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  • University of California Riverside Plans for the Upcoming Year!

    Besides word of mouth to mouth, getting awareness for events or getting simple messages to students across large campuses can be a difficult task. Signs and banners play a huge role when clubs and groups on campus want to display information. Highlander orientation bannersEspecially for the upcoming freshmen or transfers, signs can become extremely useful when finding designated parking spots, lecture halls, general meetings to clubs, and building awareness for the many opportunities available for students.Highlander orientation banners1

    Being fairly close to the college campus of University of California Riverside, we get to work frequently with them to create signs and banners for a lot of their events. When you need to post information for just a season or a few months, these coroplast signs are both durable and cheap signs, perfect for orientation week. So far this Summer, we helped dining create signs for Highlander Orientation week to notify the current residents about the change in plans in dining during the days of orientation.Farmshare_UCR_signs

    Another event we made a coroplast sign for was the Farmshare at UCR. This is a subscription program that was recently made to bring fresh fruits and produce directly to universities, businesses and more. MooMoo_UCR_SignsLastly, we made a promotional sign for UCR's Moo Moo Truck. Moo Moo is an ice cream truck that was created this year. It recently came out with a new ice cream flavor called the Reese's Peanut Butter Sundae. Signs like these is a great way to help students know about new products or events that are going on on campus.

  • Long Night of Arts and Innovation is Back!

    The Long Night of Arts and Innovation is back this year, because of its huge turn out from last year! This huge event holds 451 presentations available for all ages, from petting zoos to very interesting lectures taught by professors from the University of California Riverside. Longnightof artsandinnovation_banner4sale

    Anything can be considered art; therefore, the City of Riverside has put together an interesting way people can get involved and educated on the various arts and innovations. Last year's program was a full schedule! It is incredible to help out and contribute to a local event because we can always visit and take a look at the banner display. The Long Nights of Art and Innovation needed quite a few pole banners to be put up in Downtown Riverside announcing the event. We definitely put our men to work last week with these banners. Can't wait to see how they brighten up Downtown Riverside on October 8,2015.

    Longnightof artsandinnovation_banner4sale1Events are our customer's number one reason for coming to us, and we always love to help!

  • 805 Criterium

    805criterium_Cycling_Car_WrapLompoc, a city in the Santa Barbara County, holds an annual bicycle racing event to support the Lompoc Police Foundation. This event brings many people together to watch races, participate in them, and have the opportunity to win a whole lot of cash and prizes. 805 Criterium first started off as an one day event, but eventually grew to a three day event which consists of three challenging race courses.


    Large events like these are bound to have signs and banners for the participants and viewers to have some sort of direction. Putting up banners and signs make it easier for people to send a clear message to a larger crowd.  Here at Banner4sale, we have worked along side with numerous events by putting together large custom event banners in all different sizes.


    805 Criterium created a banner with us displaying their main sponsors for the event. Creating a yellow background allows the sign to become more noticeable. This banner was an important asset to the event because it displayed 805 Criterium's purpose to benefit the Lompoc Police Foundation. We were honored to not only help 805 Criterium with their banners, but we also helped Avnte Apparel with their van wrap. Avnte Apparel is a new bicycle apparel brand and they were responsible in making the winning jerseys for the race. Avnte_banner4sale

    We are happy to be apart of an event that is so dedicated to its cause.  We hope for the best for the Lompoc Police Foundation!

  • Redwood City Events

    Wherever it is that you call home, having a sense of community at home is extremely beneficial. Being apart of a community will lead to living a happier life, and communities as a whole make society better because they offer assistance and support to individuals within the community, also providing stability.

    One of the most common ways to foster a sense of the community starts with organizations. The areas with the greatest sense of community have either a city department dedicated to parks and recreation, or a citizen ran group that organizes to create events and opportunities for fellow citizens. redwood city events banner4saleWithout a group or city department organizing events and distributing resources, it will be hard to create a sense of community since you won’t have the means to bring people of the community together.

    redwood city events vinyl banner

    Redwood City is lucky enough to have a Parks & Art Foundation dedicated to developing and supporting recreational programming, community services, and cultural activities. This enables them to have a wide variety of events throughout the year, appealing to as many interests as possible. Being at these events allows you to meet other members of your community, but more importantly it gives one the sense of belonging to the community.

    Redwood City came to us looking for banners to advertise some of their events in the future, and of course we wanted to contribute to their community! We created vinyl banners for their Salsa Festival, Oktoberfest, and a circus that will be in town.redwood city events banners

    These are unlike any banners we’ve done before, as we had to specially fabricate them to fit on crowd barricades. No worries for our team though! Each barricade connects on the left side, so we created an opening on the banners where each barricade could latch on to the clips for the next.

    These banners came out great and definitely make me want to see what these Redwood City events are all about!

  • Wiens Brewing

    If you’ve ever been to Temecula, then you’ve heard or experienced the influence of wine in the region. Many call Temecula Southern California’s wine country, and with over 50 types of wine available the city lives up to its name. Believe it or not, the large availability of wine has created a new competing market in the area, craft beer!

