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  • Trade Show Banners That Stand Out

    Trade show banners.

    Trade show banners can be tough to design to be effective. At a trade show, you're surrounded by competitors that are all competing for attention. In this blog, we'll go into some design tips and tricks to make your banner design stand out above the rest. Continue reading

  • Retractable Banner Stands!

    So you've purchased a banner from us, but now what? Some people choose to hang their banners. Others like to have their banners displayed standing up. To prop their banners up, our customers purchase our retractable banner stands. Today, we'll be taking a closer look at these banner stands to see why they're the right choice for you!


    Why should I use a banner stand? The real question is, why shouldn't you use a banner stand? Banner stands are perfect for propping up banners! They come in handy when you're trying to present or display your banner for everyone to see. With these banner stands you can show off the display, colors, or logo on your newest vinyl banners for everyone to see!

    These retractable banner stands are great in terms of quality and are very economical. Our retractable banner stands are also lightweight and easy to carry around.

    What color banner stands can I choose from? Here at Banner4Sale, we provide 2 different color options for you to choose from. We offer a silver base (pictured below) and a black base.


    How can I customize my banner stand?  We provide banner stands in different widths and heights for all different banners. Because it is retractable, this banner stand can be adjusted to various heights. Our company even provides 2 different top bar styles including: clamps and velcro (both in silver and black to match the stand).

    Retractable banner stands make the perfect addition to your banners, and can be purchased at super affordable prices! To buy one for yourself, visit our site for more information.

  • Trade Show Booth for California Baptist University

    CBU trad show booth mmi3Wood is just a medium, but what you do with it is a whole different story. The opportunities are endless when you're given a piece of wood. We recently worked on a project for California Baptist University to help create a trade show booth as they were partaking in the NACAC College Fair 2016. NACAC, The National Association for College Admission Counseling, is an organization that guides and helps students make smart choices about their future education. Made up of over 15,000 professionals, NACAC works together with these professionals to hold college fairs and seminars to mentor and help point students in the right direction.

     CBU trad show booth mmi1

    California Baptist University (CBU) is a private Christian university located in Riverside, California. It is ranked one of the top in Southern California. CBU strives by the motto "Put faith in the journey," which means that every student/person has a purpose in their life. CBU really aims for students to understand this purpose and to have an educational experience that is Christ-centered. Doing so, they hope for graduates to have learned skills that show integrity and to exemplify their purpose within the work place. CBU trad show booth mmi

    Trade show booths are always fun to make because we get to put together an eye- catching display for students you don't have to use cheap trade show banners, in this case, to observe and really get the whole picture of a specific organization. There are many unique and creative ways trade show displays can be made. The more unique it is, the more memorable it will be. California Baptist University took a unique route, and allowed the attendees to really get involved, while showcasing their school. On the left side of the booth, CBU incorporated their "Put Faith in Your Journey" motto by using a vinyl wall wrap for the graphics. However, the lettering for the motto was created using individual letter wood prints to create a three dimensional effect. CBU trad show booth mmi4The center of the booth consisted of a mini display of a few items that resembled CBU such as a backpack or surfboard. Furthermore, on the right side of the booth, we attached a black board that allows the students to get involved. It gave the students the opportunity to think about their futures and write down where they think their journey will take them. Involvement within trade show booths helps attendees set the booth apart from other booths. Attending college fairs or any trade show can get overwhelming because attendees are meeting a good grip of people, and observing many booths. Be sure to make your custom trade show booth a memorable one to help keep people interested.

    CBU trad show booth mmi2

  • Numana, Inc. Serves the Hungry!

    Recently, we got the opportunity to work with Numana, Inc., a fairly new non profit organization that started in 2008. Numana is located in El Dorado, Kansas and stands as a public charity that raises awareness and educates people on international hunger relief. Through holding food packaging events, Numana brings together a community of volunteers to help bring awareness to hunger issues.

    numana banner

    According to the statistics given on Numana's webpage, "Nearly 870 million people in the world are suffering from extreme hunger. And of those people, 98 percent are living in developing countries." That's an extremely large percentage of people that aren't getting the right consumption of good nutrients for their bodies. Also, 1 out of 6 children in those developing countries are malnutrition, which will lead to deaths if they are not taken care of.

    numana banner1

    Numana works hard to fight these hunger issues by creating food packing events around the world to create simple meals for these people. Some of the meals they package are rice, soy, beans, and a blend of vitamins. Companies like these make a difference in the world. We are extremely blessed to be working together to help such a great cause. We created a few trade show banners that displayed their mission statement and how they are a non profit organization that serves the hungry. We incorporated real images and important information, so they are easy to read and understand by others. 

    numana banners


  • Beyond the Banner: Trade Show Booths

    Banners and signs are exceptional forms of advertising, but if you're a branching business, chances are that you'll be attending some sort of trade show or convention in the future. These gatherings of geekdom and community are breeding grounds for new customers: through demonstrations, giveaways, and most of all, attractive booth designs!

    No two conventions and trade shows are alike, just like no two businesses are the same. The thing to remember is to craft your booth specifically to your business, so that it can be instantly recognized on and off the exhibition floor. When people are searching for your booth, they're not always going to think "it's next to so-and-so". A quick search is more along the lines of "it's by so-and-so, with the hanging purple cloud prop".

    Let's take a look at some examples:

    Arch Insurance Group

    Here is Arch Insurance Group. The first thing you notice are those jagged (almost hazardous!) props that shape their booth. It's eye-catching, practical, (but not too literal to their company name) and not opulent. If you'll notice on the ground, the white mat is their designated area. An important note: when designing your booth, always stay within the confines of your area! Encroaching on the neighbors is just as annoying in the hall, as it would be in the suburbs.


    I believe this was taken at E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo, so it's not surprising that XBOX was given such a wide area. What I appreciate about this booth, and can be applied to yours, is breathing room. Notice the large walkway down the middle of the gaming demo monitors. It's wide enough to fit another set of walled monitors, but they chose not to do that. At conventions and trade shows, it's easy to feel claustrophobic, so a design that includes a wide expanse to simply stand and look around at the latest products, is a god-send to a tired conventioneer.


    Elle is not the only one to utilize the 'privacy' booth design. It's ingenius, really, and has been used by make-up and other fashion brands at conventions. It creates an intimate, immersive environment for your customer, and even provides a place to sit down, and maybe discuss some new products. It also gives the customer a feeling of exclusivity, like a VIP, and Elle makes sure that their booth reflects the care that they want to give to each individual who walks in.

    So, there you have it! A few broad examples from different occasions, just to give you a range of the possibilities that you can do with your next booth design. Don't forget, although a booth may be well-designed, it'll be easier to find with a hanging banner or sign!

  • Trader Joe's "Super Smooth" Banner

    Trader Joe's and photographer Evan Robinson came to us for a large banner. Printed on 15 oz "Super Smooth" vinyl, this special project banner was hung in the original Trader Joe's store in Los Angeles, CA.

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