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Halsey Food Convention

Do you ever wonder where the food from your local grocery store comes from, or who provides the grocery stores with their products? In the retail world, many buyers from retail stores go to warehouses and purchase their products wholesale. Just like retail stores, grocery stores too have a large central provider for all their food products.

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Halsey Food Service is an independent food service distributor. They distribute many familiar products such as Pillsbury, Sara Lee, Farmland and much more. They have just about any food product line, which makes it easier for customers to shop for their needs because they can do all their shopping in one sitting.

halseyfoodservice_Banners1Halsey Food Service first started as a retail grocery store in 1879 by two brothers. Since then, Halsey kept growing and expanding and soon grouped together with 4 other food service distributors.

halseyfoodservice_Banners2Halsey Food Service holds annual food shows where hundreds of food brands bring all their products for stores, restaurants, and grocery markets to check out. They also hold seminars during this show to educate the food vendors and restaurants different ways to increase their profits.

halseyfoodservice_banner(Above photo: Schedule of seminars; Below photo: Booth banners)


We were extremely lucky to have worked with Halsey Food Service in their food convention. Our team has been working hard for a few weeks on printing the many trade show banners that Halsey has ordered from us. We've made just about everything for this show.


The banners range from booth banners, food brand banners, schedules, to even their grand prize winner check. They have also made banners to be put onto walls as decorations, with the ongoing theme of the Medieval Times. We love working with large events like the Halsey Food Show because we get to learn more about different businesses and what they do!

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