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  • Grommet Em' For Your Convenience

    What are grommets?

    Ggrommetsrommets are small metal rings that are attached to a variety of signs and banners made out of materials such as vinyl, fabric, coroplast and many more. Available in many different shapes and size, these grommets play as reinforcements to protect holes from ripping. Materials, such as vinyl, can get heavy when used for large banners; therefore, grommets are a necessity to avoid one's sign from ripping when hung. Each grommet is made out of two pieces. Each piece is placed in between the material of choice and pressed together to form a stronger bond. We highly recommend ordering grommets with your banner if your banner is heavier in size or for permanent, long lasting purposes. Doing so, you won't face any rips or tears in your material!

    Grommets banner4sale

    Here at Banner4sale, we are all about precision and delivering with quality. When grommeting our banners, we make sure each grommet is precise and secured on properly. There are many different materials for grommets; however, we like to use metal because it is the most durable, leaving the chances to rip little to none. We can assure you that grommets will also help keep your banner looking sleek and clean because they will be equally placed along the edges of the banner. Check out this fairly large vinyl banner we put together for Xtreme Party World. Imagine if they had not ordered grommets, hanging this big boy up would have been an utter pain! If you're contemplating before placing your order, grommets or no grommets, we suggest getting them for your convenience. Just remember, banners and signs are meant to be hung up. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Grommets banner4sale 1
  • 626 Night Market Success

    This past weekend, the city of Arcadia held a night market filled with delicious food, desserts, and merchandise. As doors opened and the streets filled with people trying all the different types of foods the vendors offered. This night market gave off the vibes of a local busy, Chinese street market.

    626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4saleFor events like these, signs, banners, and images play a big part in bringing customers in. Every vendor had a banner hung over their easy-up, with the name of their booth. Along side with the banner, many people had posters with images of their food and prices.

    626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale2We made a banner for one of the food vendors there. Beach Live, a seafood restaurant, came to us in need of a 10x15 ft banner with grommets. This outdoor banner needed to be hung onto a PVC frame that stood right above the tent.

    626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale3Beach Live sold live sea urchins that had uni on the inside, topped with rice, masago, furikake, and chilli sauce. They also sold poke bowls that had raw fish mixed with a special poke sauce and rice.626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale4

    I would say the outdoor vinyl banner was super beneficial to the restaurant's outcome in sales. Beach Live sold out all three days of this weekend! They sold out of their full sea urchin inventory on the second day, selling over 300 pounds of sea urchins. Many people came over to the booth, looking for uni because they had read the banner. Not just any cheap banner could have done that!  Good job Beach Live! 626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale5

  • Patriotic Banners

    One more month until the Fourth of July!

    Break out the grills! Bring on the fireworks! Sit your butt down in a lawn chair with an ice-cold lemonade and just snooze until it’s nighttime! Now, that’s my kind of Fourth of July.


    It’s not too early to start thinking of what your plans might be: concert in the park? How about a beach barbecue? Or perhaps just a nice quiet day before the nighttime festivities commence?

    My grandparents have a tradition of honoring servicemen on the Fourth of July. After all, it is Independence Day, and also honors those in our military. Well, if you’ve got a loved one coming home for the Fourth of July, or want to show some small-town appreciation, consider creating an outdoor banner that you can hang in a public space.

    Now, other members of my family like to party. Hard. Not ‘hard’ as in drinking, but ‘hard’ as in a mile-long buffet stuffed into someone’s living room for over 40 people.

    This year, we’re thinking of holding it in a park somewhere. You know, rent a gazebo, get all dolled up in matching shirts (embarrassing), and stuff ourselves until we can’t fit down the slide.

    However, since we’ve got family coming from all across Southern California, it’s going to be a little difficult for them to find us, especially in an unfamiliar area. So, I’ve got a plan to make a Fourth of July banner that we can hang along the gazebo. Also, we’ll procure some yard signs to point the way from the parking lot. It’s a big park.

    So, if you’re planning an extra-large shindig this Independence Day, or want to show your love for our armed forces, say it with an outdoor banner this July!

  • Graduation Banners

    They have done it. They’re going to walk across a stage and get a freshly printed diploma, as you beam from the stands and cheer them on. After years of struggling and clawing your way through projects, essays, and sports practices, there’s a shining light at the end of this tunnel.


    It’s a milestone in every family’s lifetime. Graduation. There’s a ceremony for every level of school, from kindergarten to college. And if you’ve got a crazy mom like mine, you’ll be shrying from the stands as your baby crosses the stage. What is shrying? Shrieking + crying = shrying.

    But some schools have recently implemented a rule that you can’t cheer until all the names are called. For some ceremonies, that’s a really long time. So, if you’re going to a graduation that’s a little stuck-up about the noisemakers, here’s an idea to make sure your kid knows you’re out there in that grand audience: a big ol’ banner!

    We’ve got various size banners available at your leisure. For outdoor ceremonies in those hot grandstands, check out our Outdoor Vinyl Banners. As for the image, its as easy as a simple upload. Create a banner that you can bring with you to the ceremony. Hold it high for the world to see (and embarrass your kid!).

    If you’re stuck in a creative slump or can’t use Photoshop if your life depended on it, then we’ve got a creative team here to help you out. Trick out that banner with your child’s school mascot or logo. Maybe add a blurb about their next step in life: “On to UCSD!”, “Go for it at Harvard!” or “Proud of my future Dr. [insert name]”. Words are the way, here. And remember to tell them not to twerk on stage.

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