Affordable, Eco-friendly Banners and Yard Signs


  • And On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

    Well folks, we've got seven more days 'til Christmas! But instead of seven swans-a-swimming, I'm going to give you seven tips to make sure your holiday party goes a-ok, along with some additional things to keep your party eco-friendly for this holiday season.

    1) The Guest List

    This may be a no-brainer, but unless you want your party to rival the frat down the road, keep a list of who's coming. Even better, please notify them at least three weeks in advance, so that they can plan other events around it.

    2) Not a Solo Venture

    Please, please, doesn't matter if you're Paula Deen or Martha Stewart, and even those ladies don't do this, but DON'T PLAN ALONE. Get some family involved with ordering food, deciding on decorations, and playing referee for all the little kids and their squabbles. You might be hosting the party, but it's less a strain on yourself, as well as your wallet.

    3) According to Taste

    When planning the menu, try to make it favorable for everyone who's coming. If that's too much for you or there's too many tastes in the audience (don't be ashamed to admit it), then make it a potluck!

    As an extra tip, pick foods that won't heavily stain your carpet (like soups and stews). should it fall on the ground by accident. Many a carpet has been lost to such sadness...

    4) Game Warden

    Not all parties have to be boring, black tie affairs with cocktail glasses and champagne. Have some games handy, even board games or Apples-to-Apples. There's other games like Guess that Christmas Tune, or Christmas Pictionary.

    5) Where's the Party At?

    Ah, one thing I forgot to address. If there are people coming to your home (or other location) for the first time, what can you do to direct them to where you are? With an outdoor banner, of course. Or a yard sign! Either way, a banner showing where the party's at will not only help your guests navigate, but also make a snappy decoration for your party.

    6) Eco-Tip #1: Dinnerware

    There's two ways you can go about with more eco-friendly dishes and utensils: buy the bio-degradable brand or go all glass and metal. The bio-degradable brands are, unfortunately, not always available in every grocery store. However, they are the best choice if you'd like to save on washing duty and just toss out the trash. They compost within 2-3 months.

    On the other hand, not using plastic or paper plates at all can also be helpful to the environment. Use your traditional glassware plates and metallic utensils for easy cleaning duty...although it might take a little while longer to clean with all those dishes.

    7) Eco-Tip #2: Table Decorations

    It feels pretty good, knowing you're making a difference. For your table sets, forgo those plastic santas and melting candles. Try to make something beautiful. Collect flowers or pine cones and put them in your decorative vases. You can fill the vase with water or seeds, and once the party is done, have the children takes the seeds home for planting in springtime.

  • Fundraising Tips for the Holidays

    This holiday season, it’s much better to give than to receive. That’s why I’ve made a list of some small fundraising ideas to get you inspired in your community.

    Selling Christmas Trees & Wreaths

    Work with a local tree farmer and set up shop in a parking lot somewhere local as well. When you figure the price for the trees or the wreaths, state that a percentage of what you make will go to a charity that your family, business, or church supports.

    Offer Christmas Carol-Grams

    Form a singing group with some friends and charge folks a small fee to sing for their friends.  You’re not only providing a charitable deed, but it can be fun in time for the holidays. No professional vocalists needed!

    Sell Homemade Ornaments

    Have your local school make homemade ornaments for the kids to sell for charity, just make sure that the kids understand that these are for charity and not to keep. You can have a singular theme, like stained glass or paper mache, or create craft details with popsicle sticks and leftover gift wrapping tools (like ribbons). Either way, make it eco-friendly and kid-fun!

    Drama-Free Fundraising Tips

    So here’s where we get to the meat of the subject: how to keep your fundraising plans drama-free and fun.

    1) Pick a date that doesn’t conflict with your volunteers, but ALSO doesn’t conflict wit any other big events going on in your community

    2) Depending on how large your event is, don’t be afraid to split up the duties into committees for better organization and division of labor, per se.

    3) Don’t copy other group’s fundraising ideas: if another group is selling trees, try to find something else to do.

    4) Get crackin’ on the advertising! Use social media, flyers, banners, or community newsletter ads to get the word out.

  • Advent & Christmas Banners

    As Thanksgiving drew to a close, churches were already re-decorating for the next season on the Liturgical calendar: Advent.

    In Christianity, Advent represents a celebration for the coming Nativity, the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time when churches around the world truly jump into the holiday spirit and celebration.

    One of the symbols for Advent is the wreath and the four candles. One candle is lit every Sunday leading up to Christmas, until all four are lit for the very day.

    For your church congregation, teach your younger members about Advent by creating games with these traditions! You can design a poster or banner with the wreath, and create sticker flames that you can stick on each candle for the upcoming Sunday. Have each child say a prayer or write what they’re thankful for on each paper flame. It’s interactive and can be hung for all the congregation to see.

    Christmas and Advent is also the time for fundraising and charities. Create some outdoor banners for your church or other place of worship, to inspire your friends and family into giving for the holiday season.  Whether it’s a simple canned food drive, or a trip to Mexico to build homes for the poor, let your church know the news with handy banners for the holidays.

  • Christmas Banners: Stand Apart!

    Well, it's happened. The Christmas ads have returned with a vengeance. It was literally the morning after Halloween, when lo and behold, a Target layaway ad graced my television screen. But what can you do? There's no running from it, and the holiday season is a month away. One month away! *sigh* It seems like it was only yesterday that school started...

    Well, the question remains: if you're a business gearing up for the holidays, as a store, a corporation, or as small as a Christmas tree lot, what can you do to set yourself apart from the competition?

    Let's take a look at some classic Christmas symbols and ads, and what you can do to put your own spin on it:

    Santa Claus

    What a jovial man! He's iconic, marketable, and looks great on a white background! But we've all heard that before, or know it already. What you can do is spin him and twist him to suit your businesses needs, and that's kind of what's great about a holiday icon like him.  Let's say you work at a dentist office: create an ad or a custom banner that features the Claus offering toothbrushes to the children instead of candy. In a way, it's funny, and if you can make the customer laugh, then they'll come back for more.


    Do you remember that Campbell's soup commercial? Where snowman comes into a house, eats some soup, and is revealed to be a little boy, all toasty and warm? Years later, they still run that commercial! Why?

    Because it's clever and adorable, and drives home the point that Campbell's soup will make you all toasty and warm after a play-day of childhood. Snowmen in general hold a special place in our nostalgic hearts. After all, when you see snow, what's the first thing you think of? Odds are, it's a SNOWMAN.

    The TREE

    Oh, shining beacon of childhood wonderment! Keeper of gifts and fragile ornaments that the cat likes to knock down!

    Alright, enough praise. The tree is just as iconic, even when it's not present in every household. If you've got a Christmas Tree Lot going, then listen up! Not all banners have to be boring lookin'. Of course, a simply red text on white background can work wonders on the freeway overpasses and highways, but let's spruce it up, shall we?

    Add some elves, or the iconic Santa Claus. Make an image showing the reindeer hauling the trees into your lot (as though straight from the magical big man himself)!

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