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    Plastic pumpkins and orange leaves are always a good indication that the Fall season is right at our doorstep, and not a moment too soon. The following couple of weeks will segue from a lovely blend of colors and weather into the majority of us shivering in bed at night thinking "Holy crap it's cold!". Despite the unwarranted rise in the "Alpha" brand of lifestyle (I'm looking at you Jersey Shore), Man is very a delicate creature.

    Sure, you can put on 2 polo shirts at the same time, doubling your collar popping abilities, but it's almost winter dude, and man in all his glory can't survive out in the harsh wilderness all alone. (That is unless you're Richard Dean Anderson armed with a stick of gum and paperclip). Those dandy, sign twirling gentlemen standing on street corners will have to pack it up for the next couple of months because lets face it, no one wants to work outdoors in the cold. Unfortunately this leaves several small businesses with limited options looking for new, cost effective way of promoting their goods and services.

    If you fall into this category, then look no further. Your friends here at BANNER4SALE are here to help you come in from the winter cold, or at the very least, your sign twirler. Our banners are tailor made to fit any and all of your needs. Sure, we got all kinds of material to make fancy indoor/summer banners, but it's freaking cold outside! That's why we have our top of the line 13 oz matte vinyl for occasions such as these. Banner's made from this material are so tough that if they were a man, they would grow a thick mustache, wear flannel, and eat red meat.

    Our 13 oz banner material can withstand the vicious rigors that only Winter can provide. We're also well aware that the severity of weather fluctuates on location, that's why we offer a wide array of finishing options to combat any harsh weather conditions it may face. We can fasten grommets to your banner so you can nail it to a wall, hems and rope so you can tie it to a tree, or cut wind slits into it in case Mother Nature tries to steal it. Whatever punishment crosses it's path, our 13 oz Matte Vinyl banners can take it.

    And look on the bright side, although Winter is rapidly approaching, with all the windy weather we're going to get, your banner will twirl almost as good as your loyal hard-working sign twirler.... almost.

  • Patriotic Banners

    One more month until the Fourth of July!

    Break out the grills! Bring on the fireworks! Sit your butt down in a lawn chair with an ice-cold lemonade and just snooze until it’s nighttime! Now, that’s my kind of Fourth of July.


    It’s not too early to start thinking of what your plans might be: concert in the park? How about a beach barbecue? Or perhaps just a nice quiet day before the nighttime festivities commence?

    My grandparents have a tradition of honoring servicemen on the Fourth of July. After all, it is Independence Day, and also honors those in our military. Well, if you’ve got a loved one coming home for the Fourth of July, or want to show some small-town appreciation, consider creating an outdoor banner that you can hang in a public space.

    Now, other members of my family like to party. Hard. Not ‘hard’ as in drinking, but ‘hard’ as in a mile-long buffet stuffed into someone’s living room for over 40 people.

    This year, we’re thinking of holding it in a park somewhere. You know, rent a gazebo, get all dolled up in matching shirts (embarrassing), and stuff ourselves until we can’t fit down the slide.

    However, since we’ve got family coming from all across Southern California, it’s going to be a little difficult for them to find us, especially in an unfamiliar area. So, I’ve got a plan to make a Fourth of July banner that we can hang along the gazebo. Also, we’ll procure some yard signs to point the way from the parking lot. It’s a big park.

    So, if you’re planning an extra-large shindig this Independence Day, or want to show your love for our armed forces, say it with an outdoor banner this July!

  • Mark the Calendar for May 27th

    In the month of May, we’ve got a few celebrations to hark about. Mother’s Day, some graduations...but sometimes we forget about the important one that comes at the end: Memorial Day.

    Memorial Day was formed after the Civil War to honor the fallen soldiers. Since then, it’s evolved to encompass all the wars that Americans have fought and died in. It’s a day of remembrance, and to give thanks to the veterans and servicemen still out there today.


    So, if you’ve got a special veteran in your life, be they living or deceased, honor their memory and service with a banner.

    When my friend’s brother came home from his last tour in Afghanistan, I helped make hand-made posters with glitter glue and paint. But those eventually fade or get trashed. I felt guilty, wanting to provide something that could be remembered and not easily tossed out. A custom banner would have been the perfect solution. It’s something the family can keep around the house, or perhaps to hang outside on their fence, so the neighborhood knows that their soldier is home now.


    Even if you don’t have a loved one who is serving, you can help by creating a banner to welcome home the troops or support locals around your neighborhood who have served.

