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Indoor Banners and the Redwood City Library

Indoor banners.We recently did a batch of indoor banners for the Redwood City Public Library. Indoor banners aren't really that much different from outdoor banners, but there are a few things to consider.

Indoor Banners

An indoor banner can be a tricky endeavor. Often times your space is limited. Other times, you don't really have a consistent place to hang a banner. There's nothing to worry about though. We have good solutions to both issues. It's worth noting that despite the use of your banner, they all come with the same UV protection. Our printing process doesn't change. We still want your banner to last and who knows, your banner may one day be used outdoors. So it doesn't hurt to have a little extra protection.

If the space you have to display a banner is limited, no worries, we can print a banner as small as 1ft x 1ft. That's not a joke, that's real life. If you want a banner that is 1ft x 1ft, we will do that for you. I'm told that upon special request, we might even be able to go smaller. We have done patches in the past to cover-up dates on yearly events. If you want a 1ft x 1ft banner, it will cost you $2.35 with standard shipping. How could you not do that?

Now, if your banner is going into a place where it simply can't hang anywhere, we sell these great banner stands. The banner size has to be 36in wide, but your height is certainly adjustable. The ideal height for this type of banner is 72" - 84".

Redwood City Public Library

Have you been to a library lately? They are kind of awesome places. Seriously, you should check out your local library today. In fact stop reading this right now and go right this second. You rebel, you're still reading this aren't you? Good for you, don't let me push you around. But when you want, you should check out your local library. And if you happen to be in Redwood City, you should definitely check out their library. They have several online resources, so check out their website.

We were super excited to be a part of this project for the Redwood City library.

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