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Fundraising Tips for the Holidays

This holiday season, it’s much better to give than to receive. That’s why I’ve made a list of some small fundraising ideas to get you inspired in your community.

Selling Christmas Trees & Wreaths

Work with a local tree farmer and set up shop in a parking lot somewhere local as well. When you figure the price for the trees or the wreaths, state that a percentage of what you make will go to a charity that your family, business, or church supports.

Offer Christmas Carol-Grams

Form a singing group with some friends and charge folks a small fee to sing for their friends.  You’re not only providing a charitable deed, but it can be fun in time for the holidays. No professional vocalists needed!

Sell Homemade Ornaments

Have your local school make homemade ornaments for the kids to sell for charity, just make sure that the kids understand that these are for charity and not to keep. You can have a singular theme, like stained glass or paper mache, or create craft details with popsicle sticks and leftover gift wrapping tools (like ribbons). Either way, make it eco-friendly and kid-fun!

Drama-Free Fundraising Tips

So here’s where we get to the meat of the subject: how to keep your fundraising plans drama-free and fun.

1) Pick a date that doesn’t conflict with your volunteers, but ALSO doesn’t conflict wit any other big events going on in your community

2) Depending on how large your event is, don’t be afraid to split up the duties into committees for better organization and division of labor, per se.

3) Don’t copy other group’s fundraising ideas: if another group is selling trees, try to find something else to do.

4) Get crackin’ on the advertising! Use social media, flyers, banners, or community newsletter ads to get the word out.

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