Affordable, Eco-friendly Banners and Yard Signs

Location, Location, Location

It's that phrase you chant when you're looking to buy a home, pick a school, or even go grocery shopping! Location, location, location...

And it's the same for Banner ad placement. So, you've printed your banners, your sale or event is ready to go, but you've got a problem: where can I put my banner where it will get the most visibility?

Here are a few ideas for some fantastic areas for exposure:

Freeway Overpasses

You mostly see a lot of political or protest signs on freeway overpasses, or holiday banners during the winter season.

Here's the deal: NOT all freeway overpasses are available for hanging signs. For big metro areas, or even towns, it's advised that you check out the city website, or ask for the department of transportation for hanging sign permits. This is to avoid having your banner torn down or harassed by police.

Should you get a permit to hang your banner on a freeway over pass, here's why it's amazing:

  • Freeways are filled with drivers almost 24/7.
  • That's thousands of eyes seeing your sign every hour!
  • If your sign/message is short and sweet, you will get a response
Just don't forget about that permit!

Building Walls

There's a variety of wall banners we can print for you:

Side Wall Signs, OR......

Flat Hanging banners. Either one can get your business noticed. Creating a wall-size banner, especially on your storefront and/or event location, will not only let your potential customers know what's coming up, but also where it is! Simple.

Indoor Banners

For indoor events, such as conventions and trade shows, we can create travel banners that you can roll up and take anywhere. It comes with a retractable stand and a bag.

However, these portable banners are not just for conventions and trade shows. They actually make pretty amazing lobby ads as well. Take a look:

Hanging banners can also be hung from the rafters of your location: they can be used as directions, aisle instructions, or just plain ads for things coming up in your event.