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  • Outdoor Banner for All Your Your Signage Needs

    Outdoor banner for all your signage needsA common question at Banner4Sale is how our banners hold up to the elements. Can we print an outdoor banner? The short answer, yes. The long answer, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. The how is a bit more of an explanation. Continue reading

  • Artist Banners for Desert Trip

    As Desert Trip draws closer and closer, we've begun to roll out the banners we've created for the artists that will be performing at this event.

    Desert Trip (aka The Coachella of Classic Rock), is a 3-day festival that will be hosted in Indio, California. This 3-day festival promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime-event for all attendees. This year, Desert Trip will be hosting Rock 'N Roll giants such as: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and His Band, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, The Who, and Roger Waters. Single day passes start at $199, with 3-day passes going up to $399 for GA, and the highest tickets priced up to $1,599. Desert Trip will also be bringing in culinary masterminds for an extravagantly catered food and drink experience. This trip is sure to be one for the books.



    With our large vinyl banners, it will be easy for attendees to get a view of which artist is performing and is sure to increase hype and excitement. The bright, colorful, and eye-catching displays are sure to capture and draw attention when walking around the field.






    As you can see with Bob Dylan banners, we have used photos of his album covers to create beautiful and vibrant vinyl banners. For this large event banner, we recreated his "Highway 61 Revisited" album cover. After being designed and printed, the banner will be hand-cut and stitched together to create one whole image. Our banners are creative, unique, and durable enough to last through the heat during this 3 day event.

    We hope everyone enjoys this event! Stay hydrated and keep a look out for all of our banners and signage!

  • Who Cares About the Next Generation 2016

    Who Cares About the Next Generation 2016 is a private event that helps raise awareness for Autism and teen cancer. Held on May 31, 2016, this event will bring people together to enjoy a bunch of live performances by artists such as Roger Daltrey, Hush Hush, Pete Townshend, and Eddie Vedder. There will also be a lot of food and drinks, and an awesome auction, in which all the proceeds will go to UCLA Health Autism Treatment Program and Teen Cancer America. Not only will you be having an amazing experience, but you will also be help out such a great cause!Who cares about the next generation signage Who Cares About the Next Generation started out in 2006 to help raise money for people with Autism and who are battling cancer. Since 2006, this event has raised over $6 million. We always love helping out for events that are for a great cause because we know our hard work  will be benefiting someone else is some way. We printed a bunch of coroplast signs and event banners for this event to help label the different exhibits and sections there will be. Coroplast signs are great for quick one day events like this Who Cares About the Next Generation event because they are affordable and gets the job done! Charity events definitely need to think about budgets, so most of the proceeds go to the cause itself rather than funds.


    Who cares about the next generation signage1 Who cares about the next generation signage2 Who cares about the next generation signage3
  • Falling Into Fall

    A common misconception in the banner business when it comes to the Summer season is that it's the busiest time of the year, given all the numerous possibilities for outdoor events and activities to take place. No school, agreeable temperatures, longer days, and pretentiously over-hyped music festivals. If those aren't the best examples for standing outside in the desert during 100 degree weather, directly under the sun, in a crowd full of shirtless-sweaty-hipsters who haven't bathed in three days, I don't know what is.

    Seriously, I don't. If you do, could you let me know? That's if you're one of those "weird" people who actually enjoys the Summer. When most of these "weird" people are outdoors trying to participate in some sort of fanatical activity during this time of year, I myself can usually be found trying to hide inside the darkest corner of my house. Wearing nothing but a pair underwear while carefully trying to position three industrial-sized fans on full-blast to point in my general direction, and I still somehow manage break a sweat! It would be an understatement to say that I have a strong aversion towards the sun and the summer, this is due in large part to the fact that I immediately burst into flames when I step out into the sunlight, like some sort of red-headed vampire.

    But when this side of planet starts to cool, and all the weirdoes start to pack up their speedos, that's when the real fun truly begins. I'm sure my fellow introverts can empathize, but I absolutely adore cold weather, and not just because of my impressive jacket collection or the fact that I look great in layers. So much beauty can be discovered in nature during the transition of seasons. In the leaves, in the weather, and in the steady decline of shapeless people inappropriately combining half-shirts with Dolfin shorts. Don't even get me started on the people who wear sandals everyday... seriously, do you think they ever look at their feet? (Ew.)

