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  • Perfect Timing: Unexpected Images for Banners

    As I've probably said before, photography is a wonderful thing. You can capture that singular moment in time that can never be recreated. But what's funny, is that sometimes your timing can turn a casual photo into a rip-rolling laugh factory. We're going to take a look at some "perfectly timed photos" to see why they make us giggle, cringe, or leave us in awe.

    Well, ain't this nifty? A crane holding up a cute. Not only is this kind of beautiful, it can used to send a message: how small our world is when compared to the far reaches of space.

    Shadow tricks are always fun. Had you fooled, huh? Don't worry, she's not really levitating...or IS SHE??'

    "No, I cannot be bothered with tennis! I must dance!" Like I said, rip-rolling laugh factory.

    Alright, let's calm down a bit with this one. Not only is it perfectly timed, but it's also supremely beautiful. A lot can be compared with dancers and blossoms.

    That's just unfortunate.


    Why am I showing all of these? As I've said in previous posts, humor goes a long way in this world. When in doubt, make them laugh! A lot of these "perfectly timed photos" you find out there will settle more in the laugh category. For your next custom banner design, research and create some truly heinous but perfectly timed shots to give your customers the giggles.

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