheet clipboard, books, sketchpad, even a DVD player in the corner!Sides & Above: Nothing other than a button/magnet board
      • Tables like these typically feature albums with all their art stored inside, rather than hung up like the other booth example.

    This is a “comfortable” booth: not too loud, but not quiet either. Some advantages:

    • Approachable, very open: depending on your style, it might behoove you to NOT be cluttered with so many hanging displays and busy table bits.
      • He also leaves room to draw where someone can see, rather than hide behind his sketchbook.
    • Display is clear, more geared to his professional work: he showcases some of his art, but not too much where it overloads the senses
    • The banner is advantageous: shows information that may not otherwise be shown on his other merchandise

    Now, here at Banner4Sale, we can provide you with banners specifically tailored for conventions and trade-shows. We recommend a Trade Show Banner, although those tend to run larger. A retractable banner is more practical for booth use.

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