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  • A Lesson from Comic-Con

    Today marks the beginning of Comic-Con once again! Sounds the trumpets please!

    San Diego is my hometown and it always makes me giddy when Comic-Con week rolls around. It’s as though the whole city gets dressed up in all it’s nerdy best to visit the chapel that is the Convention Center. The effects of all the new visitors can be felt as far north as Carlsbad, and it never gets old.

    But it’s not just the attendees that are putting on their best costumes...the vendors have rolled up their sleeves and gotten down to business in booth design. In fact, some designs become so iconic at the con, that they are described by the booth then the actual brand name. For example, "Hey I'll meet you by Adventure Time!", "Meet me at The Walking Dead!" Sadly, I can’t put pictures up just yet, but I will as soon as I get back!

    But let’s talk about what’s been revealed so far:

    AMC - The Walking Dead

    AMC has once again returned with The Walking Dead themed booth (definitely going to check it out!). Judging from the pictures already online, this new booth design is incredibly interactive with the fans! Its a recreation of the prison, where the protagonists were last hiding out at the end of Season 3. There’s a guard tower, the room of Walker heads floating in tanks, and some zombie actors to take pictures with! No word yet on if they’ll stay for the whole weekend, but here’s to hoping. What I love most about this is how they recreate a set that fans have come to recognize immediately. It’s a smart move, going outside the standard square booth with some plastic zombies like last year. The more you can connect with you audience directly, the more they’ll return that back to you.

    Cartoon Network - Adventure Time

    Cartoon Network’s hottest show has to be Adventure Time. And much like in previous years, it’s back with a vengeance, taking over the booth. The entrance is the entire Ice King’s head! You walk through his mouth to get to the good stuff. Again, it connects with their direct audience, albeit without the zombies.


    One last fan favorite at Comic-Con are, of course, the “mega-booths!”. These ones, including AMC’s and Cartoon Network’s booths, are designed to be seen above and beyond your field of vision. You can spot that sign, that tower, that screen above them from anywhere in the Exhibit Hall. These giants include the Nickelodeon booth, Fox, Lego, Lucasfilm, and the list goes on.

    Stay tuned next week! I’ll be posting my pictures and walking you through what sets all the booth designs apart, as well as some trade show do’s and don’t’s. And take a look at our Trade Show Banners to get an idea of what's in store.

  • The Conventions Cometh - Trade Show Banners

    The time has arrived: drum roll please...

    It’s Convention Season!

    E3, Comic-Con International, Anime Expo, and those are just the ones in Southern California. Whatever may be near your neighborhood, be it trade show, fan convention, or up-coming extravaganza, there’s never been a better time to pack up your booths and high tail it to the expo center!

    Here at Banner4Sale, we’ve got all you need to set you up with a great presence for your show. First step: aerial views. You want to make sure that people can see you as they wander down the aisles. Capture their attention with a beautiful color banner!

    Our specialty trade show banners can be made custom to your needs. Do you want it to hang? No problem, we can add pole pockets or ring grommets for free. How about a stand-alone floor banner? We’ve got those too! Additionally, we have stands and a carrying case that can accompany each purchase of a trade show banner. What if you want to wrap it all around your booth? Well, that’s a different offer.

    Provide us with the frame, and we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive and creative wrap that will blow you away. Our Vinyl Wall Graphics have been used by many of our pleased customers, including Oakley and Famous Stars and Straps. Check out our Vinyl Wall Graphics page for more pictures!

    So, what are you waiting for? It’s a great opportunity to meet new customers, make some business connections, or just plain have fun.

  • The Consumer Electronics Show 2013

    Hey y'all!

    Yesterday, was the official opening of the CES 2013, with the grand display of the very shiny exhibition floor. While press conferences have been going on since over the weekend, this was the part I was most excited about. I may not have been able to go myself, but man, do these booth designs look stunning this year.

    Contemplating a business booth for your next convention or trade show? Take a look at some of this year's best contenders from CES 2013 and be inspired! After all, these are all giants in the industry, and thus can be learned from.


    Again with the swirling vortex of screens?....Meh, why not? Still looks just as cool.


    See those four screens in the middle on the pedestal-things? THEY ROTATE. I kid you not.  This shot is with them in mid-rotation, but they move around to form images, quotes or whatever other shape that Samsung wants to display with. Wow. Definitely cool.


    I just wanted to highlight this spectacular hanging banner. Very beautiful coloring, and eye-catching to boot.


    Hisense is a newcomer to the American market, based out of China. Even so, I'm loving the green and turquoise hues going on in their booth. Makes it look very "green", very environmental.


  • Trade Show Booths: The Best of CESs Past

    Starting tomorrow, January 8th, the Consumer Electronics Show will be in full swing in Las Vegas, NV. My father, a geek in every right and proud of it, and being of sound mind and body, has said that CES is like the Comic-Con of tech junkies everywhere. After all, in our house one only has to look at the living room table to find piles of Consumer Electronics mags. But is he right?