    Want to do more for the veterans? Fundraisers are always welcomed, and banners can provide the advertisement you need to attract donors, especially in public places such as parks, churches, or community centers. You can also make a banner for the fundraiser, providing care packages to be sent overseas (like the Girl Scouts!).

  • The Easter Party that Never Ends!

    Well, well, well...what do we have here?

    Looks like a little bunny rabbit left me some eggs around my house. Delicious, chocolat eggs to be exact. Yum!

    If you've enjoyed your Easter celebration so far, then hats off to you! I will be hunting around my house, searching the nooks and crannies for that crazy critter's little goodies.

    Just because Easter was on Sunday, doesn't mean that you need to stop the fun and madness! Here's some extra Easter ideas to keep your holiday going through the week:

    1) Perpetual Egg Hunt

    Ever since my younger brother was five, we've been hiding eggs around the house for him. He's twelve now and still goes hunting on Easter morning! But I started thinking how fun it would be to hide Cadbury Creme Eggs right under his nose during the week. Under his pillow, next to the cereal bowls, in his bathroom never know.

    But it's something to consider doing with your kids as well. It doesn't have to be Cadbury Creme Eggs (as delicious as they are, mmm), but how about since they've found the eggs, they need to go on the hunt for the rabbit himself, be it a stuffed rabbit, or a real one!

    2) Reliving the Bible Story

    For Catholics and Christians, and other denominations, Easter is a time for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If this is the importance of Easter for your family, then of course you should revisit the story! Not only was the History Channel showing their dramatization of Jesus' life recently, but there's plenty of films that you can watch together as a family.

    For young children, I recommend watching "The Miracle Maker", which is a kid-friendly claymation film.  If you have older children, or are comfortable with depictions of violence, then you can probably graduate to watching "The Passion of the Christ", which features a controversial but realistic crucifixion scene.

    3) Easter Game Day

    Easter themed games like egg-tosses, egg rolls, and egg hunting can also be continued. Feed your family with egg-themed dishes as they play these games as well. Eggs everywhere!

    Well, there you have it! Some last minute ideas to continue the Easter festivities. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some more eggs to find...

  • Top Ten St. Patrick's Day Fonts

    Remember that list of St. Patrick's Day party planning? Well, for events of that size, you're going to invariably use some form of advertising, whether it be a banner with us, a poster, or a flyer. We also love free stuff, yes? Well, today, I've got a list of awesome fonts that are free, kind of cheesy, but adorable and would fit right in with the St. Patrick's Day theme. They easily convey that Irish attitude that you want in a font design!

    Want to know where to find them? Unfortunately, I can't post the download links here, but it's as simple as Googling the font names. The words written in the font are also the name of the font. I'm even thinking of using some of these for my baked potato party...





  • Easter Banners

    Ah, Easter. Yet another chocolate holiday, the bane of every dieter.

    But it's still a fun and family-friendly holiday, full of games, and feasting, and general mayhem. Easter is also a time that many people throw parties. You've got Easter Egg Hunts in the community, Easter dinners, etc. So, why not have use a banner to showcase your upcoming Easter festivities?


    Origins of Easter

    For Catholics & Christians, and other denominations, Easter is the celebration of Jesus rising from the grave, three days after his crucifixion. It's also considered a "moveable feast", meaning it doesn't fall on the same day every year. Which is why this year it's on March 31st.

    But what does the Easter Bunny have to do with a Catholic holiday?

    Nothing, actually. The rabbit is a symbol of new life and fertility in many cultures around the world. In 1680, a German author wrote the first story about a hare laying eggs and hiding them in gardens. When the legend was brought to the United States by German immigrants, children started making nests for the eggs, which gradually turned into colorful baskets. While colored eggs are still apart of the holiday, the little gifts have also changed to chocolate and other sugar treats.

    Easter Banner Ideas

    Alright, now that we've got the history out of the way, let's take a look at some possibilities for Easter banners.

    Can't Take a Yolk

    Eggs are symbolic of Easter, that's a given. If you have an Egg Hunt in mind for your community, or just your own gaggle of kids, than create a banner with plenty of egg design. Perhaps, you can also hold an egg-decorating contest at your local farmer's market, or an egg toss challenge for couples. Or you can do what the White House does and use the lawn for an Egg Roll.

    The Easter Bunny

    The quintessential symbol of Easter. If he's not everywhere on your banner, it may not fly in your community. What's great about an animal mascot for a holiday, is that you can design him however you like: make him cute, make him punk, make him anyway you want to. Need inspiration? Check out that latest Dreamworks film "Rise of the Guardians" and take a look at the Easter Bunny. He's pretty awesome.

