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Business Cards and Banners: Big Things in Small Spaces

If there’s one surefire way to give information in the most professional and delicate manner, it’s with a business card. These little guys have been around for decades, and have even transcended into the social atmosphere. Anything can be made with a business card! Dating! Babysitting! Shameless advertising for your next student short film!

Regardless, business card makers know the jones about what to put and what not to put on business cards because of the limited space, and this same intimate knowledge can easily be applied to your next banner or sign.

Banners: Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Although there is seemingly no end to the size of banners that can be produced, consider this: would you rather have a huge banner with lots and lots of text on it, or a reasonable size with a single impressionable image and noteworthy contact info? Probably the latter, right?

Despite the size, be it a banner or a business card, the first impression is of the utmost importance. Let your banner speak for your business and what you’ve got to offer: include a  funky shape (such as your logo) or make it interactive with your recipients. Print a riddle and then give them a link or widget that they have to follow to unlock the answer! To leave more space for something eye-catching, you can include a QR code and a single thought-provoking image. Get the people curious about what you do and how you stand apart from the rest in your field.

Funky shapes are a plus!Interactive!

Personal Banners

For artists, it's a similar story. An artist would want to include a sample piece, and perhaps some simple contact information (or a QR Code!) on their limited-spaced banner.

Artists from San Diego Comic-Con

For more cool and crazy examples of out-of-the-box business cards, check out this article on Smashing Magazine.

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