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  • Graduation Banners

    They have done it. They’re going to walk across a stage and get a freshly printed diploma, as you beam from the stands and cheer them on. After years of struggling and clawing your way through projects, essays, and sports practices, there’s a shining light at the end of this tunnel.


    It’s a milestone in every family’s lifetime. Graduation. There’s a ceremony for every level of school, from kindergarten to college. And if you’ve got a crazy mom like mine, you’ll be shrying from the stands as your baby crosses the stage. What is shrying? Shrieking + crying = shrying.

    But some schools have recently implemented a rule that you can’t cheer until all the names are called. For some ceremonies, that’s a really long time. So, if you’re going to a graduation that’s a little stuck-up about the noisemakers, here’s an idea to make sure your kid knows you’re out there in that grand audience: a big ol’ banner!

    We’ve got various size banners available at your leisure. For outdoor ceremonies in those hot grandstands, check out our Outdoor Vinyl Banners. As for the image, its as easy as a simple upload. Create a banner that you can bring with you to the ceremony. Hold it high for the world to see (and embarrass your kid!).

    If you’re stuck in a creative slump or can’t use Photoshop if your life depended on it, then we’ve got a creative team here to help you out. Trick out that banner with your child’s school mascot or logo. Maybe add a blurb about their next step in life: “On to UCSD!”, “Go for it at Harvard!” or “Proud of my future Dr. [insert name]”. Words are the way, here. And remember to tell them not to twerk on stage.

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