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fourth of July

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    One more month until the Fourth of July!

    Break out the grills! Bring on the fireworks! Sit your butt down in a lawn chair with an ice-cold lemonade and just snooze until it’s nighttime! Now, that’s my kind of Fourth of July.


    It’s not too early to start thinking of what your plans might be: concert in the park? How about a beach barbecue? Or perhaps just a nice quiet day before the nighttime festivities commence?

    My grandparents have a tradition of honoring servicemen on the Fourth of July. After all, it is Independence Day, and also honors those in our military. Well, if you’ve got a loved one coming home for the Fourth of July, or want to show some small-town appreciation, consider creating an outdoor banner that you can hang in a public space.

    Now, other members of my family like to party. Hard. Not ‘hard’ as in drinking, but ‘hard’ as in a mile-long buffet stuffed into someone’s living room for over 40 people.

    This year, we’re thinking of holding it in a park somewhere. You know, rent a gazebo, get all dolled up in matching shirts (embarrassing), and stuff ourselves until we can’t fit down the slide.

    However, since we’ve got family coming from all across Southern California, it’s going to be a little difficult for them to find us, especially in an unfamiliar area. So, I’ve got a plan to make a Fourth of July banner that we can hang along the gazebo. Also, we’ll procure some yard signs to point the way from the parking lot. It’s a big park.

    So, if you’re planning an extra-large shindig this Independence Day, or want to show your love for our armed forces, say it with an outdoor banner this July!


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