    Fall is just around the corner, and this year it brings us one more gift in addition to the beautiful colors and charming weather it normally ministers. This year Fall will provide the complete and total destruction of any and all Seasonal misconceptions being perpetuated by low-information banner enthusiasts. Aside from the naked trees and the Southward Equinox, Autumn is generaly associated with being the primary Harvest season of the year, inspiring many communities to put on outdoor events such as Farmer's Markets, Country Fairs, Pumpkin Patches, and Hayrides. If you're reading this blog post, then there's a good chance that you might be associated with one of these upcoming events. Perhaps you're a vendor or city council representative, looking for a cost-effective and creative way to promote your event. (If not, I can only assume you arrived at this destination through an incredibly convoluted wikipedia-binge)

    In either case, there's no need to look further. Banner4Sale has everything you'd ever need to promote your fall event with our custom outdoor banners. With different materials and finishing options, we can fabricate your banner to withstand the vicious rigors of the unforgiving autumn climate, regardless of location. Be it high winds, torrential downpour, snow storms, meteor showers, acid rain, a swarm of locusts, or a 30% chance of precipitation... we here at BANNER4SALE have a cornucopia of options that allows you to create your own banner to be constructed with the sole intention of facing whatever punishment mother nature can dish out head on.

  • Summer Time Banners - With Free Features!

    Oh my goodness. Graduations are over, the sun is shining, and I just bought a new bottle of sunscreen. You know what that means? Yup, it’s gonna be sun-shiney summertime after all.

    We’ve got the beach, the trails, the fair, the backyard BBQ, and some outdoor concerts on my to-do list this summer. With all this wind and sun picking up, there’s still plenty of opportunities to advertise. But you better put down that poster and puffy paint, mister, ‘cause that ain’t gonna fly in this weather!

    I know we’ve rattled on about outdoor banners before, but today I wanted to highlight a little tidbit that you may not have known about: FREE FEATURES.

    That’s stuff. Such as grommets, wind slits, and pole pockets.

    And what are these magical features? Well, let me give you the lowdown.


    At each corner of the banner (or throughout, depending on the size...), a hole is punched through and reinforced with a metal ring. With these, you can thread string, rope, etc. through the holes in order to hang the banner. It’s pretty easy of an applicator, and if you’re thinking of hanging something from a wall or outside your window, grommets would be the way to go.

    Wind Slits

    For high-flying banners, another thing that’s a helpful feature, besides the grommets, are wind slits! These are exactly what they sound like: light slits carved into the banner, but don’t interrupt the design or make the art look all slashed. These slits around for better air flow, so your banner doesn’t get too pocketed with air and blows right off it’s supports!

    Where I live, we get quite a few gusty days, so unless you want your banner to fly off like Winnie the Pooh on his balloon, strap it down with some grommets and wind slits.

    Pole Pockets

    Exactly what it sounds like. These pockets are made for using PVC, or other kind of piping, to display your banner rather than hanging it. These are good for outdoor affairs, such as weddings, family reunions, summer fairs, or soccer games.

    So there you have it! These are three FREE features that we can add to any Outdoor Vinyl Banner that you order. Just make sure to add them during the checkout process, and you’re good. Now, go out and enjoy the summer!

  • The June Tune - Banners for Summer Celebrations

    Alright, so there’s some major celebrations coming down the pipe this summer, and they all start in June. Here at Banner4Sale, we’ve got all kinds of banner material to adjust to your needs, be it outdoors, inside, against a wall, whatever!

    Father’s Day

    “The Day of the Dads” is Sunday, June 16th, and that’s the one day of the year that a dad can sit back, relax, and enjoy his plethora or cheesy ties and weird runny eggs that his child cooked. Awww.

    But not all fathers are going to be home for Father’s Day. There’s a lot of them overseas as well, and it doesn’t have Father’s Day to make them a banner. Create a custom banner that’ll welcome him home with open arms, something that you can keep to remember the moment by as well.

    If Father’s Day is a huge family affair for your kin, then make a big party banner to celebrate dads in your family. I have an uncle whose birthday happens to fall on Father’s Day this year, so we’re doing a big two-in-one party for him and my dad.


    The next big June celebration are the countless graduations going on. Holy crap.

    As I said in the previous post on Grad Banners, there are some schools that don’t like the constant noise-makers during the name-reading and walking, so creating a custom banner or poster is actually preferred! Have your child feel special on their milestone day by creating a great banner that the whole graduating class can see. And maybe embarrass them. Just a little.

    Fourth of July

    Alright, so this isn’t in the month of June, but May and June is when you start planning, of course.

    Fourth of July. Big deal. There’s fireworks, barbecues, beach parties...the whole nation stops for a night to celebrate our awesomeness.

