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    Whether you're an avid reader or not, chances are you like to thumb through highly intricate and heavily illustrated pages. If you've got a business to promote on top of that, then you're in luck, for I've got a solution for you. Ever heard of a Promotional Booklet?

    A Promotional Booklet is pretty much a more thorough (and cooler!) way of advertising yourself or whichever new product is out. When I say cooler, I mean that it's much nicer to flip through than a brochure. You've got more room for pictures, text, and diagrams, than any standard brochure space.

    In lieu of trade show events and conventions, these handouts are much more engaging to an attendee, and potential customer, than a brochure. Meeting with clients or have a waiting area in your office? Have these available for customers to thumb through to get them more interested. Perhaps it will already answer surface questions they had, so that when you meet face to face you can talk on equal standing.

    Consider this type of promotional item/giveaway for your next event. Couple it with a smashing banner and booth design and you're ready to tackle any trade show thrown at you.

    Like what you see? Then head on over to Noupe for an amazing list they've gathered of over 50 other kinds of promotional booklets. You can find the article HERE.

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