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  • Splatter Power! Cool Patterns for Custom Banners

    We touched on using water-color effects for banners before, but let's go back to the land of the liquids with SPLATTER! And I don't mean in connection with that cool show on Showtime...

    Image By TimeShifterX

    Splatter Banners

    Now, none of us are the next Jackson Pollock, but let's think about why his paintings are now setting a trend.

    Water is an incredibly versatile element, which goes without saying. And sometimes, that unexpected element can create the most abstract but thought-provoking designs. So, if you're considering a new banner design that will emphasize a fun, creative atmosphere, then try a hand at some splatter designs.

    Here's a couple of examples.

    This one uses vibrant neon colors. Such colors could be used to advertise for something exciting like a club opening, summer seasonal stock, or a concert.

    These splatters are smaller and circular as well as being more diverse in color, which gives it a playful feel. This could be geared more towards children audiences, fairs & festivals, or other family-friendly events.

    Due to the dark background, you can feel a sort of forbidden noir about this piece, mostly from the use of contrasting colors and scales of vibrancy. The different levels of splatter, from sprays to glops, also convey certain emotions.

    Want to see some more awesome splatter examples? Swing by SpeckyBoy and read their compilation article here!

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