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  • Five Awesome Fonts for Fall

    October is here and November is just around the corner. Over here in California, it's just started to get cooler and the rain is coming. However, if you're on the East Coast, you're probably seeing something much more pretty.

    So! You've got fall events coming up, and they are a-plenty. Well, to shake things up for your advertising campaign, why don't we take a gander at some beautiful typography? Perhaps you'll be inspired and take that extra leap forward to make your next Custom Banner even more exciting for the upcoming holidays.


    by Lady Sara

    by West Wind Fonts

    Autumn is a symbolic time, a look back as the year draws to a close. So, it's no surprise that autumn events tend to fall back on more nostalgic fonts that resemble old style writings and signs. Here's a look at a couple that resemble the ol' Wild West:


    by Last Soundtrack

    by John Singer

    What ever your choice may be, remember the important things: make sure your font is relevant to your business or event and that, above all else, it's legible. No one wants a banner that they an't even read. If you're having trouble picking between fonts, call us up and we'll help you out with the design!

  • Thanksgiving Banners to Squawk About

    The autumn leaves are falling, children are back in school and Halloween is right around the corner. But there are other holidays to consider this season, and it's never too early to plan ahead. Especially if you're on the hunt for some new stretchy pants.

    Ah, Thanksgiving: a time when family and friends can come together to catch up on the latest gossip, recipes, and workplace woes without risk of punishment. And as for that turkey? Your aunts have an idea to make it a turducken this year, so looks like its time to break out the stretchy pants.

    If you’re a business getting ready for that Thanksgiving overhaul, then say all you need to say with a custom vinyl banner.

    Having a Thanksgiving family reunion? Create a Large Format Banner that your family members will be proud of. What’s more, you can keep it for years to come if this party becomes an annual get-together. Our banners are guaranteed to last for years to come with proper care.

    Don’t have any idea what to put on it? Here’s some ideas to get you started:

    Turkey - Ah, the iconic turkey. What a bulbous bird, so delicious for eating. WELL. Many businesses and advertisements will take the turkey and integrate it into their message. Whether it’s a re-creation of their logo or a “happy Thanksgiving”, the turkey is the ultimate universal symbol for the occasion.

    Cornucopia -  This other Thanksgiving symbol is the iconic “horn of plenty”. Although you can mostly find these in artworks and decorative table art, some bakeries have actually been creating bread cornucopias to sell as centerpieces and to be filled with all of your favorite holiday delicacies.

    Leaves - These pesky, crispy bits of nature are not always the first thing you think of when it comes to turkey day, BUT they are just as iconic. Pepper your banner with red and gold leaves for a festive atmosphere, or around your lettering as a small detail.

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