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Taking a Page from the World Stage: Graffiti Trends for Your Banner

Berlin is said to be a “Mecca” for modern graffiti art. It speaks to the rebel in all of us while still maintaining a surreal beauty about them. But even though defacing property is frowned upon, we can learn from these street artists and apply it to advertising techniques for the modern market.

Let’s Take a Look at........ “Linda’s Ex”!

In 2003, an artist named Roland Brueckner started a graffiti campaign under the alias of “Linda’s Ex”. He started with a picture of a sad boy, wondering where his ex-girlfriend, Linda, was. It soon evolved into more elaborate images, like Linda’s Ex in a bar saying that he’ll wait for her at a certain place and time. Pedestrians began to take notice, and some even began believing that this man’s plight was real. Other street artists began creating homages to Linda’s Ex or referencing “Linda” in their own work. A year later, Brueckner revealed himself to the public and that it was a hoax.

Although Roland Brueckner’s trend started as a hoax, it developed into something viral before the word “viral” was even in our daily vocabulary. How did he do this? By interacting with the public and reacting to their responses. When people became curious about Linda’s Ex, he put up another picture, then another and another! Until suddenly, it was being talked about on radio talk shows and then everybody started looking for these pieces.

From Brueckner to Banners

Viral marketing campaigns have more recently been attributed to videos on YouTube, but they have been with images for years. When you’re planning your next promotion or event for your business, consider a dabble with viral marketing. You could begin with a hint on a banner: an unfinished sentence or image, a riddle, etc. Don’t explain what it’s for, just let your customers puzzle it out. As it progresses or as the event draws closer, extend the riddle, reveal just a little bit more, until voila! The public learns about what they’ve really been waiting for.

Another technique is to tell a story with your viral campaign. Use a banner to show a clever image and website link. Have your customers go to a website and reveal the purpose of your campaign there, or little by little. Not only will it increase your website traffic, but also get people curious about your business.

Regardless, grab the virals by the reigns and implement these techniques! Revive your slow business with a catchy viral campaign, be it something silly or clever.

For an article on German graffiti and the influence of other artists like “Linda’s Ex”, check out Smashing Magazine.

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