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Thinking Off-Canvas: The Resurgence of Watercolor Applications for Banners

In every industry, trends of the past are slowly crawling back to the surface and reappearing in modern day. This is more prevalent in the design industry, now more than ever. Among the rising trends is with more organic-appearing designs and layouts: branches, inspired by nature, etc. But it doesn’t get much better or more vibrant than watercolor.

The liquidity of the paint tends to inspire more fluid, natural pieces. Also, the layers of color somehow have a more naturally vibrant effect than layers of acrylic or digital work.

By Marlies Merk Najaka


Watercolor Comeback

I  re-encountered this medium in an unexpected place: a comic book. it’s called “The Homeland Directive” by writer Robert Venditti and artist Mike Huddleston. It’s a pretty standard tale of government conspiracy, but what sets it apart is the emotion created by the contrasting coloring styles within the panels themselves. One such technique was with watercolors.

Check out this page:

From "The Homeland Directive"

Notice how the watercolor leaves a sort of filtered and dusty view of the world, a world of noir, secrecy and throwaway phones.

Add Some Splash to your Banners

If watercolor can have this impact on a comic, why not in the advertising field as well? What about watercolor on banners? Why not?

If your business is looking for a new vision for your banners, try a hand with watercolors. Refresh and re-engage your audience with a new look that’s more natural and fluid and appeals to the senses.  A banner with a watercolor design would definitely stand out from among the streamlined, bold prints that are out there today.

For more examples of beautiful watercolor work to stimulate your creativity, check out this article from Noupe.

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