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  • A Look at Clarity: Vector Images for Banners

    If you're just starting out and learning the ropes of graphic design, you've probably only heard the word "vector" uttered in passing. For those who don't know, a vectored image is  much smoother to look at and can be adjusted to any size without changing the clarity of the images. The opposite is the pixel effect: making your image look blocky when blown up to a larger size.

    To create a vector image, the subject is broken into general shapes and pieced back together. Some graphic artists have taken this tool and transformed photographs and artwork into something smooth and stream-lined, and very nice to look at.

    Vectorizing Your Next Custom Banner

    After that short lecture, it goes without saying that an image that you want on your next banner is recommended to be vectorized. This will help when the time comes and you decide that, maybe, you want that bigger banner instead. The clarity of your image will remain the same, down to the last detail.

    Of course, if you're having trouble with this, we've got an awesome creative team who's here to help. If you've got your image ready to go, then simply upload it with your order and we'll get that printed for you.  Vector images are a great fail-safe for the unexpected moment that you decide you need to make changes, or want to print another banner in a bigger size or different material.

    Want to see some amazing vector art? Check out this compilation article from Noupe!

  • Gettin' Crafty: Scrapbook Banner Inspirations

    It's time for banner ideas for the crafty soul!

    Now, it may not be feasible (or recommended) to do an actual banner out of store-bought craft supplies. Especially, if you're planning to use this banner for outdoor events, among the elements and the wear-and-tear...

    BUT! It is possible to design your next banner to appear to be made from paper, stickers, and other crafty goodness. If you plan on using this banner more than once, then you might want to forgo the delicate custom paper, and create a copy to be printed on a sturdy banner that will last years. AND there are some things that can be done in graphic design that can't be done with paper and glue.

    Digital Scrapbooking on the Rise! What This Means for Banners

    Digital scrapbook programs are pretty common now, which is no skin off your back when it comes to designing your own. Not only can you place your photos and decorate to how you want it, but since the pages are digital, they can be transferred, shared, and published however you like.

    If you're having trouble reconfiguring a page for a banner layout, then give us a call! We've got a creative team here that can help take what you've done digitally and translate it to banner.

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