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  • Creepy Halloween Banner Ideas: Abandoned Amusement Parks

    Disneyland, Six Flags, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Schlitterbahn...

    Sound familiar? That's because these theme parks are still well in existence, well in pocket, and doing fine in attendance.

    But have you heard of Gulliver's Kingdom? Or Chippewa Lake Park? There's plenty more that would simply fly over your head, unless you were born many decades ago. These abandoned amusement parks are so-called due to poor attendance or natural disasters. Since then, nature has reclaimed the land, leaving behind hollow shells of rides that once were. Yes, it's kind of sad to say good bye to these beloved places of childhood fantasy, but nowadays, if you visit them, they're just downright creepy.

    If you're stumped on a banner design for Halloween this coming October, it might behoove  you to take a look at some amazingly chilly abandoned amusement park images. This would be especially appropriate if you're planning some sort of Haunted Trail or Haunted Hay Ride. All the rust, the overgrown ivy and foliage, and twisting me the willies just thinking about.

    This is from a FunFair near Pyongyang, the capitol of North Korea. It has long been abandoned since the state could no longer fund it.

    From Chernobyl. 'Nuff said. I mean, I don't even want to know what that is...

    Now that we've all been significantly chilled (and had some of our childhood memories dashed), swing on over to Top Design Mag and read this article on more abandoned amusement parks.

  • Spooky Banners!

    September is here and you know what that means! Halloween is right around the corner!

    What? Did you think I was going to say back-to-school? Of course not!

    But with Halloween comes all the planning that comes with it, and for a few businesses it’s as big as the winter holiday season. If you’re planning on holding a Halloween event, such as a haunted house or trail, a party or a scary-themed Fall banquet, then print large banners to draw the crowds!

    And don’t just put any old skull & crossbones on your banner, but develop a design that truly frightens the willies out of your customers. However, if your event is more family friendly, a few smiling jack o’ lanterns will do the trick.

    And if you’re feeling stuck or can’t quite get that witch to look scary enough, then feel free to “summon” our creative team! Okay, not a real summoning, but we are definitely here to help you create the perfect frightening banner for your haunted event.

    Got a pumpkin patch? Advertise your patch with a Large Format Banner or an Outdoor Banner to fully capture the attention of your potential customers. With our help, you can make it a more family-friendly banner.

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