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Shepard Fairey X Interpol

There's not too much that beats viewing art around the city. No...not an art gallery in the city...but actual art that is around and on the city. Murals are a great way of capturing art in the city, take the Jeff Soto mural behind Pixels for example, but are often seen as graffiti and are not given the respect they deserve.

shepard fairey interpol banner

We got to help put art around the city once again but in a different fashion this time. Getting to work with the legendary Shepard Fairey, he created an awesome graphic for Interpol and their song  “Everything is Wrong” off their latest album El Pintor. This image was also used for the record cover of the single.

shepard fairey interpol banner banner4sale

Once Shepard made the sweet design, we printed a larger than life vinyl banner that is currently hanging on the side of his Studio Number One. Its always fun getting to print for great artists like Shepard Fairey!

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