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Special Events

  • Celebrating New Year's with Custom Banners


    When the countdown begins, wherever you are, you clutch the person closest to you: a friend, a family member, a loved one, a significant other. New Year’s Eve represents time, that second and third chance we give ourselves to make changes in our lives.

    For those who like to party like it’s 1999, it’s a time to break out the champagne, the cider, and the poppers and be thankful just to be alive. Well, we’ve got one month to go, folks. So, it’s time to start gathering your friends and planning that party.

    An Annual Banner Tradition


    Now, unless you’re planning a shindig downtown at the club, your party is most likely going to be a family & friends affair. In that case, it’s pretty economical to reuse New Year’s hats and glasses, etc. from year to year. But here’s another thing: if you’ve got reuseable party supplies, why not a reuseable banner?

    Create a custom banner, just for your family (or vague enough to be used anywhere), and voila! You have a banner that can be recycled year after year for whatever New Year’s party you plan to attend or organize yourself.

    Keep a lookout here for future tips this month on how to plan the greatest New Year's party! There'll be some tips for games, how to make it eco-friendly, and much more.

  • Family Reunions: Organize the Mayhem

    We love our families. Well, most of the time. But when it comes to planning family reunions between far-reaching relatives, it can get a little hectic. Especially with your in-laws.

    But I am here to help you relieve some of that stress with a few tips on how to create a fun and crazy-free family reunion that will go down in the annals of your history. Trust me!

    1) Make the Date

    There is nothing more frustrating than someone changing the date or location of the reunion at the last minute, even if it's just across the street from your original location. Make an official location, or have someone you trust do it. Don't be a flake and plan it last minute: that doesn't make anyone very happy.

    2) Stick to the Guest List

    Be sure to know everyone who is coming to this reunion. If need be, for much larger parties, employ some family to act as bouncers so you don't have to deal with party crashers.


    3) Don't Plan ALONE

    Much like what I said with the Bridal Shower post the other day, it's a bad bad world for a solo party planner. Split up the duties amongst your most trusted family members: have one person organize food, another organize custom banners and decorations, and someone else think of games and activities. You may be the head of the party-planning beast, but at least your wallet won't take a beating. In the end, pool your receipts together and split it evenly among the families for drama-free payments.

    4) Pre-Prepare the Food

    It seems a little redundant to "pre-prepare" something, but heed my warning! Nothing spoils a party like a food shortage. If your reunion is going to last one or two days, it might behoove you to bring in your food already cooked, and can be heated up in short time. This way, there's no mad scramble for the nearest grocery store. It happened to my family in Big Bear, CA once. Quite embarrassing.


  • Eco-Friendly Party Planning

    When it comes to party planning, most people don't jump at the chance to host. Why is that?

    One word: TRASH. The opposite of recycling. Parties are fun, but there's a lot of left over residue and general debris from the mayhem of all that fun. Most are plastic/paper products that are one time use, and then get tossed away.

    But I've collected a few tips on how to throw a more eco-friendly party, whether it's for a banquet or a day at the park.

    Tableware & Decor

    Recycling old glass containers like Mason Jars, etc. is a charming and eco-friendly way to create table centerpieces. Or, if you can find tree saplings, encase the bottom roots in soil, wrapped in a burlap sack and stand upright for the centerpiece. When the event is done, plant the tree right into the ground!

    For place-cards, try to use trinkets, such as wine corks, pebbles, etc. to keep the cards in place. That way, you can recycle them afterwards.

    With tableware, re-using glassware and formal cutlery can be a hassle, but there are plenty of other options. Most schools and businesses have switched over to Biodegradable Utensils, which are a concoction of starch and other green materials that break down in the garbage between 2-3 months. For plates, there is a similar option. Of course, if your party is much smaller and more intimate than a gala, per se, then re-usable glassware is the way to go. In fact, if you can, try to find as many re-usable products as you can, especially if your parties become a frequent thing. Utilizing reusable products such as annual banners, ceramics, locations, etc. can save you a lot of money down the road.

    Unfortunately, not all retail or grocery stores carry biodegradable cutlery on the shelves, so it may take some looking into some specialty shops or natural-food stores like Trader Joe's.

    Speaking of natural foods...

    "Green" Foods

    It's recommended that you peruse the local farmer's markets or specialty food stores for your menu items. These can be guaranteed to be free of pesticides and other growth hormones. If you hire a caterer instead, make sure they are also local, as most catering services hunt for ingredients from local growers as well. It's a circle of helpfulness.

    Have a Drink or Dessert

    No party is complete without drinks!

    For sodas and other plastic bottled drinks, try to switch to aluminum cans or glass bottles, as these can be recycled much easier (not to mention easier to seperate!)

    For bar drinks, keeping with glasses is the norm, but when decorating your drinks, use recyclable materials such as toothpicks or fruits. No plastic umbrellas or swords.

    When it comes to desserts, I personally love popsicles. Make it one of the draws for your party, by having guests create true fruit popsicles. Mix natural juices with fruit pieces and stick 'em in the freezer. When the meal is done, break them out and consume with gusto!

  • Wedding Bells are Ringing: Banners & Signs for the Nuptials

    The day is coming! The dress is picked out, the venue is cleaned, and the guests are starting to arrive from abroad.

    Wedding Banners (or signs) are just one of many decorations that will make your day special. Design the banner with the faces of the couple, the combined family names, or something symbolic that they both share. You can hang it at the ceremony, the reception, or somewhere along the way for your guests to find their way.

    And you don't have to just use a banner for your location or the reception. Remember that "Just Married" car you've got stashed out back? Instead of spraying the windows with short-lived paint, create a "Just Married" banner or sign that the couple can keep for years to come.

    Wedding Banner Ideas

    Here's a couple of classic symbols for weddings to get you started:

    Doves - These aren't the most friendliest of birds, but they are one of the most beautiful. Symbolizing peace and new beginnings, these birds would make an excellent decoration for your banner.

    Bells - jingling crowd pleasers can do you no wrong. Wedding bells are popular, especially with weddings in churches where said bells are wrung once a ceremony is complete. A nice touch with a hint of vintage.

    The Rings - "The one ring to rule them all--!" Okay, wrong movie...BUT here's another obvious symbol of a wedding day to come. Don't be afraid to stick with the classics.

    As always, your next banner is YOUR design, so you can create it however you like. Go funky, tropical, or even punk-rock. However you like it, the day is yours and so should your banner! Carpe diem!

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