    Alright, well that's all for now! Check back throughout March as I explore more symbols you can put into your banner designs, from St. Patrick's Day to Easter. :)

  • Get Lucky! St. Patrick's Day Party Plans

    Well, this is it: we've reached our last week of February, and I hope you all had fantastic Valentine's Days. But for those who didn't...

    Fear not, sad lady! It's time to start looking towards March. TIme sure does fly by, doesn't it? But it's not too late to start thinking about that next holiday. Everyone loves a party!

    The big 'green' holiday in March is St. Patrick's Day. (Easter is also in March this year, but we'll get to that on a later day...)

    So, it's time to get your Irish on! If you're stumped on what to do for a St. Patrick's Day party, then check out the list below for some great ideas!

    1) Potato Party

    There are fewer things more associated with Ireland than potatoes. But here's something fun you can do with the whole family or a classroom of kids - a baked potato party!

    Simply swipe up a sack of potatoes and make a buffet table with all the trimmings. Use sour cream, chives, cheese, bacon bits, or whatever else makes your stomach grumble for a good baked potato. It's food and it's fun, the best combination in the world.

    2) Attack of the Leprechauns!

    Since Leprechauns are also associated with St. Patrick's Day, it might be fun to play one for a day. Hide a bag of goodies somewhere (like and Easter Egg Hunt), and leave 'rainbow' clues as to where it's hidden.

    Another thing you can do is Leprechaun S'Mores! How are these made?

    Get some marshmallows, skewers, chocolate dip, and round cookies (with holes in the middle, like Keebler cookies). Dip the cookie in chocolate, then skewer the marshmallow and dip it in chocolate. Place the chocolate-covered marshmallow square in the middle on the cookie and you have a top hat! Decorate as you like :)

    For more step-by-step instructions, check out the post on Half-Baked.

    3) Sham-ROCK!

    Alright, here's a kicker: instead of a boring old decorated party with paper hats, go full throttles with a Sham-Rock Concert!

    Make it into a charity event, or just a plug for your favorite local band, but whatever the case, it's loud and crazy fun with a dash of luck.

    All you have to do is make it green and make it great. Have green-themed drinks or frothy mint concoctions, or try the above potato party idea instead of food trucks.

    Invite local bands to play, or go for the traditional Irish dancing. It's a great way to spread merry cheer, and keep things hopping for St. Patrick's Day.

    So that's all I got for you today! Tune in next time, when I'll deliver some background on St. Patrick's Day and where all those shamrock and pot 'o gold myths came from.

  • Valentine's Day - Part 2!

    Hello all you lovebirds and solo flyers!

    Valentine's Day is only a week away, and even if you don't have a special someone to snuggle up to, just hark back to your elementary school days: bring candy for everyone!

    Last time, I gave you some tips on the "language of flowers" and how different flowers have different messages. It's cute, maybe a little cheesy, but be careful not to send the wrong message! Remember: a yellow confection means rejection...(i.e. avoid yellow flowers!)

    Today I'm bringing you a little history, and possible ideas, on how other countries celebrate Valentine's Day. In particular, Japan!

    Japan actually celebrates 2 holidays related to Valentine's Day: the heart day itself, February 14th, and White Day, which is March 14th.

    On Valentine's Day...

    It's ONLY the girls who bestow gifts on the guys in Japan. Traditionally, it's chocolate, or homemade chocolate to make it even better.

    This tradition originated as an error made in a marketing campaign back in the 1960's, by a chocolate manufacturer. They designed an ad that was targeted just for office women to give confectionaries to their male co-workers. It wasn't necessarily as a symbol of love, but rather of friendly affection and generosity. However, because it was only aimed for office women, the trend spiked into women giving more then the men. Even in Japanese schools, girls can take classes on how to make chocolate just for Valentine's Day, and love to give them to boys they have deeper affection for. For some of the lucky ones, it leads to a date ;)

    However, the Japanese National Confectionary Industry Association (what a mouthful!), realized the error in the original campaign and launched a movement for a "reply day" for men, which became known as...

    White Day!

    White Day is March 14th, and was created in the 1980's. On this day, it's expected that any man who received a gift on Valentine's Day, bestow a gift that is valued at least 2 or 3 times more to those same women.  In the past decade, these gifts have evolved from chocolate and flowers, to jewelry, clothing, entertainment gifts (like manga, movies and CD's) and lingerie.