    There will be parades. There will be parties. And the number one tool for each of these events is advertisements. Is you club in the neighborhood parade? Create a custom banner for parade goers to know who you are.

    What I love to go to are movies in the park. Giant projector screens, usually hosted by Time Warner Cable and other providers. Plan a movie viewing in a park or in your backyard and invite the neighborhood. We have a plethora of outdoor banners for your event, guaranteed to last above and beyond.

  • Have You Considered Large Format Banners?

    For those big occasions that need larger-than-life advertising, look no further than a Large Format Banner. These banners can be fitted to any dimensions, from overhangs to walls!

    You can use them at conventions, your storefront, or even your next business gathering. There are various kinds of Large Format Banners that we offer:

    Outdoor Vinyl Banners

    Got an outdoor event coming? We recommend using Outdoor Vinyl Banners, which are specifically tailored to last against wind, rain, and heat. We can construct your banner with various materials that we offer, such as wind slits and pole pockets for outdoor standing.

    Trade Show Banners

    Trade Shows: land of the countless booths and banners and hundreds upon hundreds of get it. But your business can stand out from among the rest with a custom-made Trade Show Banner.

    Vinyl Wall Graphics

    Alright, now granted these aren’t necessarily banners, but they’re cut from the same metaphorical tree. A vinyl wall graphic will stick to any surface and can be readily removed and reapplied as you see fit. It’s pretty handy when it comes to changing your decor with the seasons and holiday.

    What to Do With Your Large Format Banner

    As you’ve seen, a large format banner pretty much includes anything that needs to be seen from high or far away. Many businesses use these banners to grace their lobbies with the latest promotion or a special announcement. You’ll see these banners at concerts and conventions, perhaps with sponsorship logos, maps, or designated areas.

    Others have used large banners for more intimate affairs, such as family reunions, graduation parties, or weddings. There is no limit to what we can print or what a large format banner can be used for, so the only limit is your imagination.

    Material Matters

    We have a plethora of different materials for banners at your disposal. The type of material determines the price and how your large format banner should be used. Mesh vinyls are more suited for outdoors, where banners are threatened by wind and rain, etc.  Matte Vinyl leaves a smoother finish and is designated for more indoor use. We have various additions as well, depending on whether you prefer your banner to hang or stand on its own.

  • Make Way for Lunar New Year!


    The Lunar New Year is here and it’s the Year of the Snake! This Chinese holiday is a symbolic festival for the coming of spring, and can stretch over a period of weeks. There’s food markets, dancing lions, flying dragon kites, and so much more.

    For many Chinese communities, and other Asian cultures that follow the calendar, this is a time to celebrate the new year with family and friends. Just this past weekend, in Riverside CA, “Lunarfest” was held in downtown Riverside. Not only did they celebrate traditional Chinese new year, but they opened the festival to all ranges of Asian culture, from the Polynesian islands to the Japanese taiko drums. They had some pretty amazing decorations, banners, and plenty of food to go around.

    The official Lunar New Year’s day is February 10th, so there’s still some time to plan a grand celebration. Whether it’s smaller affair for your family or a street festival for your community, here’s some tips and traditions to get you going:

    1) Year of the Snake

    According to the calendar, this is the Year of the Snake! If you want a mascot for your event, then a snake is the way to go. Have someone design a truly unique snake for your Lunar New Year festival. Make it cartoony, realistic, hardcore, whichever way you want to go.

    2) Red Envelopes

    Unlike the popular Les Mis song, red here does not symbolize “the blood of angry men”. In fact, red is a very lucky color in Chinese culture. Children traditionally receive red envelopes with money in them from family and friends. These envelopes can be decorated however you like, with some designs incorporating cartoons.

    3) Fireworks!

    Now, don’t go grabbing firecrackers off the shelves just yet. While these are traditional and great fun to watch, make sure that you have some authorities on hand to supervise the launch. Otherwise it’s illegal in most of the United States (!).

    4) Dragon Dance & Lion Dance

    It’s said that the faces of dragons and ferocious lions, along with loud drums and cymbals will scare away evil spirits from the festivities. That’s why many temples or community groups will have dragon and lion dances at their festivals. These colorful props are entertaining for children and adults alike. What I love the most about the lion dancers is how acrobatic they are!

    5) Paper Lanterns

    Although lanterns are used frequently in Chinese holidays, they vary in shape and size, depending on the holiday at hand. For Lunar New Year, they’re a bright red and oval or spherical shaped. However, they’re all made from paper.