    I wouldn't know, but what I do know is that trade shows and conventions are spectacular due to one thing: fantastic booth design. I said it, folks. Forget the freebies and product placements for a moment, will you? When you go to a convention you will always gravitate towards the most attractive booths to your eye, whether you know it or not. It may be some company you've never heard of, but "by golly that flying prop looks amazing. I want to see what it is!".

    I've gone back into the archives of CESs past to bring you some truly amazing vendor booth designs. They've got lights, they've got hanging banners, they've got more screen space than a stadium-size jumbotron. They sparkle, they shine, they tempt you with free demos. Let's go:

     1) Intel, 2008

    I...what IS that? A towering spiral of laptops? Who thinks of this? Regardless what I think, this is pretty sweet. And that blue lighting just makes it look all the more ethereal. Bravo.

    2) Samsung, 2012

    Not only is the sheer floor space a relief, but that ceiling Samsung displays they're visionary might with tons of television screens and what look like reflective mirrors(?). I could be wrong. But in any case, I would totally be a slack-jawed spectator, just watching that for hours.

    Man, I wish Comic-Con had space like that....

    3) Samsung, 2010

    Okay, I take that back. THIS is even more awesome than Samsung 2012's booth. The shape of the room, the way it looks like curtains into another world, the countless screens...hats off to you, Samsung.

    4) Griffin Technology, 2012

    Now for something completely different. How nice and homey, and (almost) away from all the blue tech giants.

    5) Microsoft, 2011

    It looms over the attendees like a god, and has the floor space to boot. Also, they put all their products at eye level, unlike Samsung where you have to crane your neck.

    Well, there you have it! My top five favorites after scouring the histories of the Consumer Electronics Show's for the best booth designs. And as CES 2013 is about to kick off, stay tuned here, where I'll be posting a look at this year's best designs.

  • Banners and Booth Transportation!

    You've done it! You've designed a spectacular trade show or convention booth. It's been constructed, looks marvelous, and everything is printed, polished and ready to go.

    The question is, how do you get it all there?

    We're going to take a teeny break from custom banners and designs, and look at some of the logistics of getting your great display from Point A to Point B.

    If this is your first time to a trade show, it's generally advised that you don't transport your display yourself, especially if there are lots of bits and pieces that are fragile. If you're going cross-country, it also gets mighty expensive, with all the display and demonstration materials needed. What's awesome, though, is that you can hire someone to transport it for you. How?

    For those who don't know, there are many companies out there that specialize in transporting event materials only. They have the means and the manpower to make sure that your display, no matter how complicated gets to the Exhibition Floor on time and in one piece. Whether by train, plane, or truck, these guys know how to handle your business' delicate first-impression piece.

    I've researched a couple of these trade show and event transportation businesses, and organized it by region. Most are not limited to a specific region of the country, but just so you know where the nearest one would be to you. Click on the company name to get to their website!

  • Beyond the Banner: Trade Show Booths

    Banners and signs are exceptional forms of advertising, but if you're a branching business, chances are that you'll be attending some sort of trade show or convention in the future. These gatherings of geekdom and community are breeding grounds for new customers: through demonstrations, giveaways, and most of all, attractive booth designs!

    No two conventions and trade shows are alike, just like no two businesses are the same. The thing to remember is to craft your booth specifically to your business, so that it can be instantly recognized on and off the exhibition floor. When people are searching for your booth, they're not always going to think "it's next to so-and-so". A quick search is more along the lines of "it's by so-and-so, with the hanging purple cloud prop".

    Let's take a look at some examples:

    Arch Insurance Group

    Here is Arch Insurance Group. The first thing you notice are those jagged (almost hazardous!) props that shape their booth. It's eye-catching, practical, (but not too literal to their company name) and not opulent. If you'll notice on the ground, the white mat is their designated area. An important note: when designing your booth, always stay within the confines of your area! Encroaching on the neighbors is just as annoying in the hall, as it would be in the suburbs.


    I believe this was taken at E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo, so it's not surprising that XBOX was given such a wide area. What I appreciate about this booth, and can be applied to yours, is breathing room. Notice the large walkway down the middle of the gaming demo monitors. It's wide enough to fit another set of walled monitors, but they chose not to do that. At conventions and trade shows, it's easy to feel claustrophobic, so a design that includes a wide expanse to simply stand and look around at the latest products, is a god-send to a tired conventioneer.


    Elle is not the only one to utilize the 'privacy' booth design. It's ingenius, really, and has been used by make-up and other fashion brands at conventions. It creates an intimate, immersive environment for your customer, and even provides a place to sit down, and maybe discuss some new products. It also gives the customer a feeling of exclusivity, like a VIP, and Elle makes sure that their booth reflects the care that they want to give to each individual who walks in.

    So, there you have it! A few broad examples from different occasions, just to give you a range of the possibilities that you can do with your next booth design. Don't forget, although a booth may be well-designed, it'll be easier to find with a hanging banner or sign!

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