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  • Jumpin' Back in Time: Black & White Vintage Banners

    Everyone loves a little bit of nostalgia now and then, and what better way to embrace that then through old-fashioned black and white photography.  It creates a sort of longing and admiration for the past, while embracing the future of our imaging technology.'ve got an event coming up. A 50's Sock-Hop, re-opening a diner, a themed dinner (perhaps with a side of some noir murder mystery?) and you want to welcome your guests and customers by ushering them back in time to the era where color knew no bounds. Why not do it with a vintage black and white image for your banner?

    Waiting in Grand Central Station by James Maher

    Vivid Vintage Banner Images

    Alright, that got a little too nostalgic, but you see the appeal, yes? Black and White images for banners appeal to the occasional longing in all of us for the glamor of the past. If you've got a vintage theme for your business or upcoming event, you can take old photos of your family and friends, and with a little Photoshop magic, you can transform them into black and white photos of old.

    Use your newly transfigured images as a focus image for your next family reunion or business banner advertisement. You'll get a room full of smiles when people see what you've accomplished with their photographs.

    If you want to see more black and white photography that will give you chills, then check out this article on

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