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  • Banner Inspiration! Featuring David A. Reeves

    It's always cool to see a photograph where no Photoshop touches have been done, and everything within the frame is raw and real.

    Now, David Reeves' style isn't as "gut-wrenchingly" hardcore as other photographers, but his paper scenes are pretty impressive.

    Using his camera, some bins, black paper, and clever positioning, Reeves can create all sorts of scenes, like a cowboy shootout, a samurai duel, or a little boy lost at sea. At first glance, they may seem out of place, something is off about them. But what you don't know is that they're all made of paper, with the scenery and characters specifically positioned to give that background/foreground blur and feel.

    Let's take a look at my favorite: the Samurai Duel!

    And here's how he did it...

    Clever, eh? I thought so.  If you check out his tumblr site HERE, he not only shows off his best photographs, but also a picture of how he set them up.

    So...what's the lesson? A banner design doesn't have to be expensive or photoshopped to the point of unrecognizable. Sometimes, just using paper, a clever set-up, and a camera is all you need. Take a picture of your creation, blow it up, and turn it into an awesome ad for your newest product, event, or store sale. Personally, I think these would be great for film festivals or movie theaters. :)

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