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  • Of Pencils and Apples: Back to School Banner Fever

    As the commercials put it, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!~”

    And your kids in the back seat are squirming, because they know what that means: Back to School time.

    Now, if you’re a teacher or a school supply business, there’s a chance you’re celebrating the student’s return with welcome gifts and store sales.  One way to encourage your new students is to create a Back to School banner!

    School Supply Sale Banners

    Let’s say you sell school supplies: the lists are coming from the teachers and, as we speak, the parents are lining up at your store to get the latest discounts.

    We offer quite a few options to display your big sale. For outdoor sales, or to hang on your storefront, we recommend our Outdoor Vinyl Banners, which are made from a sturdy vinyl material and are modified to suit the weather conditions of your location.

    If you have a large window display, we also offer Large Format Banners. These banners can be sized to fit any display, or to hang from the side of a building. Your building, perhaps?

    Banners for Schools!

    No redundancy intended, but perhaps you would like an actual banner for your school as well? It’s a great way to welcome back your students. Design it to feature your school’s mascot, slogan, or any recent achievements. Let the new students know that you care about them and the integrity of your school, by showing it with a warm and welcoming banner.

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