    Craft breweries have begun popping up left and right in Temecula, and this can partially be attributed to their adapting of barrel aging techniques that are used to create wine. Today, there are 8 different craft breweries in the Temecula area, providing all types of beers and flavors to choose from.

    Wiens Brewing Co rollup vinyl banner

    Wiens Brewing Co (pronounced “WEENZ”) is one of these breweries, and they along with the other breweries have quickly gotten involved in being part of the community. One of the neat things about Wiens Brewing Co is that they began with a winery, Wiens Family Cellars, so the barrel aging process is nothing unfamiliar to them. Wiens Brewing Co took part in the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival for the first time, where vendors of food, beer, and wine from across the Temecula Valley display their flavors.

    This includes a Food & Wine pairing where chefs prepare multiple courses each having its own complimentary wine. There is also a Beer & Food pairing where each course is prepared with a different beer and chef, and participants get to sample each beer used in the recipe.

    Wiens Brewing Co needed some signage for the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival, and we gave them just what they needed. In an effort to promote two of their beers, we created two retractable banner stands for their Deadpan Pilsner and Insomnia IPA. We also created a large banner of their name for the front of the festival.

    With prior experience in the field, Wiens Brewing is definitely a brewing company worth giving a taste.

  • Outrigger Resorts

    Its becoming that time of year again! The weather is warming up, school calendars are just about finished, and everyone is anxious for summer to start! Whether you have the time off like all the teachers we’re jealous of or not, everyone should enjoy their summers as if summer breaks still existed! I’m not saying to write off all your responsibilities, but have some fun and enjoy the weather however you please!

    So what are you gonna plan for summer? Go out to events? Go out to eat? Time to think larger. Going on a vacation may be the most relaxing thing thing you do, and with so many beautiful places to see the sooner you start exploring the better!

    Some of the most appealing vacation spots are those with breath-taking views, and these can be found on corners of the world we would never think to look for them. Thankfully, there are places that turn every rock looking for amazing spots to getaway, Outrigger Resorts is one of them.

    outrigger resorts custom banner

    Outrigger Resorts specializes in connecting people with resorts and accommodations to a variety of tropical destinations around the world. Some of their locations include 4 of the Hawaiian Islands, Australia, Fiji, Guam, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mauritius (island off the African coast), and the Maldives (island off the Indian coast).

    outrigger resorts banner

    Outrigger takes people to some of the most beautiful locations in the world, so when they came to us needing a banner we wanted to properly show where their resorts can take you. With a picture from them, we created a HUGE banner of a group of small boats sitting on the water with a large group of stunning rocks behind them. The ocean continues past the rocks and blends in seamlessly with the blue of the sky, making it an amazing sight to see.

    Outrigger Resorts vinyl banner

    This banner is just a small glimpse of all the places Outrigger Resorts can take you, see what other spectacles await!

  • Custom size signs? No problem!

    Animation has come a long way from the days of our traditional cartoons. Out went our favorite classics like Tom and Jerry and in came the new age of cartoons propelled by digital animations and computer generated imagery. This new technology has revolutionized animations and cartoons, improving their once fuzzy quality to a crystal clear image consistent across multiple platforms.

    PlainJoe Studios Crossroads Church bunnyThe advances made in animation and digital imagery have not only improved the quality of cartoons, but have improved animated graphics of every form. Even with a conventional printer, you can print out animated images that are far superior than the quality you would have received not too long ago. Many media and design groups are using this to their advantage and producing amazing results.

    PlainJoe Studios Crossroads Church  pigeonPlainJoe Studios is a group that specializes in interactive media and design, greatly benefiting from the way digital animation has advanced within the past 2 decades. Some of their services include website development, environmental design, and media creation. They’ve provided solutions for many, most of which are exemplar representations of where digital animation and imaging is today.

    PlainJoe Studios Crossroads church gopherCrossroads Church has used PlainJoe Studios for their digital media needs, which have come out flawless. Looking to decorate their environmental room, Crossroads Church had PlainJoe Studios create a few animals along with some scenery. They provided Crossroads with a full forest of fun for their room which we helped make life-sized. We took these animals and printed them onto metal, making them full-size, extremely durable cutouts. Check them out for yourself!


    Each print is not only crystal clear, but the color used is so vivid that its makes each animal almost come to life!

    PlainJoe Studios Crossroads Church fox

    PlainJoe Studios Crossroads Church deerPlainJoe Studios Crossroads Church  bird

    As a whole, PlainJoe Studios did a great job in creating these impeccable images for Crossroads Church that we were more than happy to bring to life!

  • The Who 50th Anniversary Tour

    Who’s that? The Who is who it is. One of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century, The Who introduced many new concepts to rock, including rock opera, while staying true to the sound. Their style was unique compared to the bands of their time like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, they focused on the problems they knew people were dealing with, and this resulted in great success for them.

    The Who 50th Anniversary Tour photos

    The Who is a staple of rock music, and to commemorate their anniversary, they knew they couldn’t stop anywhere short of amazing. The Who is going on a legendary 50th anniversary tour across North America and Europe, to celebrate their golden anniversary.