    If you recall from my last Valentine's Day post, the color white signifies and pure and sweet innocence or affection. So, it's an appropriate title for a man who may not want to pursue romantic interests, but simply return something of more value than was given.


    So there you have it! A little history on the love day in another nation. Don't forget, if you're planning a big Valentine's Day bash, or maybe YOU want to celebrate White Day too, swing on over to our custom banners to get started on your party planning!

    Tune in next week, when I'll bring you a list of do's and don'ts of Valentine's Day gifts.

  • Happy Heart Day Banners


    A.K.A Valentine's Day, a.k.a. Singles Awareness Day...

    Awww, low blow, I know.

    No matter how you look at it, the result is the same: Valentine's Day is in 2 weeks! Yikes!

    If you're throwing a big Valentine's Day bash, or just want a special banner for that special someone (maybe you're planning to pop that special question too, eh?) then check back with us each day as I bring you daily tips and tricks to make your Valentine's Day memorable.

    Today's lesson is...

    1) Flowers

    Floriography - have you heard of it? Not many people have, but it's also known as the "language of flowers", or how certain flowers have a certain meaning. Roses are nice, but they're a little cliche. If you really want to impress your valentine, hand them a hand-selected bouquet with the meanings of all the flowers you picked.

    But be warned! Avoid YELLOW FLOWERS. Yellow tends to stand for a dying love, unfaithfulness, and disdain. Not exactly Valentine's Day sentiments.

    Here's a handy list to get you started:


    red = true love

    white = wistfulness, purity

    light pink = desire & passion


    red = deep love

    purple = whimsical

    white = sweet, faithful


    red = undying love

    purple = forever love


    blue = faithfulness

    white = modesty

    Cherry Blossom

    Feminine beauty

    Peach Blossom

    Long-life, bridal hope


    Elegance, dignity

    Baby's Breath



    Devotion, trust


    purple = First love

    white = innocence


    Scarlet = aspirations, dreams


    Refined beauty





  • And On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

    Well folks, we've got seven more days 'til Christmas! But instead of seven swans-a-swimming, I'm going to give you seven tips to make sure your holiday party goes a-ok, along with some additional things to keep your party eco-friendly for this holiday season.

    1) The Guest List

    This may be a no-brainer, but unless you want your party to rival the frat down the road, keep a list of who's coming. Even better, please notify them at least three weeks in advance, so that they can plan other events around it.

    2) Not a Solo Venture

    Please, please, doesn't matter if you're Paula Deen or Martha Stewart, and even those ladies don't do this, but DON'T PLAN ALONE. Get some family involved with ordering food, deciding on decorations, and playing referee for all the little kids and their squabbles. You might be hosting the party, but it's less a strain on yourself, as well as your wallet.

    3) According to Taste

    When planning the menu, try to make it favorable for everyone who's coming. If that's too much for you or there's too many tastes in the audience (don't be ashamed to admit it), then make it a potluck!

    As an extra tip, pick foods that won't heavily stain your carpet (like soups and stews). should it fall on the ground by accident. Many a carpet has been lost to such sadness...

    4) Game Warden

    Not all parties have to be boring, black tie affairs with cocktail glasses and champagne. Have some games handy, even board games or Apples-to-Apples. There's other games like Guess that Christmas Tune, or Christmas Pictionary.

    5) Where's the Party At?

    Ah, one thing I forgot to address. If there are people coming to your home (or other location) for the first time, what can you do to direct them to where you are? With an outdoor banner, of course. Or a yard sign! Either way, a banner showing where the party's at will not only help your guests navigate, but also make a snappy decoration for your party.

    6) Eco-Tip #1: Dinnerware

    There's two ways you can go about with more eco-friendly dishes and utensils: buy the bio-degradable brand or go all glass and metal. The bio-degradable brands are, unfortunately, not always available in every grocery store. However, they are the best choice if you'd like to save on washing duty and just toss out the trash. They compost within 2-3 months.

    On the other hand, not using plastic or paper plates at all can also be helpful to the environment. Use your traditional glassware plates and metallic utensils for easy cleaning duty...although it might take a little while longer to clean with all those dishes.

    7) Eco-Tip #2: Table Decorations

    It feels pretty good, knowing you're making a difference. For your table sets, forgo those plastic santas and melting candles. Try to make something beautiful. Collect flowers or pine cones and put them in your decorative vases. You can fill the vase with water or seeds, and once the party is done, have the children takes the seeds home for planting in springtime.

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