  • Planning an Outdoor Winter Event


    With Thanksgiving over, it’s time to pull on the stretchy pants and get back into the groove of the holidays! For those who love the rush of that cool mountain air, it’s time to break out the jackets and the snowboards, the ski caps and the mittens and get outdoors. Or...there’s always the beach out here on the West Coast.

    For others, though, the outdoors are a time to get together and have a great, ol’ holiday party. If you’re planning an outdoor event in a somewhat remote location this holiday season, than pay attention! Avoid the drama and the hypothermia by following these simple tips of the trade.

    1) Plan Ahead!

    Nothing truly great comes out of “Hey y’all, watch this!”

    Usually, it ends up over the toilet or in the hospital. The same goes for your event.

    DON’T drop everything and plan everything the day of the event. That sort of improvising creates risky situations for you, your guests, and your wallet! This is especially important if you’re planning an event for 15 or more guests.

    2) Location, Location, Location

    Check where your event is going to be: is it remote, or off the map? Is there enough room for recreational activities or food? Are you bringing supplies or having it shipped?

    These are the questions to consider when planning your event. If you’re collaborating with outside parties, like caterers etc., it’s advised that you all have a meeting on site to figure out the details and logistics of the event.

    It’s similar to how a director plans his shots for a film: where can you hide the utilities? What do you want seen up front? Is there room for your stage, and all the equipment that comes with it? Will you have to make signs or outdoor banners to point the way for your guests?

    One more thing: the weather! Mother Nature is a fearsome mistress, but don’t let her ruin your event. Research weather conditions for your location and what the weather is trending towards as you get closer and closer to your event.

    3) The Necessities


    Can’t have a party without food or drinks! Prepare an area where food can be stored, preferably a screened or tented area. This will prevent the pests from invading! If you find that you do have a pest problem prior to the event, have a back-up area for food, or call an exterminator.

    Utilities & Sanitation

    From what I can remember from fairs and festivals....porto-potties. Gotta have ‘em, and that’s pretty much a no-brainer. More importantly, especially around food, you’ll need a couple jugs of hand sanitizer.


    If your party goes way into the night, think of getting some lights up in there. With a tented event, consider some heaters if the winter winds get a little too much and start slipping under the tent slips.


    For events of 100+ guests, hire a staff. Be they family or friends or volunteers, make sure that you have people on hand who know exactly what’s going on and can answer any questions that the guests can throw at them.

  • Creative Thanksgiving Fundraising Ideas

    Thanksgiving is a time to come together, but also is a time to bring holiday spirit to those who may not be as privileged as we are. There's the traditional canned food drives, bake sales, the banquets and galas, and so on. But here we've assembled some "out-of-the-box" Thanksgiving Fundraising ideas that you can do for your church, school, homeless shelter, etc.

    All-You-Can-Eat Potato Bar

    Okay. This sounds strange, right? But it isn't! Most people have that sweet potato/candied yams dish on the Thanksgiving table anyway, so why not extend your love of potatoes to others? Potatoes and potato products are generally cheap to buy in bulk, which saves you money so you can raise more for your goals! You can charge a small fee at the door and have  a buffet of different toppings and appetizers to accompany the potatoes. Virtually any topping is good with potatoes, from cheese to broccoli to bacon bits. You can set up stations around the room for games and such to make it an event to remember.


    Giving Thanks to Free Speech with Spoken Word

    Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have, and as a writer, I am most thankful for our right to free speech. Now, this type of fundraiser is more geared toward the artistic communities, but it can still be a great way to raise money for art and music programs. Have local celebrities or poets read their work aloud for show, interspersed with garage band music and indie artists. Perhaps, you can even incorporate an art walk at the same event. Again, just charge a small fee at the door or for participation, and perhaps even have some audience choice awards for the artists who come.

    Movie Nights

    For this idea, all you'd need is a big room, a projector, a screen, a DVD player, and lineup of films! Have patrons come and watch movies for free! And all they have to do to get inside is bring canned or non-perishable goods that will be donated for Thanksgiving. In return, they get to watch movies with friends and family, maybe eat some popcorn or popsicles and just have an all around good time with little or no expense on your part. In fact, I think I'm going to do this for my next fundraiser idea...

    Mini-Golf Tournament

    With most mini-golf greens, you'll have to work in tandem with the owner of the business to work out who gets what percentage of the profits. But it's just as fun to putt around a green with the kids as it would be to watch a movie. If your budget is tight, try finding a large area at your school or local church that you can turn into a mock mini-golf course.


    Well, there you have it! Some fantastic ideas to get you started on your next great Thanksgiving Fundraiser. As always, if you'll be needing a banner for said event, swing on over to our outdoor banners and order a great banner to advertise your event.



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