    Lead singer Roger Daltrey has been quoted in Rolling Stone saying that this tour is the beginning of a long goodbye, giving the tour that much more significance. The tour will be ran by AEG, an entertainment group that is dedicated to providing all aspects of live music performances for groups and performers. Knowing this is The Who’s last WHOrah makes creating the best tour possible a top priority.

    The Who Anniversary Tour promo prints

    AEG wanted to make every aspect of this tour spectacular, from when you enter to when you exit. With their VIP meet and greet in mind, they came to us wanting a display for their meet and greet. With a collection of photos from many different decades, we created collages of their history to be displayed when they meet their faithful. Rather than a vinyl  banner or other material, we chose to put these collages on metal, so they could be used at each tour stop without going through any wear and tear while also being able to stand on their own.

    The Who 50th Anniversary Tour by AEG

    The final products are great pieces that fans will be able to take pictures by while meeting Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, adding to the memories for The Who as well as their loyal fans.

    To get a quote for printing on metal, please contact us here.

  • Baker's Drive Thru

    How often do you go to a restaurant or store and see them advertising their product with colorful signs or displays? Sometimes, I find these can be repetitive as you are already in their store so you can generally look around and see what products they have to offer, but they do a lot more to the consumer than we realize. Now before you say “I’m not the regular naive shopper! Those silly ads don’t affect any of my purchasing decisions!” think again….because whether you like it or not, they do. You may not realize that the display is there, but it puts the thought of the specific product they are advertising in your mind, leaving you to do the rest. Point of purchase displays will directly channel your consumers’ attention toward a designated product, potentially making them a new customer, while increasing brand awareness to those who choose to not consume.

    Baker's Burgers Drive Thru Specials signage

    The concept of point of purchase displays is simple, strategically set up an eye-catching display where your customer is about to make a purchase so they can be influenced to buy whatever item is being advertised. This strategy increases sales and generates additional revenue, so its important to understand its magnitude to better implement it.

    Baker's burgers new menu signs

    According to, in a study of 80,000 point of purchase displays in 32 different consumer markets covering 45 different chains and 250 stores, the Advertising Research Foundation has found that point of purchase displays significantly increase sales revenue. This study has also given us data on which displays are the most effective. When using a case wrap to store displays, retailers had a sales increase of 12% for their product. Cardboard cutouts increased sales by 27%, inflatable or mobile displays increased sales of specific product by 40% on average, and displays that were associated with a sport, charity, or movie had a sales increase of 65% of their products.Baker's Burger Driver Thru Signs

    Point of purchase displays are an extremely effective way to influence the purchasing decision and raise sales revenue. Baker’s Drive Thru understands the importance of point of purchase displays, and asked us to create window wall and coroplast signs for all their locations to promote some of their new offers. By advertising some of their new beverage and meal promotions through the window, they will catch the attention of people going through the drive thru and ultimately get some of them to purchase the product being advertised.

    Baker's Burgers Drive Thru new drink banners

    Plastic pumpkins and orange leaves are always a good indication that the Fall season is right at our doorstep, and not a moment too soon. The following couple of weeks will segue from a lovely blend of colors and weather into the majority of us shivering in bed at night thinking "Holy crap it's cold!". Despite the unwarranted rise in the "Alpha" brand of lifestyle (I'm looking at you Jersey Shore), Man is very a delicate creature.

    Sure, you can put on 2 polo shirts at the same time, doubling your collar popping abilities, but it's almost winter dude, and man in all his glory can't survive out in the harsh wilderness all alone. (That is unless you're Richard Dean Anderson armed with a stick of gum and paperclip). Those dandy, sign twirling gentlemen standing on street corners will have to pack it up for the next couple of months because lets face it, no one wants to work outdoors in the cold. Unfortunately this leaves several small businesses with limited options looking for new, cost effective way of promoting their goods and services.

    If you fall into this category, then look no further. Your friends here at BANNER4SALE are here to help you come in from the winter cold, or at the very least, your sign twirler. Our banners are tailor made to fit any and all of your needs. Sure, we got all kinds of material to make fancy indoor/summer banners, but it's freaking cold outside! That's why we have our top of the line 13 oz matte vinyl for occasions such as these. Banner's made from this material are so tough that if they were a man, they would grow a thick mustache, wear flannel, and eat red meat.

    Our 13 oz banner material can withstand the vicious rigors that only Winter can provide. We're also well aware that the severity of weather fluctuates on location, that's why we offer a wide array of finishing options to combat any harsh weather conditions it may face. We can fasten grommets to your banner so you can nail it to a wall, hems and rope so you can tie it to a tree, or cut wind slits into it in case Mother Nature tries to steal it. Whatever punishment crosses it's path, our 13 oz Matte Vinyl banners can take it.

    And look on the bright side, although Winter is rapidly approaching, with all the windy weather we're going to get, your banner will twirl almost as good as your loyal hard-working sign twirler.... almost.

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