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  • Body Art on Banners: "Drawing" Inspiration from Tattoos

    Tattoos and other forms of body art have certainly evolved in the past decade. What's even more intriguing is the level of care and creativity that most people have put into their self-defining marks.

    Although this is a more bizarre connection to banners, one has to admit that there is always a sense of beauty and reverence to a really well-done tattoo. Using the body as a canvas for your next banner image is not only striking, but can also be thought-provoking, depending on what you're trying to say.

    To really appreciate some impressive work, I'm going to be showing images specifically of Yakuza tattoos. The Yakuza are criminal gangs in Japan, whose members get elaborate tattoos to show status and power within the gang.

    Various Body Banner Images

    Full body, back, and shoulder tattoos are the most popular. The tattooing process is also much more painful then Western style tattooing, but the colors are amazing. Alright, without getting too scandalous, let's look at some tats.

    If you want your next banner to coax a conversation, then showing a body tattooed with your message would definitely draw a crowd. Just remember your demographic: double-check if your image is appropriate for the event.

    Having trouble with the image? No problem. Call us up and we'll collaborate with you on some great ideas.

    Here's a couple of non-Yakuza tattoos that I found particularly inspiring:


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