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Taste-Buds & Banners: Food Photography to Drool Over

Oh, honey, we know what you're doing at lunch and dinner. Don't pretend like you don't take pictures of your food and then post it on Instagram. But don't worry, we aren't here to tease. In fact, we encourage it!

Banners with images of food are great for:

  • Restaurant promotions
  • Food Fairs!
  • Festivals
  • Culinary School
Take a look below, then grab your camera! It's about to get hot in this kitchen.

Hungry yet? Me too *sigh*.

And they all look so good, don't they? It's too bad professional food photographers often use substitutes like motor oil, blowtorches, hairspray, shoe polish and glue to make those tasty food photos look shiny, steaming, and appealing. But hey! They do what they're supposed to: make us want all those dang good foods so bad, we want to jump through the screen to get it.

Carving Out a New Design

Glamorous shots of your platefuls of plenty are nice and all, but what I especially like are the fruit & veggie carvers. They can turn any mundane-lookin' fruit and turn it into a masterpiece, like the watermelon below. I love this one, because take a look inside: it's not the outside of the melon that got a makeover!

Juicy and artistic. Not bad. Here's a couple of other carvings that tickled my fancy.

Now that those are all done, please excuse me while I go in search of sustenance. All of this food talk has made me hungry beyond belief.

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