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Five Tips for Trade Show Events

Trade shows, conventions, expos....they’re the meat of every industry. It’s a place for like-minded businesses and people to gather and peek at each other’s projects, upcoming products, etc.

But the trick is how to get yourself there.

I’ve gathered some pointers here about some things you should take care of before you go jetting off to the nearest convention. A checklist, if you will.

  1. Booth Design

First thing’s first: you need a home-base for said convention or trade show. If you’re planning on being an exhibitioner, rather than a visitor, it’s time to start thinking about how you want others to see you.

Consider what you deem most important about your business: is it your products? Your people? Your brand name? Whichever one it is, put that up front and center in your design. Use clever displays, such as custom trade show banners, to hang and draw more customers from across the halls.

If you’re putting up displays or a mini store, make sure to leave lots of room for people to roam and browse. Most importantly though, is to stay in your space! Adhere to the space measurements that the convention has given you, and don’t encroach on your neighbor. For more detailed info, read about it in our post for trade booth design.

  1. Freebies & Giveaways

Want a surefire way to gain more customers? Give ‘em a gift. Conventioneers love free things, no matter how small or mundane: from frisbees to promo coupons, we keep them all. Diversify your giveaways by setting times during the day that these giveaways will occur. Not only will you attract customers that want it, you’ll gain new customers who stick around to see what’s new.

  1. Transportation

This is the tricky part: getting your booth to the show. For smaller shows, they may provide you with a table or chairs, although most larger shows won’t. In the case of smaller shows, a simple van or your own car can be enough to transport your things. For larger events, with massive booths and walking’s going to be a little trickier. There are many companies out there that specialize in shipping for events. Search for the nearest shipping company to you, and get going!

  1. “Clothes Make the Man”

Your body language and appearance are the first impression. People tell you this advice all the time in interviews and such, but it still rings true for trade shows. If you’re attending as a professional, stick to the shirt and tie for men, a nice blouse and skirt/dress pants for women.

If your target demographic is little younger, then  you can get away with some t-shirts, collared shirts, etc. but try to have a “team shirt” with your logo or slogan printed somewhere visible.

  1. Gathering New Customers

Trade shows and conventions aren’t just for showing off your shiny new toys and products, but it’s also a place to gain new customers. Have a sign-up sheet somewhere (which is old school) where customers can leave their email for future events. If you really want to wow them, gather their contact information with some cool tech: tablets, computers around your booth, or give them a card that they can use to sign-up for newsletters at home. The more interactive the better, and don’t just stick to the social media: branch out a little!

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