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  • Church and Mission Banners

    Do you ever drive around the streets and see banners advertising churches and missions?  Perhaps you've even seen some large custom outdoor banners we've made!

    Here at Banner 4 Sale, we often help churches and missions with their advertising. We have created a plethora of custom outdoor church banners, and we continue to make more every day.


    Why are banners important for your church?  Custom outdoor banners are important for your church because they're a great way to spread a message. Large outdoor banners help for fundraising, spreading the message about the creation of a new church, and for bringing the community together. It's a great way to spread the message about church events for the public to see.


    Churches for missions (as seen below) are also great for the soul and self-esteem. The huge custom outdoor banners help to spread the word about the mission's intent and purpose. It's also great for spreading awareness for causes and events that the missions are holding. If the public needs more information, event banners are there to help!


    What options do we have for banner printing?  Banners can be printed in any size, color, and material.  We provide different customization options for every purpose. There are custom outdoor banners for every event and purpose. We provide various material options for your custom banners, so that you're free to choose whether you want to place it indoors or outdoors.

    We make the custom banners beautiful and eye-catching, which is perfect for garnering attention. To create and customize your own durable outdoor banner, get started here.

  • Advent & Christmas Banners

    As Thanksgiving drew to a close, churches were already re-decorating for the next season on the Liturgical calendar: Advent.

    In Christianity, Advent represents a celebration for the coming Nativity, the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time when churches around the world truly jump into the holiday spirit and celebration.

    One of the symbols for Advent is the wreath and the four candles. One candle is lit every Sunday leading up to Christmas, until all four are lit for the very day.

    For your church congregation, teach your younger members about Advent by creating games with these traditions! You can design a poster or banner with the wreath, and create sticker flames that you can stick on each candle for the upcoming Sunday. Have each child say a prayer or write what they’re thankful for on each paper flame. It’s interactive and can be hung for all the congregation to see.

    Christmas and Advent is also the time for fundraising and charities. Create some outdoor banners for your church or other place of worship, to inspire your friends and family into giving for the holiday season.  Whether it’s a simple canned food drive, or a trip to Mexico to build homes for the poor, let your church know the news with handy banners for the holidays.

  • Genesis Church stretch framed canvas

    Here's a couple photos of some canvas prints we did for Genesis Church. They supplied their own artwork (which came out awesome on canvas) We can print on canvas and stretch the material around wood (stretcher bars) as shown below. -Danny

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