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Trade Show Banners That Stand Out

Trade show banners.

Trade show banners can be tough to design to be effective. At a trade show, you're surrounded by competitors that are all competing for attention. In this blog, we'll go into some design tips and tricks to make your banner design stand out above the rest.

Trade Show Banners

Attending a trade show can be a very fun experience. Especially if it's something that interests you. But as a presenter, it can be a lot of hard work. It's all worth it though if you're able to network and gain a few customers in the process. That's not to say it's not a rat race. You're setting up in a gigantic room filled with your competition.

Don't Worry

I know I've made this sound incredibly daunting, but Banner 4 Sale is here to help. We have four different vinyl materials. 13oz, 15 oz, 20 oz, and mesh extreme vinyl. The higher the oz of your banner, the more durable your banner will be. Don't underestimate the 13oz banner though, it's plenty durable. Our extreme vinyl mesh is a totally different animal. It's a lighter material with holes in it that allows wind to pass through. It's great for areas with high wind or if you just want something lighter for easy carrying.

Design Tips to Stand Out

Look at other designers.

There's a reason other designers are so successful. It's because they're good at what they do. So don't reinvent the wheel. Check out design work in your industry and see what other people are doing.

Be original. 

That being said, don't copy other designers. Sure, you want to follow the trends, but you don't want to copy another person's work. Take an idea or a feeling and make it your own.

You have 5 seconds. 

In a large crowd, your banner has 5 seconds to get its message across. If your banner is displaying a paragraph of text, find a way to simplify the idea into a single phrase or sentence. Check out these minimalist design portfolios to see what I'm talking about. As you can see, you can be clever, without being overly complicated. Find a way to connect with clients in 5 seconds.

Listen to what your clients have to say.

Following designers is great but you're really selling to clients. So find out what they want and design around that. A thin cursive font wouldn't work for a construction company. That's not the message that tends to resonate with those clients. Find a look and message that does speak to your target audience.

Reward your potential customers.

You've held someone's attention for five seconds, awesome. Reward them for it. This doesn't have to come in the form of a discount or some type of swag. It can be a connection or simply information that they are looking for.

In Conclusion

It's OK to experiment. It's why our designers usually have files in a project folder named 'final.psd', 'final-final.psd', 'final-final-seriously-this-time.psd', 'final-final-no-this-one.psd'. Don't be afraid to go your own way with your designs.

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