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Ben Heine for Banners: A Fantastic Fusion of Pencil & Pictures

The line between reality and fiction is fun to blur. Whether it's in the books we read or the films we watch, questioning that line can lead us to higher thinking. This is no more apparent than in Ben Heine's "Pencil vs. Camera" project.

Heine takes pictures of our reality: the outdoors, the city, or a crowd of people and overlaps certain parts of he picture with his own pencil creations. Take a look at the example below:

Isn't that adorable? Now, the cat's not actually there behind the pencil drawing (obviously), but it adds an unexpected quirk to the otherwise normal-looking photo of a dog.

Banner Design Surprises!

This is a great technique for your next banner design: surprising your viewer! A surprise in an ad creates attention. Why else do those Super Bowl commercials leave us laughing? Because they spend millions of dollars on grabbing our attention with surprises and unexpected scenarios, not just on celebrity spokespeople and testimonies. We want a story, not a speech.

Since a banner design is stationary, rather than in motion like a film or commercial ad, there needs to be some visual tricks going on to capture the attention of your customers. Thus, be inspired by Mr. Ben Heine and learn from his bag of tricks.

Here's some more charming and thought-provoking pieces from Ben Heine:

Now, this one above is different, but no less emotional. The pencil drawing is not substituting anything in the background, but the act of burning the page still packs an emotional punch. Perhaps it's a commentary to the trees in the background.

Check out Ben Heine's gallery HERE.

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