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  • Eco-Friendly Party Planning

    When it comes to party planning, most people don't jump at the chance to host. Why is that?

    One word: TRASH. The opposite of recycling. Parties are fun, but there's a lot of left over residue and general debris from the mayhem of all that fun. Most are plastic/paper products that are one time use, and then get tossed away.

    But I've collected a few tips on how to throw a more eco-friendly party, whether it's for a banquet or a day at the park.

    Tableware & Decor

    Recycling old glass containers like Mason Jars, etc. is a charming and eco-friendly way to create table centerpieces. Or, if you can find tree saplings, encase the bottom roots in soil, wrapped in a burlap sack and stand upright for the centerpiece. When the event is done, plant the tree right into the ground!

    For place-cards, try to use trinkets, such as wine corks, pebbles, etc. to keep the cards in place. That way, you can recycle them afterwards.

    With tableware, re-using glassware and formal cutlery can be a hassle, but there are plenty of other options. Most schools and businesses have switched over to Biodegradable Utensils, which are a concoction of starch and other green materials that break down in the garbage between 2-3 months. For plates, there is a similar option. Of course, if your party is much smaller and more intimate than a gala, per se, then re-usable glassware is the way to go. In fact, if you can, try to find as many re-usable products as you can, especially if your parties become a frequent thing. Utilizing reusable products such as annual banners, ceramics, locations, etc. can save you a lot of money down the road.

    Unfortunately, not all retail or grocery stores carry biodegradable cutlery on the shelves, so it may take some looking into some specialty shops or natural-food stores like Trader Joe's.

    Speaking of natural foods...

    "Green" Foods

    It's recommended that you peruse the local farmer's markets or specialty food stores for your menu items. These can be guaranteed to be free of pesticides and other growth hormones. If you hire a caterer instead, make sure they are also local, as most catering services hunt for ingredients from local growers as well. It's a circle of helpfulness.

    Have a Drink or Dessert

    No party is complete without drinks!

    For sodas and other plastic bottled drinks, try to switch to aluminum cans or glass bottles, as these can be recycled much easier (not to mention easier to seperate!)

    For bar drinks, keeping with glasses is the norm, but when decorating your drinks, use recyclable materials such as toothpicks or fruits. No plastic umbrellas or swords.

    When it comes to desserts, I personally love popsicles. Make it one of the draws for your party, by having guests create true fruit popsicles. Mix natural juices with fruit pieces and stick 'em in the freezer. When the meal is done, break them out and consume with gusto!

  • Outdoor Banners for the Seasons

    Halloween has passed, so take a deep breath, but don't sit down just yet! Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, so it's time to start thinking of what you can do for your business or event this holiday season.

    What are Outdoor Banners?

    Got a sale coming up? An outdoor event? My family loves to have Thanksgiving outdoors, on those classic picnic benches, but sometimes it's hilariously difficult to find each other. Our family gatherings are similar to amassing an army to feed.

    Outdoor banners are designed to withstand the elements, so hanging a banner to help your customers, family, or commuters find you would be a big help this holiday season.

    If your event is annual, simply roll it out for the next year as well. They're sturdy, and can be customized for the expected weather conditions.

    Outdoor Banners for Farms and Festivals

    Christmas Tree Farms/Lots, pumpkin patches, and turkey sales are on the rise this fall and winter! Create an eye-catching banner or sign that will grab the people's attention as they search for those necessary holiday needs!

    For Christmas Tree Lots around your neighborhood, get festive with your design. Using a white or light blue background with red or forest green type is noticeable on the road, completely opposite of the colors of road signs and freeway signs.


    As for the festival side, there's lots to do this holiday season! Thanksgiving prep-time is probably the most stressful time of the holiday, so ease your customers by using banners to point them to the nearest place to buy good food, such as a Farmer's Market.

  • Fantastic Science Fiction Fonts

    There's a plethora of awesome fonts out there in the nether-net. Some are free, some are not. But it's fun to explore different typography for your next banner ad! I love this new age in design, especially in the science fiction realm. We always see those vintage and retro fonts, but rarely do you see something that trends along the lines of science fiction. And what's cool is that people will recognize it as science fiction right away. With vintage, retro, or Western fonts, they can be used for all sorts of events. But with a science fiction font, there's almost no need for unnecessary text. There will be no mistaking your science-related event. Below are some samples of fonts that you've seen in film, television, and literature. It's the few that captured my attention, and are available for download: You can download these fonts and more, HERE. Also, Eaton Conference anyone? Now there's a science fiction convention if I've ever seen one! And what's more, Stan Lee is going to be there! If you've got a hankering for some good science fiction visuals, check it out in April.

  • Sepia Tinted Photography for Banners

    Have you ever had to take one of those embarrassing pictures with Old West sets? Had to dress up in costume with Calamity Jane mom and Wild Bill dad and pose in front of a fake saloon?

    I have. It’s not pretty. Can be fun, but not really.

    WELL. As much as we hate these tourist-y photo ops, we can appreciate the art that it was inspired by: old style sepia tone photography.

    Nowadays, sepia is still long and strong in the making, and is used to create gorgeous faux old-fashioned photography. Remember those fake vintage ads I wrote about a while ago? Same difference! At least, in terms of an advertising technique.

    A while ago, my local bank did a campaign about bank accounts running in the family, passing from parent to child. They would have two images side by side: a father and son in sepia tone going out to surf, and a modern color photo of that previous son, now grown up and taking his own son out to surf. So, you see, many things can be implied with the use of sepia tone, especially if your goal is to leave the viewer with a  sense of nostalgia.

    Or you can do the awesome thing, and create an ad with those old style saloon family photos. That’ll get a good laugh out of your customers.

    Here’s some examples of sepia tinted custom banners as well. Inspiration for your next project, perhaps?

  • Salsa Festival Banners - Redwood City Parks & Recreation

     This banner job was hot! When the Redwood City Parks and Recreation Department needed some directional banners for their Salsa Festival made quickly and accurately, they came to us. We got the banners printed and shipped with plenty of time to spare for the Department to place around the festival site. Now people know which direction to go in whether they want to eat salsa or dance salsa. With tequila and beer tasting also at the festival, it's a good thing the banners are large and easy to read!

    When we get artwork files from clients that are ready to print, the turn around time between us getting the order and shipping the order is fast. Our 13 oz webbed banner material is ideal for directional signage that holds up in all types of weather, and it's economical as well. All banners come with double stitched hems and are grommeted every 2' for easy hanging.

    If you have an event pending where you need banners of any type contact Marc at 951-684-1111.

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