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Banner Printing and the Finishing Touches

Banner printing.So as I strolled through the warehouse today I crossed paths with a machine that we use for banner printing. I stopped and stared at it and realized that I didn't know what it was or what it did. So I decided to find out.

Banner Printing

The more I look into banner printing, the more fascinated I am by the process. There are so many little intricacies and little details that I would never have known had I not investigated. First of all, the machine pictured above is called a Miller Weldmaster rotary steamer.

banner-printing-ck2It's a giant machine with a lot of complicated parts. I decided not to mess with it after learning that the roller heats up to a scorching 1,240 degrees. That's the required heat to fuse vinyl. And that is the purpose of the machine. It heats up a roller to 1,240 degrees and applies just the right amount of pressure to a banner to fuse two pieces together. We use the device to create seams and to fuse bigger banners together.

Finishing a Banner

Banner printing

You might be asking yourself, what's the point of creating a seam in a banner? It has many added benefits. Most importantly, it makes the banner more durable. Creating a fold takes away the rough edges of a banner and lowers the chances of wear and tear. That's why we automatically add a seam to any banner that's over 10 feet in width or height. If you're ordering a large banner from us, we want it to last. Of course, this option is available for smaller banners and I would highly recommend it. Adding a seam also gives a banner a nice and finished look.

In Conclusion

We have a big giant device that heats up to an insane temperature because it simply makes our product better. It makes Banner 4 Sale better. It's one of those little finishing touches that add up to make a phenomenal product.



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